The Curry Coastal Pilot

When you pick up your copy of the Curry Coastal Pilot on Wednesday, you are sure to notice our brand new look.

We're excited about introducing our new design, which has been months in the planning process. Our goal throughout every step of the process has been to better serve our readers.

Why change? For several reasons.

First, we are taking advantage of a physical change in the paper width. To conform with newspaper industry standards, the Pilot will be printed on a slightly narrower sheet of newsprint beginning next week. This saves us costs in newsprint and postage, makes it easier for us to accept advertisements designed for use in more than one newspaper, and is a little easier on the environment.

Even though the change is small, the new shape of the page makes a real difference in how we display material on that "canvas" so that it's most attractive and engaging to readers.

In the background, we also are changing the software that we use to produce the Pilot. The new program gives us more tools and flexibility, so we're taking advantage of them.

And finally, it was time to freshen the look of the Pilot's presentation andndash; to keep up with changing fashions and research so that we remain an attractive, and award-winning, source of news and information to the community.

From mastheads and headlines through news columns and advertisements, there are hundreds of items in every issue of a newspaper. The Pilot crew, with lots of help from outside consultants, has been working hard to review and re-shape every one of them for Wednesday's edition.

One thing won't change: We are still dedicated to bringing the community the most comprehensive package of local news and information that we can.