The Curry Coastal Pilot

Altruism flies high at the airport


The Brookings Flying Club keeps altruism alive each year by sponsoring an Airport Day featuring airplane flights for the public to raise funds for their Aviation Scholarship Program for Brookings-Harbor High School students.

An Auto Show of restored antique vehicles, static aircraft display, helicopter rides, and radio controlled model airplane demonstrations, are also enjoyable features.

Unfortunately, the weather prevented "Flight for Donations" last year, and before 2:30 p.m. this year. The Club's officers and members should be commended for preparing the airport, putting on a robust pancake breakfast, and doing all the other preparations, including meeting FAA regulations to legally carry out such an event. Had the weather been flyable earlier, Club members would have flown even more passengers for Scholarship donations at a cost to the pilots and plane owners of almost $2 per minute. In past years on better flying days, the Club has earned approximately $2,000.

Please plan to attend this event next year, and after you have enjoyed the great kite flying show, board the free shuttle bus to the Airport and take a flight with "no strings attached."

Warren Glaze


So many make kite festival a success


Thanks to all those involved in making the Southern Oregon Kite Festival a great success.

I would like to thank the people volunteering on the festival organizing committee for all of their hard work for this fabulous event. Planning for this festival started in September and will be finished in August with our wrap-up meeting. Your efforts are greatly appreciated !

This festival could not happen without the many volunteers who helped out the last few months and came out the last few days to help with the setup for the festival, the actual festival activities, cleanup and breakdown. Thank you to the team from Zola's Pizza who took care of traffic control with the help of Dan Thies and Tom Lee. Thanks also to the folks from Generation Joshua for keeping the area so clean.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank the many people and businesses who so generously continue to donate money and services to sponsor the festival. This is truly a community event and would never happen without your support. It all benefits the communities of Brookings and Harbor.

Planning for the 21st annual Southern Oregon Kite Festival will start soon. If you are interested in becoming a part of this wonderful event, either on the planning committee or as a volunteer, please drop us an email at

Mike Macdonald, Southern Oregon Kite Festival chairman


Thanks from Youth Football and Cheer


I'd like to take a moment to recognize the good people of our community that came out last Saturday, July 14, and supported Curry Youth Football and Cheer.

We had a very successful car wash and bottle and can drive at Ray's Food Place to help raise money for our 2012 football season.

We have also had several businesses in the community donate money, merchandise and gift cards to help with the many necessities needed for the league. Without the help of our community and local businesses we would not have a league for the youth of Brookings and Gold Beach.

Thank you to everyone who helped, whether you donated cans, had your car washed, gave a monetary donation, or volunteered your time; you are greatly appreciated!

We have many more fun fundraisers to come and look forward to interacting with the public of Brookings and Gold Beach.

Sincerely grateful,

Beth Jenkins President Curry Youth Sports

Demand effective health care


Even with the recent Supreme Court ruling, Americans must come together to demand effective health care that does not put us in the poorhouse!

Everyone who has been paying health insurance premiums or other health care costs knows our health care system is not on a sustainable course. And for those who cannot afford insurance, health care often ends up as a visit to an emergency room with taxpayers footing a much higher bill for neglected health.

Those who benefit from the current system with its emphasis on profits rather than care want us to think that a government run system would result in a degradation of care. Of course they do! That's how they keep their profits flowing.

In an amicus curae brief (U.S. Supreme Court, docket 11-398), 50 doctors and others make the case that Congress has already demonstrated it can regulate health care markets effectively by implementing Medicare and the Veterans Health Administration.

Only 2 percent of Medicare's dollars go to administration/overhead. Private insurance spends 33 percent. Under a single-payer system, overall administrative costs would fall from the current 33 percent of health care spending to less than 5 percent, saving hundreds of billions of dollars. Studies conducted by the nonpartisan General Accounting Office and Congressional Budget Office have consistently concluded that, if a national single-payer system were implemented in the United States, administrative cost savings alone would be enough to guarantee universal coverage without increasing overall health care spending.

Oregonians are coming together to demand better, fairer healthcare andndash; see

Eileen Sorrels