The Curry Coastal Pilot

People who make money are not bad


When your parents told you education, hard work and common sense would provide you a good life and maybe you might become wealthy, not only did they believe it, many of them accomplished it.

Now if you are successful, not only are you bad, you are asked to give your wealth to those who sit on their ass and don't try.

Many wealthy people tithe and donate more than should be expected, if it should be expected at all.

I prepared income tax returns for 30 years, and the only people who paid little or no taxes were low income families, families with multiple children and a few singles.

There are more than a few who cheat, but often that doesn't end well.

Making money is not bad; it's yours, spend it as you wish.

Taxes are a part of life but, for the last four years, taxes have been a whip to beat you into submission.

This president wants you to become a serf, dependent on the king.

He will feed you and care for you as long as you can provide him your wealth. Then one way or another you will die.

If you think this president has your back, you better get a two-sided, bullet-proof vest.

He ain't no Robin Hood.

Clifton Siemens


Ryan's statement merits publication


Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan has just been named as the vice-presidential running mate of presumed candidate Mitt Romney.

Ryan recently made a statement that I think merits publication:

"America is not just a nationality, it's not just a mass of land from Hawaii to Maine, from Wisconsin to Florida. America is an idea. It's the most pro-human idea ever designed by mankind. Our founders got it right, when they wrote in the Declaration of Independence that our rights come from nature and nature's God andndash; not from government. Should we now subscribe to an ideology where government creates rights, is solely responsible for delivering these artificial rights, and then systematically rations these rights?"

Warren Roepke


And the winners of the Mutt Strutt are ...


The South Coast Humane Society held its third annual Dog Days Afternoon/Mutt Strutt event at the Port of Brookings Harbor on August 12. What a fun event.

Thank you Lorna Rodriguez, Pilot staff writer for her report which appeared in the August 15 issue of the Pilot. And a big thanks to our Shelter Director Tanya Collins for all her hard work and to The Salty Dog Coffee Bar for co-hosting the Mutt Strutt.

The winners of the event were:

andbull;Biggest Dog andndash; Grace shown by Jordan

andbull;Smallest Dog andndash; Princess shown by Maggie

andbull;Best Dressed Dog andndash; Chip Phelps shown by Shannon and Krista

andbull;Best Smoocher andndash; Pokey shown by Maggie

andbull;Best Trick andndash; Phil Hines shown by Jim Hines

andbull;Best Looking Dog AND Worst Behaved ~ Baylee O'Grady shown by Kay

andbull;Not-so-Best-Looking Dog andndash; Baxter shown by Derriah

andbull;Best Behaved/Trained Dog AND Best Owner-Dog Look Alike andndash; Hessa shown by Susan

andbull;Best-in-Show andndash; Phil Hines shown by Jim Hines

Thank you to all our sponsors, volunteers and participants. You all made it happen.

More info can be found at our website:

Jan Henault

and Glenda Weber, Hedda Markham, and Brenda Fields,

Fundraising Committee

South Coast Humane Society


The Second Saturday Art Walk will live on


Thank you, Horst Wolf and Sandy Bonney for your countless hours in the creation and maintenance of Art Walk. The Idea that Horst and Dale Wells had that day on the way home from North Bend has come to true fruition!

Thanks to the above people and many others, Art Walk has taken on its own entity. It WILL live on.

For those of you who say things like, "Aw, it has run its course," I say, "HAH!" Have you recently been in a standing room only venue? Have you met new folks from out of town who say they're coming back every month, and they do? Have you come to anticipate Art Walk each second Saturday, not only to meet up with your friends, but to see what we crazy artists and musicians have been up to in the past month? Even if people only come for the snacks, they are swept up in the spirit.

Our venues and their owners do an amazing job, wholeheartedly and generously. As do our musicians (Thank you Shirley Hyatt.)

Art Walk will live on as long as we want it to. It may continue to evolve; there has always been an ebb and flow to the form that it takes.

The rest of us who have been mentored and nurtured by Horst, Dale, Sandy and others will keep that Art Walk spirit alive. Just you wait and see!

Christina Olsen, artist and Art Walk aficionado


Appleseed Shoot

a great success


Excellent story by Jane Stebbins on the Backwoods Home Magazine-sponsored Appleseed Shoot held off Carpenterville Road in Brookings.

Since this Appleseed Shoot set an attendance record for Oregon Appleseed Shoots, we'll hold the same Shoot next year at the same place andndash; Ted Fitzgerald's Ranch.

These events bring needed outside income into our local economy, and I would like to thank everyone who helped us, especially Ted Fitzgerald, Jim Carey, and Pat Foley, for joining with Backwoods Home Magazine to make this first Shoot such a big success.

Dave Duffy, publisher Backwoods Home Magazine

Gold Beach

Support for market is much appreciated


We want to thank the community and all the many out of town visitors for the support to our Farmers and Artisans Market at the Port of Brookings Harbor.

We want to make clear that the market will continue every Saturday through October 13.

We are giving up the management of the market after seven years to do some other things.

In case you haven't come to the market you've missed a good thing, lots of camaraderie, good produce, artisan breads and many one-of-a-kind handcrafted items.

Violet and Len Burton


Garden and Art tour was fantastic


The Coastal Garden and Art Tour presented by the Curry County Master Gardeners this past Saturday was fantastic. Eight beautiful places to visit and the weather was perfect.

Thank you to Waid and Barbara Woodruff, Jim and Karen Clark, Dave and Emily Grimes, Tom and Carol Moeller, Ray and Pauline Benner, James and Ruby Sanborn, Rich and Kathleen Dickson of OtterBee's Farm and Fungi and Flora Pacifica for opening their gardens for us to view.

It was a wonderful day to enjoy the art presented by members of the Pelican Bay Arts Association and to appreciate the work and love that it takes to create beautiful things.

Hoberley Schuler


Bomb scares must be taken seriously


RE: Aug. 8, 2012, letter "Bomb scare leaves me rolling on floor."

As an emergency management professional I was highly offended by this letter writer's lack of respect and concern for our community and our law enforcement personnel's safety. A suspicious package, especially one left outside of a banking institution, should always be treated as though it has the potential to harm.

In 2008, in Oregon City, a suspicious package left outside a local bank was treated as a hoax and resulted in two police officers dead and another lost a leg. I respect law enforcement and the dangers they choose to face daily. Although this particular incident resulted in no harm, this is not always the case and law enforcement should always assume the worst case scenario, protecting themselves and the lives of others at all times.

And to law enforcement I say andndash; Good job!

Thank you.

Beth Barker-Hidalgo

Gold Beach

I want DeFazio to get his act together


I do always agree with Joe Thomas because Joe Thomas is a genius!

I got news for Martin J. Sullivan: I am not going to be replacing the DeFazio sticker on my car anytime soon. DeFazio has been messing up a lot lately and he has more than disappointed me on a few occasions recently.

Having said that, he is the only person I have voted for in that congressional seat and loyalty is a quality that actually means something to me. Besides, I think that Art Robinson is a nut.

I just want DeFazio to get his act together on issues like the ridiculous behavior of federal agencies like the TSA.

Martin J. Sullivan and others would be very surprised to learn who some of my fans are.

Joe Thomas