The Curry Coastal Pilot

I am ready for the promised change


After reading Mr. Bozack's letter I feel a response is in order.

If anyone thinks that cuts to hospitals and doctors will not effect Medicare insured they are wrong. Those costs will be passed on by loss of doctors currently practicing as well as new doctors coming into practice. We are already having problems with doctors taking on new Medicare patients because of reimbursements. With 10 thousand people turning 65 each day you can see where this is going to be a problem. Having said that let me also say that both parties have similar plans. Some cuts will have to be made.

I think we have seen that we cannot trust our government leaders to do what they say they will do. Any of them! They have misused the Medicare trust fund forever. If they had used it correctly we would not be in this pickle. That money was paid by you and I.

Also we should look at the statements of both candidates in their speeches to find that they both made incorrect statements. This was also pointed out by

It's too bad that neither candidate has a positive campaign. President Obama did the last time, with control of the government, to get whatever he wanted done. The only thing he did was create more debt for our country. He had his chance and failed to do what he said he would do. The Democrats want to continue to blame President Bush even though they had control for the last two years of his term and the first two years of President Obama's.

Oh and yes you are right, Mr. Bozack, candidates lie when the truth is not on their side.

I guess this leaves us to vote for the best liar! Last time that was Mr. Obama.

I for one am ready for the change he promised. Hopefully Mr. Rommey and Mr. Ryan can get it done.

Carl Cooper


Obama, get back to solving problems

Editor :

I have a short message for our president:

If you haven't noticed, the country and the world is going to hell in a handbasket while your number one priority seems to be out-fundraising Mitt Romney. Get off the campaign trail and get back to work solving America's challenges.

Stop taking interviews with the likes of David Letterman and meet with President Netanyahu and your intelligence committee and come up with some solutions that will prevent Iran from going nuke.

Terry Griffith


BHEF making a difference in school


In addition to my science classes at Azalea Middle School, I teach an elective class called Digital Studio, in which seventh and eighth graders learn to use Photoshop Elements to create photographic art work. This class not only teaches students new computer skills; it gives them practice in following detailed, step-by-step directions and provides them with a creative outlet during the school day.

My excitement about planning for this class was tempered by the fact that I had only a few old digital cameras with which to work. Enter the Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation! This dedicated group spends each school year raising funds to support teachers and students in our community, and is generously supported by many of you. In a time of budget cuts and limited resources, they provide opportunities to our students that they would not otherwise have.

I'm so pleased to say that thanks to the foundation's generous grant of $500, my class now has a set of shiny new cameras! Thank you Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation, for your continued support of our kids and our community. Your help and dedication are making a big difference!

Diane Cavaness


La Bontandeacute; did it then and can do it again


It's important that we, the citizens of Curry County, are informed of the facts concerning the news, events and fiscal state of our local government agencies without persuasion.

Difficult as they may seem, it's nonetheless important to the integrity of both institutions andndash; the press and the government.

To this end, I encourage you and your readers to support Lucie La Bontandeacute;'s run for county commissioner.

She showed up throughout the county when our senator visited. She wasn't afraid to make him aware of the federal government's responsibility to county government. It was evident to me, that Senator Wyden knows who she is and welcomed her ongoing dialogue. He has worked with her for a number of years on our issues.

For those of us who have little time to be involved in county government on a daily basis, we need the experience of Lucie La Bontandeacute; to get and keep Curry County government fiscally in the black and to build toward a future that creates lasting opportunities and successes for all the communities in our county.

She's done it before and she can do it again.

BW Chambers

Gold Beach

Teeth, smiles and plays, in that order


Re: letter from Chetco Pelican Players of Brookings (Pilot, Sept. 15):

Sorry, Tommy, but I came first with my request of $800 to get the dental van down here to Brookings last month.

People here need dental care first in order to have teeth for smiles at your plays, so take a number, get in line, for monetary request andndash; teeth, smiles, plays, in that order.

Sorry. Fair's fair.

Pam VanVliet, for St. Timothy's Free Clinic


A reason to donate to Pelican Players


I have an addendum to Tommy Jones' letter requesting a fix for the Chetco Pelican Players (Pilot, Sept. 15).

CPP is a 501c not-for-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible. One may also join the players as an annual or lifetime member. If you elect lifetime, your name will appear in every production program.

How's that for immortality?

Contributions may be mailed to P.O. Box 2712, Brookings, 97415 or by calling 541-661-2309 for more details.

Joe Willett

lifetime member CPP


Hope that Head Start happens soon


Let's all hope the partnership between the City of Brookings and our local Head Start sees its application for a Community Development Block Grant come to fruition (Pilot, Sept. 12, 2012).

With the grant, Head Start can continue to provide services to scores of needy children from a decent, accessible facility. Entire families of the disadvantaged will receive nutritional, educational, and cultural resources and assistance they might not otherwise have. And SWOCC will get proceeds from the sale of a building it no longer needs. Everybody wins.

And who's the Santa Clause that can make all this happen? I am. Yes, those grants are federally-funded, and I pay federal income tax. My government may be inefficient at times, and I certainly don't agree with all its priorities and decisions, but my government also does many, many very good things.

In the future, if I can stand in front of a newly-refurbished building giving help and opportunity to those who need it most, I'll proudly say, "I built that."

Art Dingle


Romney's made

a big mistake


This morning (Tuesday, Sept. 18) America woke to Mitt Romney's assertions that 47 percent of us are lazy bums because we don't pay income taxes.

He says we're "freeloaders" if we receive any form of government check.

He's made a big mistake.

You see, half of the 47 percent that don't pay Federal income taxes are retired and living on Social Security.

One quarter of the 47 percent are children!

And 15 percent live below the poverty line.

The truth is, 9 percent of American households do not pay federal income taxes.

But they do pay: payroll taxes to the federal government for their Social Security, sales taxes, property taxes, cemetery district taxes, library taxes, school taxes, gasoline taxes, and more.

The 10 percent that's left are the folks paying for the Republicans' "trickle down" economic failures.

Mitt's disrespect for half of America is not a "misstatement"; he and the Tea people like Art Robinson, really believe seniors are leaching off the government. That's why both of them have signed a pledge to turn Medicare into Voucher care.

Current polls show the Tea people have a lower approval rate than Muslims and atheists. (Don't get mad at me, I heard it on "Fair And Balanced" Fox News.) Let's not let them drag us down to their level; we're better than that.

If we seniors are stupid enough to vote for these self-serving hypocrites, we're going to suffer, not the 1 percent that rigged the system for themselves.

Wake up America, the wolves are at the door.

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach

World just keeps getting crazier


The world just keeps getting crazier all the time.

Now some guy makes a movie that criticizes Islam, and Muslims all over the world are up in arms over it. But it's OK for us to send troops over there to kill 'em.

Sometimes I think I woke up on the wrong planet.

C.L. Grove