The Curry Coastal Pilot

Says no to regionalization


We are strongly opposed to the regionalization of our Crescent City Sutter Hospital.

Our fear is that most of our services will be lost, and that our hospital will effectively become a big "admitting room" for larger Sutter Hospitals hundreds of miles away. With a maximum stay of four (4) days and only 25 beds available, our doctors will be very limited on what services they can provide and will probably move on to more receptive areas to practice medicine.

Rawlin and Toni Radle

Crescent City

BBQ Albacore Bash set Friday Aug. 10


The article published last Saturday about the St. Timothy's Outreach Medical Clinic and the clinic's upcoming Second Annual BBQ Albacore Bash was wonderful; however, we misstated the date of the event and need to correct that.

The Bash will be held on Friday, Aug. 10, at the Brookings Presbyterian Church, 540 Pacific Avenue. Serving will be from 5 p.m. till 8 p.m.

The Bash will be gala: The menu will feature locally caught albacore tuna; Rudy and the A-Team will provide the entertainment; and our marvelous and very supportive business community has contributed well-more than $1000 in prizes. Come and join and fun and support the work of the clinic, which provides all-volunteer medical and dental care to our uninsured and underinsured neighbors. Tickets are available at the Book Dock, Wright's Custom Framing and Art Supplies, St. Timothy's Church, and from clinic volunteers.

But, please come on August 10.

Ellen Castille, volunteer

St. Timothy's Outreach Medical Clinic


Irresponsibledog owner


I have read this column before about the dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs.

I personally have observed over the last month, a dog being transported in his owner's car, 100 feet only to be let out to do his business in a vacant lot. Several of the dog walkers in our neighborhood make it a point to take their dog anywhere but their yard to do the dirty deed.

The Dawson tract all the way around Pacific Heights and Ocean Park, yards are beautiful and in prime condition constantly. These are the same folks not picking up after their dog.

You know who you are, you are being watched. Be a responsible neighbor and clean up after your dog. You are giving responsible dog owners a bad rap and limiting places we can take our dog.

Linda Hareid


Refuse to debate? They get no vote


In our election process, where we should be looking for the most capable and knowledgeable individual, we depend instead on road signs you can read at highway speed, quick, high priced, TV and radio ads or short sound-byte responses to questions posed by moderators in misnamed events called debates.

A letter to the editor ("Backstory on DeFazio," Pilot June 30) claims there were debates in the 2010 Fourth District campaign and that there are offers to repeat the process this year, but only in "neutral venues" which means controlled audiences, moderator selected content and no interchange between opponents.

Why can't we have true debates in the high school or college format? Probably because it's advantageous of one candidate or the other to sit behind a huge cash account or the advantages of incumbency and simply refuse to come out and engage in true, one on one, debate. That leaves it up to us, the voters, to level this lopsided playing field.

We must insist on our candidates appearing together before us, with only a set of rules and a time keeper, where they can present views, question opponents and fully state their case to the voters. So andndash; take the pledge! Repeat after me: "I will not vote for any candidate who refuses to engage in a true debate." Candidates currently running for County commissioner and U. S Representative in the 4th Congressional District please take note.

Jim Collis


Impressed with skaters' attitude


Brookings is my hometown and we visit often.

In July my 8 year old boys wanted to go to the skate park. When we arrived there were several teenagers with very bad language at the park. I stereotyped the kids and thought it was going to be a bad experience.

I couldn't have been more wrong!

The teenagers' language cleaned up without me saying a word, they shared the park really well with us, and even called out to each other to avoid hitting my little guys. Sometimes they even explained to us where not to stand because of tricks they were doing.

Very impressed with the skaters and shame on me for stereotyping!

Angi Herbison

Seattle, Wash.