The Curry Coastal Pilot

No progress on pedestrian projects


What happened to all the pedestrian construction projects that have been promised for over a year now?

There was supposed to be a new sidewalk in front of the elementary school, at Bud Cross Field, and a long bike path from Harris Beach to the college, not to mention the reconstruction of Hassett Street that was to begin "this summer." These are fully funded and ready to go but there has been no progress on any of them.

These projects would make a lot of people's walks much safer in town. Does anybody know if or when these will be started?

I know there is no hurry in Curry, but this is getting ridiculous.

Kevin Vanginderen


Check facts of the president's comment


Babel Editor: Comedy reveals a greater truth about us. It starts with fact, and then slants it so we may laugh at our foibles or arrogance. Comedy of stereotypes is at least based on common beliefs.

The cartoon on the editorial page of Saturday's Aug. 4 Pilot depicted President Obama on a mountaintop saying, "Thou didst not make this on your own." Where is the journalistic integrity of the Pilot, to check the facts of the president's statement?

Yes, President Obama did use the words, but it is not what he meant. He spoke of community, the social contract we've made with each other. We are social beings; live together, work together, and respect and hold sacred the love which binds us to all of creation. The cartoon accepted as truth the interpretation of a pathological liar, candidate Mitt Romney, twisting the words into blasphemy. The Pilot passed along a vile "joke" which is not based in truth or stereotype.

The greatest sin of all is separation from God. In order to call another a heretic, one must feel separated. If we've lost the connection to the sacred, we see others as "less than" andhellip; less deserving of love, more to be feared and hated. A common interpretation of The Tower of Babel, in Genesis 11, is the depiction of the origin of different languages. Perhaps there's a deeper meaning: Even those who spoke the same language could no longer understand each other; they had lost the shared language of the heart.

Michael S. Fox


'Obama robbed Medicare' is a lie


The Romney campaign's contention that President Obama has "robbed Medicare" of $716 billion to pay for Obamacare is a lie. Here's what has to say about it (

"Republicans claim the president's $716 billion 'cuts' to Medicare hurt the program's finances. But the opposite is true. These cuts in the future growth of spending prolong the life of the Medicare trust fund, stretching the program's finances out longer than they would last otherwise."

These "cuts" actually eliminate wasteful overpayments to hospitals and insurance companies and don't affect benefits to Medicare recipients. Republicans say they want to eliminate government waste, but that's apparently not the case when President Obama does it.

Ironically, the Republicans are using this false attack on President Obama even though Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan's Republican budget proposal contains the identical savings (

Remember, candidates lie when the truth isn't on their side.

Tomas Bozack


We're lucky to have access to musicians


Sunday was such a beautiful day in Brookings and, once again, we were given many options: a concert in the Azalea Park, the Winchuck Barbecue, and the FREE Friends of Music concert.

Fortunately I was able to I take in two, the most fabulous being the concert featuring the three young musicians who won scholarships to help further their schooling and careers.

Heads up to young folks out there: ALL Friends of Music concerts are free to students! Please come out and see what you've been missing. These performers are world-class and tickets to their concerts cost dearly in most venues.

We are so lucky to have access to these musicians. Come on, families, let's see you at the next and all of the Friends of Music concerts. They are truly "awesome."

Shirley Hyatt


Not a lie, just a statement of intent


In response to Mr. Schrum's letter of Sept. 8.

Please calm down Mr. Schrum. I am beginning to worry about your blood pressure. You seem very excited about the five lies Mr. Romney allegedly told during his speech at the Republican convention. I would be interested to hear what they were.

The content of your letter seems to revolve around the allegation that he lied about abortion. Since the tenor of the speech was in the nature of future actions, I fail to see how this can be considered a lie. Perhaps it might become a false statement in the future but as for the moment it is just a statement of intent.

Much like Schroedinger's cat we will have to wait until we open the box to see if the lie is alive or dead. Until then please take a few deep breaths and calm yourself to avoid any CVAs.

Kenneth Swanson