The Curry Coastal Pilot

Concerned about Gladys Memorial


A number of folks are quite concerned about the fate of Upper Chetco School and the Gladys Mann Memorial Library.

The school has been the community center of the upper Chetco area for many years, and the thought of its probable demolition, to be replaced by who knows what, is very upsetting. What is even more heartbreaking is the future of the Memorial Library. Gladys fostered many children, was active in 4-H, and led many hikes to points of interest, as well as working for the county fair for many years.

If the people she fostered and/or their children, and all those who loved her, could get together and set up a fund to save the library, it might be moved to K-School and used as a special classroom, or even to Gold Beach to be used at the fairgrounds.

It will be a great loss to Curry County if Gladys Memorial is lost, as will be the loss of her significance and her effect on the community and so many of the people in it!

Patricia Graves


Judge Harper a man of integrity


Unwavering honor. These days amidst deficits, department and agency closures, corruption and abuse of power (seen and unseen), it can cause citizens fear and concern for the loss of liberty and freedom as the system protecting us all is being threatened by the aforementioned issues.

The Honorable Judge Harper at the Brookings Municipal Court has reassured us that there are still good people working for the good of the people holding public offices. Judge Harper did not only display, but executed complete and unbiased control of his court from his entry to our dismissal. He is to be commended for the dignity, integrity, honesty, fairness, respectfulness and order with which he runs the court! Certainly a man with moral fortitude, he sways for no one, but seeks and executes justice for the good of our citizens. Your Honor, you have renewed confidence in at least a few of us.

Our sincere thanks for upholding your God-given position. Judge Harper, you have kept the "a" in Honorable.

Tim Sturgeon


Thanks to many for helping KASPER


School is out, summer is upon us, and KASPER is up and running for the next five weeks.

It provides an opportunity for kids to learn, play and grow in a constructive environment. There are a multitude of activities planned during the Monday through Thursday schedule, new faces volunteering to help, and a very enthusiastic staff organizing the fun!

It takes a team of people to successfully run such a full schedule of planned events and thankfully it has a network of generous community businesses and organizations offering their support.

An enormous thank you to the following for their cooperation and abundant donations for this year's program: K-school staff for handing out applications and working so hard to have second shelter ready for the program, Melody and her cafeteria crew for supplying breakfast and lunch every day to the KASPER kids throughout the summer, McCourt Flooring for the huge piece of carpet to make the outside space more comfortable, Fred Meyer, Ray's Foods, and Shop Smart for a nice supply of reusable shopping bags for students to haul home their projects, Eric at Flora Pacifica, Dori at Chetco Library, Dairy Queen, Brookings Police and Fire departments, ODFW, Oregon South Coast Fishermen, and Master Gardners for agreeing to host special learning events, and the Brookings Pool for donating pool passes.

Thank you to the KASPER board and Advisor Marcy Kime for your invaluable knowledge and thank you parents for allowing the staff of KASPER to spend time enriching the lives of your children.

Molly Moncrief

KASPER Director

Give the 'Gift of Life' today


The Brookings Community Blood Drive is coming (today) and Thursday to Brookings-Harbor Christian Church, 777 Fifth Street.

Give the "Gift of Life" that only you can give.

For the one unit of blood you give, three people are helped. Maybe someone you know has to have surgery, just survived a serious accident, or needs blood to lengthen their life span.

Despite all the advances of modern medicine, without life-giving blood many people would not survive.

The Community Blood Drive comes every last Wednesday of the month from noon until 5 p.m. and the following day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., always at the corner of Fifth and Ransom at the Brookings-Harbor Christian Church.

Call 800-Red Cross for an appointment. The Emblem Club provides the best cookies in town.

Sandra Ensley


Obama invokes Executive Privilege


President Obama is invoking "Executive Privilege" in regards to the Fast and Furious scandal.

Does this remind anyone of what a certain president tried to get away with back in 1973? Obama is the President of the United States of America. He is not the king.

You say Barack Hussein Nixon. I say Richard Milhous Obama. Let's call the whole thing off!

Joe Thomas


Bag limits: ethical or unethical?


Is it ethical or unethical?

The following is my opinion and only my opinion. According to the law, whether you are in California or Oregon, a daily bag limit is for one person for that day. This applies to everyone, even guides.

If you are a guide, you are an extension of Fish and Game and therefore charged with the enforcement of this law. This does not mean that everyone can keep fishing until all bag limits are filled. If it is a guided trip, the guide is solely responsible to inform the clients that once their daily bag limit has been reached, they can no longer keep fishing. There are fishing guides in Gold Beach that interpret the law as they can do whatever they want to and it is legal; then when they get caught they point the finger toward other guides that are doing the same thing or they talk and spread rumors that other guides are snitching to law enforcement and set them up. The practices of these guides are unethical and they should be reported and turned in.

These same guides try to strongarm you when you are on the river anchored up trying to say you are in their spot or they have the right of way when trolling. No guide owns any part of the river solely for fishing or any part of land for hunting in a general area.

We the people own this land and rivers, and guides do not possess any special exemption to the law because they are guiding. They cannot make the regulation state rules that apply only to them.

Fred Johnson


Power with a capital 'P'


Have you wondered what you would do with a million dollars?

That money might fulfill your needs and wants. But what could you need or want if you have millions or billions? Houses? Got several. Cars? Got 'em. Businesses, stocks, toys? Same thing. How about tax cuts in the income your money makes for you? Bingo!

Got money. Gotta get more. A few less regulations wouldn't hurt either. Your money can buy influence, and the best thing of all, Power with a capital "P."

Power and influence lie within the country's governing body. This is a good place to invest your money. Don't pay attention to those who suggest that you are buying your own politicians. You have the money and they don't, so you can buy whatever you want. You want someone who thinks you support him/her because you care, and doesn't realize yet that you're the boss. That person will vote for or obstruct whatever you believe could endanger the health and welfare of your growing money. Due to changes in the laws of disclosure, you don't have to let it be known that you are pouring money onto the candidate. I would remind you that big money is also coming in from other undisclosed sources, some based in other countries, who have their own goals.

We voters may not notice what you're doing, or care. We're too busy just getting along in life to check differing stations and publications, and make up our minds about what matches our own best interests.

Juliet Hansen


July Fourth BBQ and field day


For all you folks who love a "down home" Fourth of July, Friends of the Brookings Harbor Aquatic Center is hosting the Second Annual Fourth of July BBQ and Field Day in Azalea Park sponsored by Precision Eye Care and Town and Country Animal Clinic.

Join us at noon for the Presentation of Colors while Charlotte Heatherly sings our national anthem! Treat yourselves to a delicious barbecue lunch sponsored by Chetco Pharmacy and Gifts and featuring Hastings Natural Beef hamburgers, while enjoying local entertainment by the Heart of Dance and music by Drop It Low Entertainment.

Following lunch you can bid on mouth-watering homemade pies from the "Best Pie Ever Contest" and immediately enjoy your winnings! Find wonderful treasures and gifts at our silent auction donated by our generous local merchants and crafters! Then get ready to join in and have some fun with classic Field Day activities: Sack races! Egg-spoon races! Three-legged races! and Tug O War! All ages are welcome to participate.

Ribbons! Medals! Prizes! Bring your family, friends and neighbors andndash; grab a picnic blanket or a few chairs andndash; and join us for this wonderful community event on the Fourth of July in Azalea Park.

All proceeds support the development of the indoor Brookings-Harbor Community Aquatic Center. Purchase your barbecue tickets in advance at Chetco Pharmacy and Gifts, A Wild Bird and Backyard General Store, Chetco Outdoor Store, or online at the FBHAC Store:

Best Ever Pie contest! Registration is July 4 at 9 a.m. at Azalea Park. Tug o War! Pre-register and save! Contest rules, registration forms and event details are available on our website, at our local ticket merchants or at the Chetco Community Public Library.

Volunteers, donations, and sponsors welcome. All donations are tax deductible. FBHAC, P.O. Box 6489, Brookings, OR 97415; 541-251-0617

Juliane Leighton


Don't fall preyto this scam


I would like to alert people to a scam that is going on.

It was Friday, June 15, that I received a letter from Publishers Clearing House announcing that I was the third place winner of the ($5,000,000) grand prize draw sponsored by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. The total amount for third place is ($650,000) Congratulations. The lucky ticket number was 2-7-24-41-69. The money will be remitted to your account. To begin your claim please contact your claims agent Chris Martin, customer service representative for Publishers Clearing House at 1-866-959-1499 for processing and remittance of your prize to an identified account of your choice."

I contacted this number and Chris congratulated me on winning third prize and informed me that next Thursday at 10 a.m. the Publishing Clearing House people will come to our home with the prize money. He then said that he needed directions to our house and after I told him, he said he needed some other information and ask for my Visa card number.

I am so thankful for my wife; she is smarter than I am, and was listening to the call and wrote on a note pad in big letters SCAM. I handed her the phone and she asked the guy if this was a scam. He said "Oh, no, we are connected with the FBI. We'll call you back in an hour."

They never called back and never showed up on Thursday. I'm so thankful for my wife that she caught this scam, or we might have ended up paying thousands of dollars in Visa card bills.

So, everyone, be on your guard if you get this fake letter from so-called Publishers Clearing House.

Cuddy White