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Honey bees and beekeeping info


The Oregon South Coast Beekeepers Association (OSCBA) thanks Laurie Fletcher for her informative presentation "Safety First" during their regular August meeting.

She deftly led the participants through a discussion to answer to the question, "Why do bees sting?" setting the stage for her remaining topic, "Using EpiPens." Her practical experience in emergency response endeavors enhanced a lively discussion with participants.

If readers are interest in these or other topics related to honey bees and beekeeping, they are most welcome to join the a regular meeting of the OSCBA on the third Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. at the Curry County Extension Office, 29390 Ellensburg Avenue, Gold Beach (the fairgrounds). The next meeting is on Sept. 20, 2012.

Again, thank you Laurie for taking the time to prepare and present to our organization.

Myrna Barber

Secretary OSCBA


Taxpayers foot bill for glorified infomercials


Where do the Democrats and Republicans get off holding these glorified three-day infomercials funded by the American taxpayers?

These televised political conventions are more obscene than hard core pornography.

Bill Clinton tells us we can trust Barack Obama and we should re-elect him.

Huh? This from the same guy who cheated on his wife and got impeached by Congress.

Bill Clinton is a one-man-war on women, if you ask me.

Condoleezza Rice tells us we can trust Mitt Romney and that we should elect him president.

What? It was idiotic neoconservative warmongers like Condoleeza Rice who gave us this stupid war on terrorism and fools like her want us to go to war over in Syria and Iran.

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan are all warmongers and none of them are for peace.

Obama should be impeached and thrown out of office for Afghanistan alone.

We are still over there 11 years later.


Afghanistan produces 90 percent of the heroin in the world.

This so-called War on Terrorism is a complete loser and we lost the war on drugs a long time ago.

The economic crash is coming regardless of whether Romney or Obama wins.

Who cares if Lex Luthor or Doctor Doom wins?

Vote for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party for president!

Joe Thomas


Take seed money

for cake today?


One of the decisions frontier people faced when food ran short was whether to use the contents of the granary to make bread today or save it as seed for next year's planting. Every pound of grain used now meant less seed and a smaller harvest in the future.

We face a similar situation today. The so called rich, our entrepreneurs and financiers, are holding the proceeds from prior harvests (profits) waiting for spring growing conditions (i.e. when investment opportunity looks promising).

But our president wants to raise their taxes and, in effect, take the seed money for cake today.

Not only is the administration trying to raid the financial granary but it's also imposing added regulations (Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, EPA rules, etc.) which make investment uncertain and, in effect, prolong the economic winter.

Before the 2008 election our president told "Joe-the-Plumber" what our country needs is to "spread the money around." Nothing he has done since leads one to think that was not a true and accurate expression of his belief. Before a worker is hired there has to be money spent on such things as research, advertising, facility construction, training, to name a few.

Every dollar the government takes out of the reserve fund now means less money for jobs and smaller future harvests.

Let us hope the better wisdoms prevail.

Jim Collis


GOP philosophy: Lie until they believe!


How can anyone vote for a party that wants nothing to do with "fact checkers"?

Ryan told five blatant lies in his address to the GOP convention. Even a FOX reporter nailed him for lying. GOP: Lie till they believe!

No abortions is a plank on the GOP platform. Scenario: My daughter is going off to college. Her whole life is planned: college, marriage and a family. She is raped and found to be impregnated by the felon. Republicans want the state to make her a felon if she aborts. Must this innocent young lady change her whole life, because of a crime committed against her?

Let's see: Trauma of rape, trauma of pregnancy, morning sickness, back aches, weight gain, labor, etc.

Then there is the birth. Does she keep a child that will remind her of the rape the rest of her life? Will anyone adopt a crime baby with no family history? I think not. So, child goes to foster homes. Child reared without love and caring. Remember, the child will not get any "entitlements" under GOP plans! Perhaps prison is final stop. ...

I am confused. Republicans want to require victimized women to carry a baby to term, but they have no problem giving these kids handguns to kill each other.

I don't see how any women in her right mind, in this country, could vote for the GOP. The "War on Women" is pathetic. Seems like Afghanistan culture has become a model for Republicans.

Mike Schrum


Thanks for bringing my little dog back


Yesterday morning I was moving a barbecue from the garage to the backyard porch andndash; it was the shortest way of accomplishing this task.

My dog, Scampy, decided to do a sneaky thing and slide through the sliding glass door without my knowledge. After I had finished, I started calling her name, expecting her to come running to my voice. Scampy was nowhere in sight.

I walked and walked around the neighborhood andndash; no Scampy.

I drove around calling her name andndash; no Scampy. I'm going frantic by this time. My manager had started (to) go over to the radio station on Railroad and report this to them; maybe they can help. I drove over and told them what was happening. They stated they saw a man earlier carrying a gray dog down the road. I didn't know what to think; was he taking my dog to keep ?

Meanwhile, as I was leaving, I saw a pit bull dog running in front of cars, almost hit a couple of times. A woman was walking her golden lab. The pit bull dog ran and was constantly attacking, not leaving this dog alone. I grabbed this pit bull and allowed this lady and her dog to get inside this nearby shop for safety. Finally, the clerk inside of this shop got a rope, put it around this dog's collar, so I could leave. Also the police arrived.

I drove down the street to the Humane Society to check if my dog, by chance, was there. I asked if a miniature gray schnauzer had come in. The lady stated a man had brought her in about 45 minutes ago.

I want to thank you so much for bringing my little girl dog back to safety. This shows me how wonderful Brookings people are.

Thank you, thank you.

Terry Dyer


Dog saved from getting hit by car


Happy day: Thanks to the two wonderful women who saved my dog, Morgan, on Friday, Aug. 31.

He was walking down the North Bank of Smith River after wandering away from a camping area. They took him home to the address on his tag. All the way up to Harbor.

I don't know if they were from Harbor or from Crescent City.

I was frantic and scared, when after only five minutes of stopping, Morgan managed to wander up to the main road and was saved from getting hit by a car.

Again, thank you.

Pam Van Vliet


A friendly greeting is good for business


The lady asked a question, (Pilot, Aug. 11) but, as is normal in Curry County, no one has an answer.

I do. Over the years four stores in Harbor offered quality shoes and nice clothing; they are gone.

We use to have a great butcher shop, gone.

We had excellent restaurants, all gone but one. There were additional gas stations, maybe too many, but it matters not; they are gone. At one time, we had four hardware stores, two dry cleaners, additional drug stores and a shoe repair shop andndash; not the one that came and went in the blink of an eye.

To my knowledge we have never had a delicatessen, but after the grand opening everyone would go back to their baloney (bologna) and it would be gone.

I don't speak for others, but, I believe I have tried every restaurant, sandwich shop, pizza parlor, drink emporium and specialty store that has opened in Brookings and Harbor over the last 20 years. Most at least twice, one once.

One I have been to over 700 times; I don't go anymore. The owner never knew my name and never said thank you. That was OK when the food was good, the service was great and it was clean. The owner won't miss me, but he will miss my money. Usually I pay cash and I tip well. I only complain when there is actually something wrong with the food. I don't make a scene and I give them a second chance. If it's too expensive that's my fault.

If you can't say hello and thank you, no thank you.

Clifton Siemens