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A letter in Wednesday's issue incorrectly listed Bruce Ellis as being a Gold Beach resident. He lives in Brookings. The Pilot regrets the error.

It's prostate cancer awareness month


September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that a man is 33 percent more likely to get prostate cancer than a woman is to get breast cancer? It's true.

There will be over 2.8 million new cases of prostate disease reported in 2012. For over 241,000 men, it will be prostate cancer and 35 percent will be under the age of 65. Overall, one in every six men.

Over 32,000 of those men will die because they didn't get an examination or didn't act soon enough. That equates to one man dying every 17 minutes of every day from prostate cancer.

Thanks to the US Preventive Services Task Force, which had no medical oncologist or urologist, they have recommended eliminating the PSA (prostate specific antigen) test and leaving American men without a defense in the fight against prostate cancer. The American Urological Association disagrees.

Someone you know may be affected. Your husband, father, son, brother, grandfather, or friend. Encourage all men 40-75 and especially African American men over 35 or any man whose father or brother had prostate cancer to get tested this month! Both a PSA and a DRE (digital rectal exam).

Four important things to remember before getting tested:

1. Be sure that you're rested.

2. Have no sexual activity for 72 hours before the test.

3. Got a cold? Put the test on hold.

4. Either have your PSA test before the DRE or delay taking a PSA test for 48 hours AFTER you have had your DRE test.

Don't let it be said at your eulogy, "He was too afraid or embarrassed to get tested."

Check out for more information

Gordon Clay


Beware certain flea, tick medications


Just a note to all pet owners and lovers alike. Avoid buying over-the-counter flea and tick medications.

Instead they may more poisonous for your pets!

There are lots of articles online about many pets dying after 24 hours of applying certain over-the-counter medications to their dogs and cats.

If you have used such a product and your pets have an adverse reaction, I advise you to call your vet and get your pets treated ASAP. I cannot believe that they even allow such products to be sold. They are so dangerous!

Stick to veterinarian-recommended products.

Valerie VanCleve


We need a dialysis center in Curry


I am a 25-year-old female that has been on dialysis for the last seven years. I live in Brookings and travel to Coos Bay three days a week for dialysis treatments. This is an eight-hour day for me.

I tried moving to be closer to a dialysis center but I had no family there and I believe that when you are sick you need the love and support of friends and family and you need them close. So I refuse to move and let this disease control my life. I might be on dialysis but I am not dead.

We really need to get the ball rolling on getting a center here in Curry County. I was told that the reason we cannot have a center here is because no kidney doctors will travel here once a month to see patients. In Coos Bay the doctors no longer have to come to the clinic. They now do video conference with each patient once a month. Why couldn't we do something like that? All paperwork could even be faxed back and forth from doctor to dialysis.

Maybe if I could get everyone who is on, knows somebody that is on or is going to be on dialysis in the near future to please email me at

Please leave your name and contact info as well as where and how many days a week you dialyze. I would also like to hear from anyone who has already been working on this. We should all work together and be proactive to get what we so desperately need here in Curry County.

Jessica Schrag


Marijuana harmful to young people


Personal generosity is usually a virtue, but at times, it creates disaster.

A recently-completed long-term study has revealed that marijuana use is relatively harmless for people over the age of 18, but that it causes such severe and irreparable damage to the developing brains of children that a heavy user typically exhibits a permanent eight point drop in his I.Q. That doesn't sound like much on a score with a mean of 100, but a bell-shaped curve is involved, with most people bunched in the middle, and, for an average person, a drop from 100 to 92 is a drop from the 50th percentile to the 29th.

How is a child supposed to compete when 71 percent of his classmates are suddenly smarter than he is how is a child supposed to compete in school?

Hemp has many good and legitimate uses, as for fiber and hemp seed oil, and medical marijuana cards are a good thing and a blessing for adults who need this as medication, but sharing the drug with their children and their children's friends is not at all an act of kindness.

William O West


Protect yourself from tyranical despots


In 1957 I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Although I resigned from the U.S. Navy in 1965, that oath did not expire and had no expiration date.

The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights are the absolute doctrines of our government. Without adherence to them, we have anarchy! They are the basis of American "Exceptionalism." Their precepts have been fought and defended through Revolution, Civil, WW I, WWII, and Korean wars.

These documents were contrived from divine insights that have to date made America the leader in the world. To diminish their sanctity by labeling them "flawed" or "obsolete" boarders on treason. There are Constitutional provisions for adjusting the Constitution but appropriately, it is an onerous process.

The recent disappointment of the Supreme Court ruling on the Constitutionality of Obama Care was perhaps the greatest awakening of the people. To me it said that the electorate (the people) through their representatives had ordained a "tax" that was indeed "Constitutional." Granted that it was conveyed through a guise of deceit, distortion, misrepresentation and chaos that even the Congressional House of Representatives, (Pelosi) said that we have to pass the bill so we can find out what it says! This is absurdity to the infinite degree.

I do not believe that the Second Amendment was to protect us from each other. Rather it was for the responsible electorate to protect itself from the tyrannical despots referred to in the preceding paragraph!

When you hear phrases like "redistribute the wealth," '"you didn't build this yourself," andndash; THlNK who is the ideologue and what is his ideology?

Jack McGahey


When did all these things happen?



1. andhellip; offering a hand-up turn into an ongoing hand-out?

2. andhellip; we stop pledging allegiance to our flag and start being asked if we wanted to continue in English?

3. andhellip; we stop teaching our kids good manners, and start finding it too much trouble to fill out a ballot and vote every few years?

4. andhellip; being a State or Federal politician become a career, filled with perks that constituents don't get; and when did our two party system become a team sport?

5. andhellip; we start caring more about early retirement and less about the future we're leaving to our children?

6. andhellip; the phrase "will work for food" become anything unique or profound?

7. andhellip; we start subsidizing people for having children they can't provide for?

8. andhellip; half our State and its renewable natural resource get taken over by the Federal Government leaving towns and citizens scrambling to exist?

9. andhellip; our kids stop learning "do unto others as you'd have others do unto you" and "god helps those who help themselves"?

10. andhellip; we decide it was smart to rely on unstable countries for oil rather than letting Americans develop our own?

11. andhellip; having a dream, working hard and being successful make you a target?

12. andhellip; it ever make sense to vote the same professional politicians back into office over and over again when their uncontrolled spending, finger pointing and failed policies continually creates more debt and taxes?

T.E. Sloat


Pilot photos bring wonderful memories


I would just like to thank the Pilot and Jake Westbrook for the wonderful old pictures in the paper (Pilot, Aug. 25). They brought back some great memories.

I used to work at a restaurant called the "Pickle Barrel" which is now the "Shabby to Chic" store.

I look forward to seeing more of these old pictures.

Thank you Pilot staff.

Carolyn Cross