The Curry Coastal Pilot

Thank you snake at the cemetery


I laid my sweet wife to rest 10 years ago.

Four years ago, in the same plot, I laid my son of 50 years to rest. I visit and keep flowers and such maintained. But I had some trouble with wind etc., moving things around, so I found a cup just the right size and partially filled it with fishing weights for stability. Happy happy, I also added, on the exterior of the cup, a patch for the scuba dive club to which my son and I belonged.

I recently made my visit, and discovered the cup and weights were missing.

Now, snake, I'm not complaining about the missing things; they can be replaced.What I'm saying is thanks for leaving the dive club patch. That can never be replaced.

A grateful,

Tom Reed


Events for Pennies for Pooches


Summer is here; a time to enjoy life, do something special for yourself, take a walk with your dog and do good for a great cause.

Pamper yourself. Get a $10 haircut andndash; men or women at Shelly's Salon at 645 Hemlock st., 541-469-3442, on June 30; all proceeds goes to Pennies for Pooches. Thank you Shelly, Janessa and Evelyn for caring so much.

Now, something special for your pet: Barking Lot Dog Groomers, 1103 Chetco Ave., 541-251-0060; for $10 he will paint a paw print on the business ceiling with a pet's name or in memory of a pet, all proceeds go to Pennies for the Pooches. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Now, entertainment for all to enjoy. July 7, Port of Gold Beach, "Love your Pooch Contest." Register at noon at Pennies for Pooches booth. The show being at 1:30; $7 per category. Free bandana and milk bone to calm your pooches' nerves for the competition. Medals for best in category, beautiful gift basket for best in show. Categories are: Looks most like owner, best kisser, most obedient, best trick, most useless trick, unusual markings, fluffiest, cutest, and fastest peanut butter eater. There is a car show for dad to enjoy there, too.

The cause is Pennies for Pooches. Come enjoy, and know you are helping a homeless doggy and have fun at the same time. Spay and neuter your pet. Join us on Facebook: Curry County Animal Shelter.

Thank you all for spreading the seed of kindness.

Beverly Duncan


Find somethingall kids can do


I have been away for a while and was unaware of the new "Bike Path" scenario.

Wouldn't it benefit the children in town, of all ages, to have some entertainment they could all enjoy? Couldn't a town hall meeting for these kids be held to find out what they would like to do and would keep them interested?

Am I all alone in this kind of thinking or out of touch with reality?

Gerry Kass


If Defazio can't run his own office. ...


In Saturday's edition (Pilot, June 16) I noted that one Gordon Clay took umbrage at a story and an ad (Pilot, June 13) inviting the public to attend a function hosted by the Brookings-Harbor TEA Party.

Mr. Clay referred to it as a "con," claiming that "Peter" and his staff "knew nothing" about the invitation until it appeared in the Pilot.

Mr. Clay, is poorly informed. The person in charge of booking guests for the tea party presented, at Saturday's affair, the USPS registered receipt showing that, in fact, Mr. DeFazio's office was informed but perhaps didn't inform "Peter!"

Now if "Peter" can't run his own office any better than that, perhaps the citizens of Oregon would be better represented by Mr. Robinson.

Martin Sullivan


DeFazio's bill will help senior citizens


My parents entered the workforce during the Great Depression in the 1930s, and made it through those tough economic times by working hard, both to earn money and to take care of their families.

After the Depression, hard work helped them maintain a middle-class lifestyle until they reached retirement age. At that point, Social Security helped them sustain a modest but comfortable retirement.

Today, many working people are wondering if Social Security will be there for them when they need it. Peter DeFazio, our Representative to the United States Congress, has the solution. He introduced legislation that would protect the Social Security Trust Fund for at least 75 years.

How does that work? Quite simply: DeFazio's bill, H.R. 797, closes a tax loophole so that millionaires would pay the same percentage of their income to Social Security as the average worker pays.

Right now, average workers pay Social Security taxes on 100 percent of their earnings. Millionaires, however, pay Social Security taxes on no more than 10 percent of their salaries. Peter DeFazio doesn't think this is fair, and I agree with him. DeFazio's bill will gradually raise the cap on Social Security taxes so that even the richest Americans will pay their fair share.

We're lucky to have a representative in Congress who is working for all Americans, not just corporations and the wealthy.

Linda Bozack


Empson is not a 'former' candidate


Re: Your edition (Pilot June 20) Public Forum byline by Greg Empson

You have erroneously stated the byline as saying Greg Empson (former candidate for County Commissioner).

I have made several calls to verify that Greg Empson is still an active candidate for the county seat, and his name will appear on the November ballot. He won the right of a runoff against Susan Brown in the recent primary election and therefore is an active, viable candidate, not "former."

This mischaracterization of Mr. Empson's status may seem trivial, but it could conceivably cost him some votes, and I consider it serious enough to request that the Pilot print a very obvious explanation, apology and correction!

Needless to say, I concur with the essence of Mr. Empson's approach as conveyed in his letter.

Jack M. McGahey


(Editor's note: You are right. A correction apologizing for the mistake is on Page 1A.)

One door closes, another one opens


From 2007 to 2011, I felt part of an amazingly special place called Brookings.

I enjoyed raising a family and contributing to the dynamics of this great little town. While living here, I opened a small gym on the outskirts of town named Fitness at the Club or what I called, FATC. Maybe you've heard of it?

This project brought a tremendous amount of joy to me, but last summer, due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed to move back to my home port of Santa Cruz, Calif. My decision at that time was to stay involved with FATC for as long as it was a good fit for all parties involved, and once that didn't happen any more, it would be time for me to move on.

Well, that time has arrived and I'd like to just say that it has truly been an honor and privilege to be part of such a wonderful place. I'd like to thank the members of FATC for their patronage and for sharing with me their stories of inspiration, along with the trials and tribulations of their fitness journeys. To say you had an impact on my life would be an understatement.

I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this place. No doubt, Brookings will always be near and dear to my heart.

Please know that Fitness at the Club remains in business, strong as ever, and members should come to expect the same great gym they have grown familiar with. I'll enjoy coming back and visiting in the future years while watching Brookings grow and flourish.

Raina Stoops

Santa Cruz, Calif.