The Curry Coastal Pilot

We need that dialysis unit


This letter is for Jane Stebbins.

You have been working on the dialysis center stories for us. Judi Costa sent me an email about how the new head of the hospital has no plans on a dialysis unit. I wrote to Scott Nichols of Davita asking him about starting a unit independent of the hospital. If he was aware of how many people in the area need dialysis. Then he'd be more informed.

I mentioned about the patients that have to travel to Eureka. You would have a better idea of how many people travel there. His email, if you don't have it is, Maybe you could contact him with the info you've gathered.

We need that Dailysis unit!

I've been forced to move to a place in Medford because of this mess. I'd gladly move back to my house in Brookings if they'd start up a unit and Lloyd would come down from Coos Bay. We have to keep trying until we succeed.

I'm moving to Medford next week and will drive to Brookings on the weekends.

Bob Meunier

Pittsburg, Calif.

Show gratitude, support memorial


We were sitting in our nice, comfortable, and SAFE living room. The television was on and a program came on that dealt with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We realized that we need to extend an immense show of gratitude to all of the very special veterans who have kept us so safe and secure. What better way than the development of the Curry County Veterans Memorial. In the past few years a number of wonderful people (veterans and those of us who reap the benefits of those brave veterans) have worked diligently on the memorial.

With all of the veteran groups in Curry County working together it is becoming a reality. We can all show our appreciation with a small donation to the CCVMA (which is a non-profit organization) the address is CCVMA, P.O. Box 186, Gold Beach, OR 97444. An additional way to support the memorial is to purchase a tile in the name of your very favorite veteran. This can be done at the same address or by contacting the CCVMA through their website address of

If you take a ride to the port of Gold Beach you can see the location and a representation of the memorial. It is going to be an incredible tribute to the veterans.

Ken and Bobbi Vogt


Lucky to have no-kill shelters


The website says "For every animal that dies in a shelter euthanasia room, there is a human outside the walls of that room responsible for its death.

"Shelter workers do the dirty work for a community members who continue to breed despite overpopulation, who surrender their animals, dump their guilt and shift the blame on to shelter staff for a problem they created themselves."

We are very lucky that in Curry County we have two wonderful no-kill shelters. Curry County Animal Shelter, soon to be run by Pennies for Pooches, and South Coast Humane. Both of these shelters work very hard cleaning, loving and finding homes for the abandoned and surrendered animals of this and other counties in need of help.

Shelter workers will experience compassion fatigue and it is very different from burnout. Compassion fatigue is when you just don't think you can take another animal that is scared, neglected or surrendered because the human just doesn't want the animal anymore.

It is a difficult job and clearly shelter workers pay a high emotional price for the care we give the homeless, abandoned neglected and abused animals. I am thankful for the support we have received at the Curry County Animal Shelter and I know Tanya at South Coast feels the same. We would not be able to rescue if it wasn't for this community.

Pennies for Pooches will be taking over the Curry County Animal Shelter on September 1 and we will need your continual donations as we will no longer be funded by the county. We also will be doing another rescue the first week in September so keep your paws crossed for a successful transfer form the county to the nonprofit.

God Bless you.

Catherine Powers

Curry County Animal Shelter/Pennies for Pooches

Gold Beach

Help teachers buy class supplies


The other day I was checking out at Freddie's behind a young lady who had a large amount of school supplies along with her own foodstuff.

I asked if she was a teacher and if she was paying for these school items herself.

Sure enough.

I inquired, and Freddie's will process my gift certificate to the proper person to purchase needed supplies and/or coats or shoes, etc.

Come on, folks. It makes you feel good.

Bill Smyth