Charles Kocher, Pilot staff writer

Stop profiteering from health care


We aren't going to fix our nation's economy by throwing more money at it!

Governments get their strength from the people's spending power. We need a plan that puts more money in the pockets of John Q Public. Such a plan was in existence during the last presidential campaign; congress would not allow the plan to be debated.

Seventy-three percent of Americans wanted a strong public opinion health care plan. Such a plan could be paid for by a "Penny Tax" on all purchases except utilities. Such a plan would be pay as you go and not leave a burden for our future generations.

Public options would take the burden of health care off the shoulders of businesses, large and small, making us more competitive in the world market. We desperately need some of those jobs back.

Neither political party seems to have a clue as to how to turn things around. Pointing fingers, lying, scheming and deceiving seem to be what congress is good at. Our legislators often forget why we sent them to Washington.

America has many socialist programs, among which are schools, public roads, fire, power, etc., funded through taxation of the community, for the good of the" entire" community.

Health care is for the individual and is paid for by the individual for his or her own good. This is not socialism! Problem is profiteering from health care.

This Has To Stop!

We are being led down the Primrose Path toward the end of the American Dream.

Vernon Patyk


You are invited to vet memorial event


On Wednesday July 4, the Curry County Veterans Memorial Association board of directors will hold a "Ground Breaking Ceremony" for the Memorial site at the Port of Gold Beach at 11 a.m.

We would like to invite the press and the public to this special event.

Rick Mahanay, secretary


Register for classic car, motorcycle show


This Saturday, July 7, the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 757 will be hosting the second annual classic car and motorcycle show at Happy Days Malt Shop and Sheriff John's Classic Cars in Gold Beach from 1 to 4 p.m.

If you would like your vehicle to be part of the caravan through Gold Beach, plan to arrive before noon. You may pre-register at for $10 or register on Saturday, the 7th for $15. There will be raffle prizes, 50/50 cash drawing and lots of fun.

If you have questions, call 541-247-0402. Support veterans by attending our car show!

Sam Vitale, president Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 757 Brookings/Harbor

Legalize and tax industrial hemp


I hate to see the rat wheel of taxation, the only tire spinning.

Not to say that it is bad or good. We need taxation for specific purposes. We will stay chasing our tails as long as we don't consider revenue sources that are new and never used.

I have written a legislative concept based on the new flow of income into counties and cities who wish to use and regulate those funds from the start; it is called the OPT-IN LC. By permitting the regulated supply system of hemp and medicinal cannabis, Curry County could capitalize nearly $1,900,000 the first year and grow exponentially as the county decides where to direct those funds from within. These figures came from the State of Oregon's Financial Committee (2009).

There are other issues within this LC that help from the onus of law enforcement so they can turn cartel contraband over to resource centers who are required to test the cannabis for contaminants to creating education paid by grants form the program. We have been given a year's reprieve thanks to federal funds.

For a detailed look at this legislative concept with a working XL file, please contact me through my website: and send me a request including your email address.

Jim Klahr


Health care: Who can we trust?


Nancy Pelosi said

sign this healthcare bill now, then read it later. Trust me.

Mitt Romney says let us abolish Obama-care; then we'll write a new better plan. Trust me.

Hospitals, doctors, insurers and pharmacies say trust me.

Oh, I do trust you.

Tom Holden


A tribute to Chetco Pharmacy's Rosie


My wife and I want to pay tribute to Rosie, formerly of Chetco Pharmacy.

She retired recently from Chetco Pharmacy due to illness, but is still there in spirit. We will not forget her friendly chatter and hugs at the prescription pickup counter.

In our opinion Chetco Pharmacy was misnamed. It should have been named Rosie's Chetco Pharmacy.

Art and Maggi Moore


Commissioners' lack of transparency


This letter is regarding opinions expressed to county commissioners June 20 that focused on their continued lack of transparency and their aversion to following the Oregon Public Meeting Laws.

The first example presented to commissioners was their continued refusal to provide the minimum records required of the meetings of the Citizens Committee, including an accurate list of members present at each meeting and, each individual member's vote on each recommendation. No accurate record exists.

Another example provided commissioners was their intentional removal eight months ago of citizens' names from a list receiving email notification of all county public meetings. Members of the media requesting notice remain on the list and continue to receive notice.

Yet another example given was written communication from Commissioner Rhodes indicating a similar public meeting notice system should be available May 4 (never happened).

After the allotted three minutes for public comment, commissioner Waddle stated "andhellip; I don't believe you [Huxley] have the legal expertise to make that kind of decision, let alone an opinion."

An offer was made to provide the applicable statutes and promptly declined by Commissioner Itzen. Commissioner Waddle then stated "We're familiar with the law."

Commissioner Itzen followed with "We are familiar with the law. andhellip;" County counsel remained silent.

Audio/video of the June 20 meeting is available on the county website at:

The Jan. 2011 Oregon Attorney General's Public Records and Meetings Manual may be downloaded at:

Public Meetings Manual Page 136 (in part): ORS 192.650(1). The record of a meeting andhellip; shall include at least the following information: members present; results of all votes and, the vote of each member by name. Page 127 (in part): ORS 192.640. A governing body's notice must be reasonably calculated to provide actual notice to persons and the media that have stated in writing that they wish to be notified of every meeting.

Commissioners, you are clearly not familiar with nor do you follow the law.

Thomas Huxley


Curry General offers great health services


It is with gratitude and appreciation I find myself composing this letter.

Just this morning I found myself under the care of Dr. Luther Ward and the staff of Curry General Hospital.

Just an outpatient surgery, but I was put under general anesthesia and in the operating room about two hours.

From the woman at the admitting desk to the kind R.N. Tom who wheeled me to the car, I always felt that I was under the best of care.

We complain about the inadequate or poor quality healthcare in Curry County, but I left that hospital with a smile on my face and a confident feeling that my comfort and care were their priorities.

Thank you Curry General! You were all great!

Barron A. Peterson Sr.


Ports are economic engines of county


As I mentioned at the commissioners' meeting Wednesday it is crucial to get our ports funded for dredging.

Port Orford was left out of this year's budget and all of our ports are not in next year's budget; only Newport and Coos Bay are included.

However, our delegation has been working on this issue and there is movement in the Transportation Bill which is about to be passed. Also, our one year Reauthorization of Federal Forest Receipts which includes County Road Department Funds and around $1 million of OandC funding for the County General Fund are included. Let's hope the sitting commissioners don't spend it and save it for next year.

These are critical issues county commissioners should be working on as our ports are the economic engines of our communities!

Thank you to the director and board of OandC counties and our congressional delegation for their continued efforts for our county! I knew they could do it! It may not be all we wanted but every penny counts!

Lucie La Bontandeacute;


Time to fix America's health care system


I totally agree with Eileen Sorrels (Pilot, June 30) Affordable Care Act.

First we have to control the greed of pharmaceutical companies and providers. This may well be difficult as they contribute so much money to our members of government but a good start would be to make it illegal for the U.S. pharmaceutical companies to sell medication to foreign countries at a cheaper price than to home consumers. Also, we might consider making it illegal for medical providers to charge more to people who are paying their own bills than they charge insurance companies. If they can provide care for $X to insurance companies they can do the same for me.

We also need to make illegal the expression "pre-existing condition"; almost everyone has a pre-existing condition. We all pay for the care of the uninsured/poor through higher hospital charges and taxes and it is right that the poor, children, etc. should receive medical care. We also have to start paying for care the day we start work. The expensive care usually is needed later in life.

I do not object to people refusing to pay insurance if they do not need it as long as they do not have a problem if and when they get sick accepting I have the right to refuse to help them. Even the developing countries are installing universal care. The UK did it in 1948 during austerity after World War II. It may not be as good as it could be but all are covered.

The richest and most powerful country in the world has refused to organize care for its citizens by 2012. We should be ashamed of ourselves. The U.S. Supreme Court decision has not cancelled the Affordable Care Act so let's make a start here and improve as we go forward.

Roger G. Mitchell


Help us to help you get your pet back


Gentle readers, it is again that "time of the year" where Americans all over the United States celebrate our freedom. The sky will be filled with colors and loud bangs.

I, again this year, will spend it at the Curry County Animal Shelter with our dogs. They do not understand our celebration and since we are right down on the Port of Gold Beach, they shake with fear when those loud bangs happen. I will do my best to comfort them and if anyone wants to join me I would love the help.

My reason for this letter is to ask those of you with dogs that are frightened of fireworks andndash; PLEASE put some form of identification on them so if they bolt from your residence and someone finds them, we can get them back to you. Our dogs at the shelter and our boarding dogs will be safe; they might be scared but they will be in the house and cannot run off. Help us help to get your dog back to you quickly and safely. Put I.D on your dog!

Thank you, God bless you and for those of you who fought for our freedom, thank you.

Catherine Powers

Curry County Animal Shelter

Gold Beach

Please I.D. pets to ensure safe return


About two weeks ago my husband and I were in the right place at the right time to rescue two small dogs from being run over and almost causing a traffic accident at Oceanview Drive and Sandpiper Place in Harbor.

Cars were slamming on brakes as the two little shih tzu types zig-zagged playfully back and forth over the street. We pulled to the shoulder of the road and managed to get the two little ones, who were sweet and affectionate, into our car. No nearby residents knew who owned the dogs. Each dog wore only a very narrow collar with no ID.

The animal shelter on Railroad Street was closed since it was after hours andndash; about 5:30 p.m. Luckily there was a very nice lady still on duty in the back of Town and Country Animal Clinic. She brought out two leashes and secured the precious little ones. She said if no one claimed them they would be surrendered to the animal shelter the next day. I called the clinic the next day and was relieved to hear the rightful owner had been reunited with those loving dogs. The clinic said the dogs were not micro-chipped. Since the dogs had no identification on them, all could have played out many different ways.

Please folks, help protect your beloved pets with identification in case they somehow get out of your place or away from your care and supervision.

Gudrun Cheshier