The Curry Coastal Pilot

A history lesson

Some letters-to-the-editor writers to the Curry Pilot apparently think that history began on Jan. 20, 2009, the day President Obama was sworn into office.

They don't seem to remember the mess that President Obama inherited from George W. Bush. Thanks to the Republicans' mismanagement of the economy, the end of the Bush term saw an economic collapse rivaling the Great Depression with a failing banking system and record job loss.

In spite of unprecedented Republican obstructionism, President Obama and a Democratically led Congress managed to pass a stimulus package that, along with other measures, began to turn the economy around, resulting in sustained positive economic growth and falling unemployment. We still have a long way to go to make up for the losses of the Great Recession, but the Republicans' argument that they should be put back in charge because President Obama didn't fix the mess they created fast enough is obvious nonsense.

And by the way, contrary to what several letter writers have said, federal spending is growing at a slower rate under President Obama than at any time in decades (

Tomas Bozack



I have been gone for a while ... sorry!

I did return to find that the Grand Poobah of Oregon is going to establish a panel to find jobs for Oregonians. That sounded good until I read where the panel will include "conservationist groups."

Are these the same conservationist groups who used terror tactics to attack SUV dealerships that didn't meet their standards? Or, maybe, it's the conservationist groups who placed spikes into trees trying to maim and kill loggers? No? Then it must be the conservationist groups who used Liberal/Progressive/Democrat/Socialist/Conservationist judges, appointed by Liberal/Progressive/Democrat/ Socialist/Conservationist politicians, to legislate from the bench and kill the logging industry and put thousands on the unemployment roles.

These arrogant, smug and self-important "conservationists" must be giggling like school girls, thinking someone is foolish enough to ask them for ideas to create jobs which they spent decades destroying. Waiting for positive results from this panel will be like waiting for Barack Hussein Obama to tell the truth .... about anything.

Sorry ... it ain't going to happen!

Bob Ford,


Real Big Spenders

In the CCP for September 22, Mr. Nasses claims that Obama has produced the highest rate of increase in the national debt in history.

In fact, that record is held by Ronald Reagan at an average of 13.1 percent per year of his two terms. I trust that Mr. Nasses didn't vote for that big spender. Historically, the GOP has increased the national debt in greater amounts than the Democrats.

As far as Mr. Romney's "specific plans" to create growth and prosperity, and to balance the budget, his only specifics at this point include tax reductions for the wealthy, and the closing of unspecified tax loopholes. Analysis by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center concludes that this can be accomplished only by raising taxes on the rest of us.

And, don't forget that Mr. Romney was for letting about one million jobs in the auto industry go down the tubes. Obama saved those jobs.

Vote your self-interest and that of the country; vote for Obama.

John J. Brooks, Brookings

Get A mammogram

As you probably know, October is Breast Health Awareness month and at Curry Medical Center we are doing something special for our ladies who make their appointments for a Mammogram!

Our techs will be giving each lady a long stemmed pink carnation as a gift for doing something REALLY GOOD for herself! The carnations are a gift from the Curry Health Center Auxiliary volunteers.

The Auxiliary is looking for more men or women who want to make a difference in their community by helping out at Curry Medical Center. If you are interested, please call Moira Fossum at 541 412-2025 and we will welcome you!

Moira Fossum, Brookings

The divide is huge

In my early 20s I voted for John Kennedy for president because it was impossible to see the difference between the two parties.

Today the divide is huge. If you're a devout liberal you want bigger government and, of course, that means more taxes to pay for the entitlements. A conservative wants less spending and a small government which gives you your liberties in a country with a constitution built on Judeo-Christian principles.

If I had to guess about Mr. Mike Shrum, I would say he is a hard-working Democrat that feels the pressure of Romney-Ryan gaining on hope and change. I know all liberals feel as though Republicans are lying because they love their own party and the ideas are split apart. So let me put them at rest and say at my age lying is bad because I'm too close to God at 75; so following are situations that we all know are true:

andbull;At the Democratic convention millions of viewers including me watched the Democrats boo God and Jerusalem. Their platform had left out the reference in any way about God or Jerusalem and when the voice vote was openly against putting them in the platform the embarrassed mayor of Los Angeles passed it anyway; as I said it was booed;

andbull;President Obama knows what it's like not to aim before pulling the trigger; closing Guantanamo within his first day on the job is one; harassing the Connecticut police department a month later was another;

andbull;Two weeks ago Egypt was not an ally and the state department had to set him straight;

andbull;In Oregon he was so proud to now have been in all 57 states;

andbull;He recently refused to meet with the Jewish Prime Minister Netanyahu while in the U.S., instead he supported women's equal rights and got interviewed by a disc jockey named the pimp with a limp.

I have much more, Mike, but I know you'd rather listen to Susan Rice.

Clay Dalrymple,

Gold Beach

the smell test

A letter received by Curry County almost exactly one year ago from Susan Brown's Coos Bay attorney states; "... a claim for damages will be asserted against Curry County."

Ms. Brown claimed to be the victim of age and sex discrimination. I have no quarrel with her lawsuit. At the time of her termination, I considered it an unfair and ill-advised action by our county commissioners. But her suit was filed almost simultaneously with her candidacy for commissioner. That does not pass the smell test.

Does Ms. Brown's candidacy represent her desire to save our very nearly bankrupt county? Or does her legal suit seek to enrich her personally while it hastens our county's bankruptcy?

Revenge is only sweet for the winner. And we taxpayers will be the victims, not the commissioners whose actions so angered her.

John Harper,

Gold Beach

Romney's IDEAs

Governor Romney's critics say he has no specific plans and ideas. In fact, Mr Romney presented his 59 point economic plan on Sept. 6, 2011, over a year ago.

The six major topics discussed are taxation, regulation, spending, human capital, labor, and trade. I present just a few of his specific ideas:

1-Twenty percent tax reduction for everyone. No tax increase for middle income citizens.

2-Replace Obamacare with real health care reform but retain full coverage for young people and those with preexisting conditions.

3-Eliminate onerous regulations which discourage business expansion and hiring.

4-Confront any nation with unfair trade practices to ensure parity for American imports and exports.

5-Make it easier for foreign born residents to start businesses in America.

6-Grant permanent residency to foreign born residents with advanced degrees.

7-Reduce and cap federal spending to a level which leads to a permanent reduction in our national debt.

8-Increase access to domestic energy sources as part of an overall energy plan.

9-Corporate tax reform including a 25 percent tax rate to make America more competitive.

These are just some of the major, specific ideas put forward by Governor Romney. I urge you to look at the entire 59 point plan which is available at

I only ask that Americans investigate the facts and not be influenced by misinformation on both sides.

This is the most important election of your life. The wrong choice will be a disaster for our great nation.

Marivin Nasses, Brookings and Phoenix,Ariz.

No competition

Re: Letter, Sept. 19.

I noticed the word "for" also and knew there would be backlash. I did not put "for" in my original copy of that letter to the editor. I know sometimes the editor takes creative license in printing letters and this was an unfortunate mistake.

I do not, nor have I ever presented myself as a spokesperson for the clinic. I am only a patron of the wonderful free clinic and submitted my letter as a fun way to get people to be aware of the need for the dental van.

No "diss"ing was intended. There is no competition between the clinic and the Tommy Jones group.

There are lots of worthy causes in our community that need help and this was my way of bringing notice to the clinic. Get used to having your funny bone tickled every now and then.

It won't hurt you ... promise. ...

Pam VanVliet,


four more years


We have to give Obama four more years.

He's done a great job. But you just can't turn a super power into a third world country in only four years.

Rob Decker