The Curry Coastal Pilot

Stop blowing smoke in my direction


Dear Mr. Hagerman: While reading your letter (Pilot, June 13) about second-hand smoke, it sounded like you compare roasting marshmallows to second-hand smoke.

Really? Are you implying that campfire smoke is as annoying as cigarette smoke? I don't see how when cigarette smoke just plain stinks. Maybe when people start lighting campfires in parking lots we can talk. You are right, tobacco is dried vegetation, and when burned it can, and does affect the respiratory system. Knowing this I choose not to smoke or be around second-hand smoke. My rights as a non-smoker are just as important as yours. Smoke if you want; I can walk the other way when I see you coming, but why should I have to? Why do I have to use a different entrance at the grocery store because someone is smoking?

Why cant you smoke in your home? I dont need to walk through your kitchen to get into the post office. Stop blowing smoke in my direction.

Rachael Mitchell-Scoggins, Harbor

Thanks for helping my granddaughters


I would like to extend a personal note of thanks to the many people who helped safely remove my two very-young granddaughters from the wreck on the north bank of the Chetco River, (on) Friday.

Thanks to everyone's quick response they were physically uninjured, as were the driver and my daughter, in an accident which could easily have claimed all their lives.

I'd like to give a special thanks to the Brookings Police Office who called me to report the accident. I apologize for not remembering his name, but after identifying himself the first thing he said was, "First let me tell you that everyone's okay," and then went on to tell me of the accident. If I had first heard that there had been an accident with my daughter's vehicle, I knew the children would have been in that car and the information would have been a lot harder to process.

My thanks to his professionalism.

Mike Wiley


Let's blamethe tea party


I'm only speaking for myself, as usual, but really is it not embarrassing to watch liberals currently trying to annihilate the tea party from the conservative base of the Republican Party?

The tea party believes in smaller government controlling the tax money given to them, not something they have worked for, or earned.

I realize how tough it must be to recite all the wonderful things Democrats have achieved for the last 75 years, with Social Security, Medicare, public schools and now the post office all failing at once, and the only thing left is to make fun of the tea people or call your hometown Brookville.

Of course Barack (Kardashian) Obama has been such a failure that you will see the most one-sided election ever for the last 100 years.

Would someone please help me understand how liberals can blame George W. Bush for all their problems when W's only problem was spending. That's exactly what Obama says will get us out of our economic slide. You would think they would have loved all the earmarks passed for both parties of Congress; there wasn't one veto by Bush in the first six years. It was Fannie and Freddie that caused our fall and soon it will be shut down for good/ riddance. We should put that wonderful Eric Holder onto Chris Dodd and Barney Frank for a full investigation; I bet that solves our problem.

Please, if you're going to be a liberal give me something positive in history that my country can be proud of. Don't tell me that Bush was a liar with this mess we now have in the White House.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Several tried to help my drowning son


My son drowned on the Chetco River on June 2, at Little Redwood Bar.

It wasn't really explained in the paper (Pilot, June 6) what happened.

I am letting people know what happened. He was camping with his family and his two best friends. His friends and he were swimming over to Elephant Rock and back. His friends were already there.

He got halfway there when he got caught in an undercurrent. His friends, and family and nearby camper plus kayakers tried to get him out but they couldn't.

There was no phone service there. Someone had to drive part way down the Chetco River Road before they were able to get service.

It took two divers to get him out, and it was too late

It's really sad that people in this town have to be cruel and mean. Saying someone should have helped him. They did.

When you don't have phone service there is only so much you can do until you get to where your phone works.

I would like to thank everyone that tried to help my son, and I am glad that they didn't get caught in the under current too. Thank you very very much.

Mary Mansur