The Curry Coastal Pilot

Do fast driving elsewhere


Just a big thank you to the U.S. Forest Service for starting to repair the failing culvert on Forest Service Road 1376 approximately 13 miles on the North Bank Chetco River Road.

Now the North Bank Road, aka autobahn/freeway/drag strip/race track/expressway/speedway will be closed to all those who abuse the 25 mph speed limit through our wilderness retreat neighborhood.

We look forward to the peace and quiet. To those of you who have been so rude through our neighborhood, please do all your fast driving in your own neighborhood.

Ahh, summers. andhellip;

Sylvia and Jim Kemp


Matricula card not reliable form of ID


Gov. John Kitzhaber ordered the Oregon State Police to begin accepting the Mexican Matricula Consular ID as valid identification.

The governor also wants to pass a law that would allow illegal aliens to get a driver license.

A matricula card is an admission of being in the country illegally.

A legal non-citizen would have a valid passport or visa and would not need a matricula card.

The FBI, in testimony before Congress, has stated that the matricula card is not a reliable form of ID and poses major criminal and terrorist threats.

What if the Oregon State Police pull over a speeding or drunk driver and they present a matricula card. How can the trooper check his driving record? There is no driving record available on matricula cards.

Far too many Oregonians have already been killed by drunk driving illegal aliens. Why doesn't the governor care about the victims? Where is MADD on this issue?

John Kitzhaber is a bum and he should be impeached. The Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves for promoting this nonsense.

Speaking of Oregon Democrats, Peter DeFazio messed up big time when he refused to vote to condemn Attorney General Eric Holder for his role in the Fast and Furious scandal.

If Peter DeFazio keeps this up, he will lose in November.

I still have a Peter DeFazio bumper sticker on my car and it would be a sad day if that ever happened.

Joe Thomas


Vikings, not pirates are the true artists


Pirates, pirates, pirates.

What in the devil is all this pirate mania about?

The Pacific Northwest was not a hangout for pirates. There are more pirate shenanigans here than in my old home town on the Florida Gold Coast. I thought Brookings was all about the arts. Pirates were not artisans.

If you wish to honor that tradition you must turn to the Vikings. They were the true artisans and I ought to know. I was blessed with the spirit, if not the skill, of a Viking ship builder. My first scratch-built Viking longship replica spans more than 6 feet. My "Dragon Ship" is complete with highly decorated battle shields andndash; thanks to my talented neighbor and his tiny paint brush andndash; oars, mast, sail and rigging, carvings and, of course, serpentine figurehead and tail. I intend to build the finest Viking longship replicas to be found anywhere. "No brag, just fact." If they can find a place to put it, my longship will be on display at the library in the near future as were my miniature yachts in May.

So how about it Brookings? Is this town really about the arts or is that just a tourist come-on? There is one thing the American people can learn from the Vikings. Their era ended when they turned against each other. Does that sound familiar?

Bundin Er Batlas Ma Our

Bound Is Boatless Man

Viking Proverb

Arthur D. Larason


Fest should be on different weekend


The pirate event at the B/H harbor paralleling the County Fair seems to conflict with the county's best interests.

The Fair has been scheduled for a year. "Speak Like A Pirate Day" is September 19. The county cannot afford to hold conflicting events, nor can any of the communities have important events on the same day(s). The organizers of "pirates" should have researched the county calendars for the negative impact on both events.

As an advisor for GBHS student council for fifteen years, and an observer of county-wide activities for 50 years, I have experienced this negative effect. Their enthusiasm for community support is recognized, but they need to be aware of a county-wide view.

Dale Giottonini

Gold Beach

A huge county tax increase is coming


Anyone who has lived here very long realizes that few if any of the young stay after high school graduation.

Curry County's population has not grown, in fact it's actually losing workers, just look at the graduating class shrinking annually. So you moved here to retire as I did 12 years ago. For those of us who love the natural beauty and slower pace of small-town life, it's interesting to watch how a tax increase catches your attention quicker than other political ideas that squeezes your fixed income.

Chief Justice John Roberts is throwing the biggest tax increase ever in the history of our aging life right into your voting ballot! You want Obama Care? Keep voting for Peter DeFazio because he has, every time, voted for this tax increase that will hit us all andndash; not just the rich!

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid needs to be reformed in order to survive, not to mention it needs more money even though it takes half of the federal budget. So how can we believe the liberals when they say don't worry it's free; you don't have to pay? "

Our founding fathers were extremely bright men. We can thank them that we have lived a life of freedom and liberty. When they formed our Constitution they all realized and made it clear that as soon as half the voters could vote themselves entitlements our country would quickly dissolve.

It is up to you the voters now, do you want the country to end like this? Move over Greece, here we come! !

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Misleading information


The 3.8 percent tax hike letter contains very misleading information, whether intentional or unintentional, it is irresponsible. Particularly when it is so easy to find the correct facts.

The 3.8 percent tax IS only on that portion of a property sale when the sale profit exceeds the exclusion amount of $250,000 for a single owner and the portion that exceeds the $500,000 exclusion allowed for joint owners.

Plus the tax filers if single must have over $250,000 adjusted gross income or $500,000 AGI if filing jointly. Probably not many sales in Curry Country would incur such a penalty. Sales of rentals and second homes maybe hit by the tax. Previous tax info from Kiplinger Tax Letter of June 2012

Jim Benson