Charles Kocher, Pilot staff writer

Event to support veterans today


Hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th celebration and fireworks!

I would like to invite you to an event for our Vietnam Veterans. It's the Fabulous 50's Fling at the Port of Gold Beach today ( July 7) It starts at 12 noon with a cruise from the south end of town to the port.

There will be food and 50's music, and tonight a sock hop! Hope to see you there!

What a great way to support our veterans!!

God Bless You!

Lee Burch


Affordable health care andndash; See a pattern?


When the Social Security Act became law, the Republican Party tried to repeal it and offered nothing in its place.

Then there was Unemployment Insurance which the Grand Old Party attempted to counteract, again offering nothing to take its place.

Now we have the Affordable Care Act which Republicans are endeavoring to rescind with no ideas for a replacement.

Is there a pattern here?

Joe Willett


Making KASPER kids' day brighter


Just wanted to thank all the people at ODFW, OSCF, the Pilot newspaper and KASPER (Kids' After School Program of Education and Recreation) staff that helped make the Brookings KASPER School Kids Day a little bit brighter last Monday.

It only takes two to three hours to make a big difference in a lot of these little (future anglers) lives.We really had a good group of kids this year andndash; all eager to catch some monster Lawn Bass with Tony and Ken on the Farzanegan Fly Fish Stream of Hawgs. ...

Big thanks to them for their patience with some of our (super future anglers). ... I looked up once and saw Tony, aka Spiderman, standing in the middle of seven miscast line entanglements andndash; only he could sort through all that tangled mess with such kind verbiage that only a Brit could understand.

Molly and I really appreciate all the effort and enthusiasm from all involved. Big thanks.

Monty and Molly Moncrief 2012


150 years of land grant colleges


On July 2, 1862, The Morrill Land-Grant College Act, which offered federal financing to colleges that taught military tactics, agriculture and engineering, was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln.

In 1867, with some Northern politicians attributing secession to poor education in the South, Congress created the Department of Education (DOE) to keep watch on the country's schools. DOE quickly became America's central repository for educational statistics.

By 1879 the Morrill Act was supporting 43 land-grant colleges and the Army was supplying the legal maximum of 30 officer-professors.

Congress gradually expanded the officer-professor program and, in 1916, transformed it into the modern Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

Justin Morrill, a Republican congressman from Vermont, had first proposed a college land-grant act in 1857. He thought a network of colleges teaching scientific methods of farming would increase the country's agricultural output and encourage settlement of the West.

Morrill's first bill was opposed by Southerners (who opposed federal intrusion into state matters) and Westerners (who opposed giving Western federal land to Eastern states to sell). In 1858 the bill was passed by Congress. President James Buchanan, believing it unconstitutional, issued a veto.

Harry Freiberg


Support the Harbor Fire Department


Harbor Fire Department is always there when you need them.

You will see them at different community function events in case they are needed. If there is a car accident or a house or brush fire, Harbor Fire Department is there to help you. They are a vital part of our community that we cannot live without. If other fire departments need assistance with a fire or any other need, Harbor Fire Department is there to help.

They need your support to function, with new fire suits and other needs the fire department has to have to function at 100 percent. Volunteers need your support more now than ever before and remember they are here for you.

One way to support Harbor Fire Department is to go to the annual Pancake Breakfast which is Sunday, July 22, 7 a.m. to noon, and besides your support, it's great food!

Please come and help the volunteers.

Robert Dowse


Obama dictatorship just terminated us


The president and his democratic dictatorship just terminated us.

The so-called death panel will not do what the Supreme Court and Obama Care just accomplished.

Legal extermination has and is the purview of government.

My wife and I are receiving Social Security, we have no other income. Fortunately we have Medicare including Part D. We lost our home and car shortly after my wife suffered an extreme medical event. For a year we had medical insurance, first from her employer and then it converted to Cobra at a cost of $499 per month. At the end of that year, I had a serious illness and we could no longer pay for her insurance or continue mine.

For over 10 years, we were unable to purchase insurance and by the time we found someone who would insure us we were broke.

Believe it or not we do not qualify for any aid, food stamps, Medicaid, etc. Even so, we have been able to help the food bank, the mission and a half dozen good charities. That has come to an end.

In 2014, we will not be able to afford insurance, nor be able to pay the penalty (tax). We will die at the will of the government. For the oblivious, taxpayers contribute $812.33 to our Medicare Part D monthly, and I know we have used up our Social Security contributions. ]

Maybe age 65 will become the termination year under this administration.

Clifton Siemens