The Curry Coastal Pilot

Curry a depressing place for young folks


It has come to my attention, through various local young adults (20-30), that Curry County can be quite a depressing place to live.

We were all young once and, if you were anything like me, made our fair share of mistakes (punishments sure are more severe than when I was young). It is not my profession to judge, as it should neither be yours.

I recently met a fine young man who was sincerely concerned with his recent misfortune. I learned he was a war vet, an accomplished college student, and, recently, accrued over $4,000 in fines for a few mistakes.

In most areas that I have counseled young people, the county was able to establish payment options for the "offender." This is not the case for some in Curry County. He was instructed that he had exactly 30 days to come up with the sum in total, or it would be sent off to a collection agency, where they would not only tack on a 28-percent fee, but would report it to the credit agency.

In today's economy, and let's face it, there is little opportunity for professional work in the area, especially to our young, there is realistically no chance for him to pay the fine, in the short 30 days. Where is the sense in this?

I know this county is comprised of mainly retirees, but even if we don't always see eye-to-eye with today's youth, they are our future and deserve a chance to correct themselves and progress!

Kevin H. Caudillo


Great music makes for great event


I wanted to thank the following bands for helping to make the 5th Annual Gold Beach Brew and Art Fest a success: The Ferguson Bros. Band, Pistol River Trio, Timbre, Eddy McManus, Thursday Moonshine, Hither, Thither and Yon and Robert Richter.

We had a great mix of classic rock, celtic, jazz, folk, blues and more!

I would also like to thank Nathan DeLaney of Lionstaff Productions along with Tim and Gary Vila of Vinyl Odyssey for providing sound system and engineering support.

Tammy DeLaney

Gold Beach Brew and Art Fest

Support grows for veterans' memorial


The Board of the Curry County Veterans Memorial Association (CCVMA) would like to express thanks to the Chetco Federal Credit Union (CFCU) for their generosity in dedicating September 4 as "our day" to inform the public of our progress on the Memorial at their branches in Harbor, Brookings, Gold Beach and Port Orford.

This was a very important step toward informing the public of the Memorial's status.

We also provided education and information to many customers and employees who want to buy tiles for their loved ones. A total of $800 was collected during this three-hour time. This amount included donations and tile sales. Many more tile applications were handed out with promises to buy tiles.

Thank you Judy May-Lopez for organizing this event and thank you CFCU for your support!

Recently, we also received a donation of $1,000 from the BPOE Elks Lodge #1934 as part of the National Elks Foundation. Thank you!

Our next fundraiser will be on Oct. 6 at Star of the Sea Church Hall from 5 - 7 p.m. for a homemade bratwurst dinner, with all the trimmings, for $10. To purchase tickets or for more information contact Sam at 541 469-64,43.

Sam Vitale, chairman

Curry County Veterans Memorial Association


Don't merchants want my money?


My recent efforts to spend money in town have met with ludicrous behavior. Not just the seasonal crop of "Gone Fishing" closures; some merchants act like they don't want any customers.

For example, a recommended plumber couldn't make an appointment because he was in a ditch and not available for a couple of weeks. "Leave a message; I'll get back to you." OK, that fit my schedule. But after several days of silence, another plumber got the job.

The owner of a popular cafandeacute; clutched a stack of menus to her bosom as if we would steal them. She wouldn't announce the specials until our whole party arrived so she only had to say it once. Asked about the soup of the day, she gave an exasperated snort. To my request for a menu, she replied "You'll have photocopies of the take-out menu in a minute." Five minutes later came a single page without beverages. So 12 annoyed customers won't return soon.

At the Farmers Market, the tamale vendor delighted me with an extra flavor "for you to try out"! She'll get more business even without extras. But the produce vendor next door was too busy talking to people who said they didn't want anything. No prices were posted. I waited and waited; finally walking away without my presence ever being acknowledged.

These ineffective merchants are probably the first to cry "Woe andndash; the Economy," when they really need to learn Customer Service 101. I'm headed to Medford shopping!

Karen Hansen


Pelican Players need a financial lift


The Chetco Pelican Players is in a bit of a fix.

We need about $700 to pay for the royalty to do our next play "Wait until Dark" by Fredrick Knott. Our checkbook balance is at an embarrassingly low $60, yet the royalty payment, $695, is due by the 28th of this month.

Would someone or business who appreciates the arts and our struggle during these financially troubling times help us by sponsoring the play. We would make sure the contribution would be announced at each show by the sound booth, as well as having a printed acknowledgement in the program. We could even make an addendum to the poster art around the playhouse.

Also any smaller contributions would be appreciated from our family of Chetco Pelican Players members and patrons.

Thanks in advance.

Tommy Jones, VP

Chetco Pelican Players



Three possible election outcomes


I gazed into my crystal ball and saw three possible outcomes for the upcoming election.

The most likely is more of the same. Obama is re-elected and Republicans have enough Senate seats to block his agenda, resulting in four more years of high unemployment, slow economic recovery, deteriorating infrastructure, and failure to address global warming. Republicans retain control of state governments and continue to cut services, fire public employees, suppress Democratic voters, and manipulate elections.

The worst outcome is a repeat of the previous Republican administration. Romney is elected and there are enough Congressional Republicans to force through his agenda. His economic plan creates asset bubbles. He attacks Iran, expanding his power by becoming a wartime president but also damaging our diplomatic credentials. Romney is re-elected and presides over a crash when the bubbles burst. However, this time the crash does not spread because the world has turned from America to China for economic and diplomatic leadership.

The best outcome is highly unlikely. The election is not about the economy, as most assume, but is about the decadence of the Republican Party in general and the persecution of Bill Clinton in particular.

It becomes clear that Republicans love power more than they love America, and will do anything to win elections.

Democrats are energized to vote and Republicans are too dispirited to vote. Obama is re-elected and Democrats gain full control of Congress. At last, America begins to fix the accumulated problems of years of Republican mismanagement and obstructionism.

Leonard Azar


What's happened to Republican Party?


I really have to begin to wonder what has happened to our Republican Party.

Mitt Romney has acted in a most unpatriotic manner by criticizing President Obama's handling of the attack on the American embassy in Libya and killing of our ambassador, Christopher Stevens. Since when is it acceptable political discourse to criticize a sitting American president during an international incident? Has the Republican Party any shame?

Romney seems not to realize that, by being a presidential candidate, he is heard on the international stage. His comments send an inconsistent, weakened message to our allies and enemies alike. Worse yet, he endangers the lives of our brave servicemen and women overseas.

By attempting to score political points while our embassies are under attack, Romney has clearly demonstrated that he is not ready to be president. There couldn't be a more clear comparison between the two men. Romney has just lost my vote.

Steven H. Harwood


GOP won't let facts get in the way


Mr. Swanson, you need to get yourself a "fact checker."

I wrote about Paul Ryan's convention speech. Five lies; check it out.

However, since you brought Mitt Romney up, I can also tell you that he is a liar as well. Mitt has taken different sides on every issue, so I don't know if he knows when he lies.

The RNC has come out publicly saying, we will not let "fact checkers" get in our way.

Mike Schrum


A resounding YES to indoor pool!


Would you like your children to have access to year-long swimming lessons? Do you know a senior citizen who would benefit from being able to swim and use therapy pools on a regular basis? Do you want to live a longer and happier life?

We hope you do and over 80 people attending the Friends of the Brookings-Harbor Aquatic Center (FBHAC) 2012 Masquerade Gala responded with a resounding YES to these questions and more regarding the possible benefits of an indoor aquatic center.

What a fun and successful fundraiser this was and we couldn't have done it without the support of the community! We'd especially like to thank our sponsors, CandK Market Inc., Dan and Kathy Brattain of Cal-Ore Life Flight, Daryn Farmer-State Farm, Vision Source, and Chowell, Benz, and Hartwick. We also owe a great deal of gratitude to all of the businesses and individuals who donated to our auctions.

It is truly amazing how generous our local business people are and how much they care about making our community a better place. Of course we also want to thank our volunteers and others who contributed their time to the event andndash; Bonnie Ell, Noel and Lorelei Hanna, Jess Beaman, Glencora Powers, Jill Baker, Stacey Reynolds, Michael and Marihelen Pitts-Campbell, Sheila Sparlin, and Joanna Lee. If you'd like more information concerning FBHAC and our mission please visit Thank you.

Vanessa Nidiffer, director, FBHAC


Hope Romney, Ryan can get it done


After reading Mr. Bozack's letter I feel a response is in order.

If anyone thinks that cuts to hospitals and doctors will not effect Medicare insured they are wrong. Those costs will be passed on by loss of doctors currently practicing as well as new doctors coming into practice. We are already having problems with doctors taking on new Medicare patients because of reimbursements. With 10 thousand people turning 65 each day you can see where this is going to be a problem. Having said that let me also say that both parties have similar plans. Some cuts will have to be made.

I think we have seen that we cannot trust our government leaders to do what they say they will do. Any of them! They have misused the Medicare trust fund forever. If they had used it correctly we would not be in this pickle. That money was paid by you and I.

Also we should look at the statements of both candidates in their speeches to find that they both made incorrect statements. This was also pointed out by

It's too bad that neither candidate has a positive campaign. President Obama did the last time, with control of the government, to get whatever he wanted done. The only thing he did was create more debt for our country. He had his chance and failed to do what he said he would do. The Democrats want to continue to blame President Bush even though they had control for the last two years of his term and the first two years of President Obama's.

Oh and yes you are right, Mr. Bozack, candidates lie when the truth is not on their side.

I guess this leaves us to vote for the best liar! Last time that was Mr. Obama.

I for one am ready for the change he promised. Hopefully Mr. Rommey and Mr. Ryan can get it done.

Carl Cooper