The Curry Coastal Pilot


To be honest, I moved to Curry County to retire and fish the Rogue River. Local politics were not on my bucket list. However, I cannot turn a blind eye to the importance of the upcoming vote for County Commissioner, Position 2.

This election offers us an opportunity to have a dedicated, strong voice for Curry County. David Brock Smith will roll up his sleeves and work hard for all of us. His resume and experience are impressive. andbull;President of the Port Orford Chamber of Commerce and North Curry County Chamber of Commerce for 7 years. andbull;Port Orford City Councilman for two terms. andbull;Co-owner of the Port and Starboard Restaurant andbull;City Budget Chair for 4 years. andbull;Curry County Emergency Services Liaison andbull;Director andndash; America's Wild Rivers Coast -4 years. andbull;Port Orford and Langlois School Board Member. andbull;County Clean Energy Advisory Committee, vice chair. andbull;County Planning Commissioner. andbull;Port Orford Police Liaison. These are but a few of his accomplishments.

Mr. Smith has proven himself to be a dedicated public servant. He possesses valuable business management skills and exemplary leadership abilities as well as a healthy dose of common sense. He understands the importance of fiscal responsibility and transparency in government. Last but not least I am impressed with his plans for the economic future of Curry County.

Vote for our voice for Curry County, vote for David Brock Smith. Penny Garayalde

Gold Beach


The Upper Chetco Rural Fire Department met Sept. 19 in an effort to recruit new firefighters and board members needed to fortify our district.

One hundred and twenty two letters had been sent out to notify our constituents of the dire need to get the community involved; eight concerned people came.

Our firefighters and some board members are retiring after years of volunteering. We are so grateful for their hard work and dedication. We have no replacements at this time.

To the eight members of the district who came we would like to thank them for attending and offering suggestions. It is a beginning. Firefighters are required to attend meetings on Monday nights with Brookings, volunteers and must attend regularly for six months and pass written tests. It is hard, very hard to learn so much in regards to machinery, technique and life rescue. It is free training which could be taken anywhere and possibly lead to a paying job. It is also free training which could save lives and property.

We are asking young and old to step up. Thank you to all that have and led by example.

Be careful out there andndash; the fire season is at its peak.

Lori Wraith

Upper Chetco Rural Fire District Board



This letter is to thank Tom Lee and the Curry County Cruisers for their recent generous gift to support the Outreach Gospel Mission.

Last month OGM fed over 680 men, women and children and provided shelter for over 100 adults and 26 children. Because of the "Cruisers" and many other organizations and individuals of this community, OGM can and will continue to help those in need. God Bless and thank you Tom and all of you "Cruisers" out there!

Michael J. Olsen,

executive director

Outreach Gospel Mission



I got a kick out of Rob Decker's Oct. 3 letter, "We need to give Obama four more years."

Are you aware that many liberals believe that President Obama should be re-elected because it's entirely possible that had the Titanic hit a second iceberg it not only may not have sank, but actually become a more luxurious and efficient ship.

The liberal mind. A terrible thing to use.

Cam Lynn



Derby Duck Sales andndash; what an experience.

Thank you, South Coast Humane Society volunteers for sitting at our tables for hours greeting the public and selling chances for the Duck Derby.

Thank you to the wonderful people who bought their Derby Ducks from us. Not only do your purchases and donations help us continue our mission to aid pets and pet-owners in our local area, but your smiles and willingness to participate made the hours spent more than worth it.

Many of you took a little time with us to share stories of your dogs and cats, complete with pictures proudly presented on your smart phones. How cool is that?

Thanks to the many businesses who let the non-profits sit by their doors to entice customers over to buy a duck andndash; Shop Smart, Grocery Outlet, Ray's, and Fred Meyer. There may be others. Thanks to them, too.

Helping the Humane Society during Ducky Derby Sales also helps the community at large. Organized by the Rotary Club of Brookings Harbor, the money raised by them during this fun event does so much for so many.

Although only a few of the hundreds of entrants will end up with one of the fantastic prizes once the race is done, you can all consider yourself winners. Your participation will help many in our community.

That's a win to me.

Jan Henault, Fundraising Committee member

South Coast Humane Society


After World War II, Randolf Hurst wanted cannabis made illegal because it competed with his tree to paper empire, the drug companies didn't want cannabis competing with their drug profits and they didn't want sick people to grow their own medicine. Now with 5 percent of the world's population but 25 percent of its prisoners the highest in the world, it's become very profitable to the private for profit prison industry, the drug testing corporations, the bloody drug cartels, and law enforcement to steal your assets and imprison you for having some dried plant material, a violation of the Fourth Amendment, that also costs us billions each year in the failed effort to stop people from using it.

We have another chance to undo this injustice and provide a very profitable crop for agriculture to make high quality paper that doesn't need bleaching, a fiber that's stronger, tougher and softer than cotton, the seeds make superior bird or human food, crushing the seeds leaves a fine oil.

A new study has found a non psychoactive compound in marijuana that cures cancer but we won't be able to do clinical trials here because it's still legal!

Marijuana also has been used for thousands of years as medicine and is still used in other countries for asthma, nausea, tumors, pain, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, arthritis, etc., etc. In 1988, the DEA said "Marijuana is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man."

It still is.

Please vote YES on measure 80 and end this injustice.

Sheila Chambers



I think we can all agree that Curry County is in financial difficulty.

We need an experienced commissioner to lead us out of trouble.

Lucie La Bontandeacute; has been there, done that.

In 2001 the county was in the red; by the time La Bontandeacute; left in 2009 there was a $6 million reserve. She knows the process, she knows, and has successfully worked with, the agencies and legislators in both Salem and Washington D.C.

Now is not the time to bring in an untested person, however earnest and well-meaning he might be, for on-the-job training.

Please join me in voting for Lucie La Bontandeacute; for Curry County commissioner.

Linda Brown



I would like to invite all of you to an Octoberfest sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and the Vietnam Veterans at Star of the Sea Hall on Old County Rd. in Brookings today!

There will be great homemade German food with bratwurst.

Sam Vitale, president of the Vietnam Veterans, will be here to sign autographs for you! All benefits go toward the Curry County Veterans Memorial in Gold Beach. I hope every one will come and enjoy good food and friendly people and support a great cause. The time is 5 to 7 p.m.; $10 for adults and $3.50 for children. All donations graciously excepted.

Lee Burch

Knights of Columbus