The Curry Coastal Pilot

Keep Ellis away from port market


Bruce Ellis wants to take over the Farmers Market, kick it up a notch and give it some Emeril Bam!

Does that include loud hip hop music, booths full of knock-off sunglasses, tacky T-shirts and assorted junk from China?

Does Mr. Ellis also plan to charge a $2 admission fee?

Dale and Tina Kirkpatrick will do just fine at keeping the market's focus as it is andndash; on marketing local produce and work of local artists and artisans.

And that's how I roll!

Clifford J. Weeks


Promise: No big top at Brookings port


Unless of course I bring a circus to town. But seriously folks, I am writing this to try and curb the speculation that I am going to do anything to hurt anyone should I take over the Farmers Market next year.

My track record should speak for itself; all I have ever done is tried to bring unity to the surrounding areas via the Insider newspaper by supporting all the events and functions, encouraging the public to go and support them, thereby causing economy for the community.

We brought the Pirate Festival here to boost the economy; anything I am involved in is positive for the town and the people. So, for concerned parties to speculate that I am going to make a mockery out of the Farmers Market could be no further from the truth.

I will not reveal my plans until January, but I will say that my plan when implemented properly will do all the following: make all the merchants concerned happy; make the Port happy; and above all make the community happy so they will come out and support it. Possibly turning the market into one of the biggest deals in the area by utilizing the proper formula (not the same formula as a Festival takes, I might add).

I have a vision of bringing more people to enjoy our town and what we have to offer via our events and festivals. I would like to think that most people shared my views, as it is for the betterment of all involved.

I love this town and its people and I firmly believe that working together we can even make it a better place to live in than it already is.

Bruce Ellis

Gold Beach

Thank you to Worship Warz


We would like to take this opportunity to thank the community of Curry County, Calvary Assembly of God, along with the participating churches and organizations for such a wonderful event. We are so honored to have been chosen as the community charity in which to benefit from this event.

It was fantastic to see all the churches come together for a day of music and celebration. We are truly blessed in our community and Oasis is blessed by this generosity.

Oasis Shelter Home is a safe haven for women and children of domestic and sexual violence. We also serve men in our Outreach programs. We empower survivors with the tools and resources to start a healthy and safe life for themselves and their children. If you would like to learn more, see our website and Facebook pages.

We continually need your support through monetary donations, as well as basic housing needs. If you would like to contribute, you may contact us at 541-247-0607, or visit our website at

Thank you again for your continued support.

Janae Crosson, advocate

Oasis Shelter Home

Gold Beach

Don't be silent about a dialysis center


In response to Tom Troy, CEO, letter (Pilot, Sug. 25)regarding dialysis not being feasible. Is he aware that doing this at home is not feasible for some?

And why do we, the patients, have to fight for a dialysis center. Should not the medical professionals be pushing for this. Anyone on dialysis please call us, 541-294-9645. We would appreciate your views.

And don't be silent, submit a letter also to the paper.

Lloyd Costa


Slap on the wrist is

not good enough


I see, once again, we have a felon, Douglas Wayne Hackett, in Curry County charged with being in possession of a firearm (Curry Coastal Pilot, Aug. 25).

What will the DA Everett Dial do this time? Will he offer a plea bargain case and get the sentence down to a few months probation, as in many of the past cases?

Citizens should be outraged at the lenient treatment of these felons by our district attorney. These felons have one reason to have a firearm, and that is to shoot, injure or kill someone. Why not stiffer sentences for these criminals? If Oregon law is the curtain behind which the DA hides, kick it up to the federal level where stiff sentences are mandatory.

We are all in danger of the "play loose" approach to our safety, especially after the sheriff and other police officers put their lives' at risk tracking, apprehending and incarcerating these criminals.

William Douglas

Gold Beach