The Curry Coastal Pilot

Text-a-taco program benefits BHHS club


The BHHS Athletic Power and Leadership club would like to send a big thank you to all who supported our text-a-taco event.

Thanks to all the parents who donated time and materials. Thank you Candi Lawson, Michelle Peterson, Deanna Marrington, John Hawthorne, Russ Nickles and the Alvarengas for donating a big chunk of your time during the parade.

A special thanks to Kevin at KURY for taking the extra time to get the word out about the outstanding young men we are so proud to be working with, and Coach Morin for his support and assistance. And last but not least, thanks to the 12 young men who skipped the parade and delivered tacos instead.

It takes all of us as we continue on our quest to build a stronger student body!

Thanks again.

Paulie Boynton, BHHS Athletic Power and Leadership Club Parent Group Brookings

Community fishing association starting


The Port Orford Ocean Resource Team (POORT) is in the process of setting up a Community Fishing Association to secure our community's long-term participation in the commercial fishing industry.

A Community Fishing Association (CFA) is a community-based organization that is allowed to buy, hold, lease and sell commercial fishing permits and quota on behalf of a defined fishing community. CFAs are a tool that fishing-dependent communities can use to offset the negative economic and social impacts of "catch share," a new program in fisheries management. Catch share represents a threat to our sustained participation in commercial fishing at Port Orford. Catch share management consolidates commercial fishing effort into large port towns such as Newport and Astoria, and leaves out small fishing communities such as Port Orford.

A CFA can provide short-term quota/permit leases at below market rates to help qualified local fishermen obtain the capital they need to buy into an increasingly expensive commercial fishing industry. A CFA can also connect fishermen with important services such as business planning, Quickbooks, and pooled health/boat insurance.

Our CFA Board is made up of local commercial fishers: Joel Purkey, Anne Bordelon, Jeff Miles, Chris Aiello, Lyle Keeler, Danny Keeler, Aaron Longton, and our Mayor Jim Auborn. The CFA Board will report to the Community Advisory Team (CAT), a body that represents a diverse cross-section of Port Orford community stakeholders.

Kean Fleming, coordinator, Community Fishing Association,

Port Orford Ocean Resource Team

Port Orford

My position on second-hand smoke


Thank you Mr. Ruppert (Pilot, June 6) for responding to my letter. It gives me the opportunity to extrapolate on my position.

Secondhand smoke is not just cigarette smoke. Tobacco is dried vegetation; when burned, it can affect the respiratory system. Firewood is also dried vegetation and when burned, has the same affect on the respiratory system. You local zealots complain about cigarette smoke, but don't give a second thought to chimney, or campfire smoke.

In California, these forms of secondhand smoke are regulated as well. Should Curry County also restrict the burning of firewood? Should out-of-towners who visit Brookings and camp on our beaches, or go up the river, be told they can no longer roast marshmallows and hotdogs over an open flame? When your neighbor has a fire in his fireplace, on cold nights, do you go over and complain about the secondhand smoke, or write letters to the editor?

If justice is blind, then any laws to address secondhand smoke, must apply to ALL forms of secondhand smoke. Somehow, I don't think this would go over well with tourists who come here, bring their families and spend money. I think perhaps they might choose to go and spend their money elsewhere, if told they can't have a campfire. I know I would.

It so happens that secondhand smoke contributes to the economic wealth of this community. Unless you are immobile, you have the ability to move away from the smoke.

Are your rights more important than others?

Stephen Hagerman


Letter reeks of selective memory


I was amused and annoyed simultaneously by B. Ford's June 9 letter that reeks of selective memory.

Apparently in his view, only Democrats are subject to drug use. No mention of Rush's OxyContin habit? No mention Of W's coke use? Betty Ford's alcoholism? Nixon's tranquilizers?

Some of us may need new optical prescriptions for tunnel vision, and maybe a little ginkgo for sharpening the memory.

Dan Hannum


Something to slow, amuse the masses?


Hello, I just wanted to let those friends and acquaintances in Brookings know where I have been lately.

This seemed a simple method to do that. I was swept off, with little notice or fanfare, when the property management firm that employed me in Brookings the last two years promoted me (to) Gold Beach, to continue with those duties.

I am lately made humble in thought of the many fine people who I know in the south county, and hope them all a great summer.

There's a rotten old boat up here, lying half-sunk in the river coming into town, that inspires so many passing camera-shots, that one wonders how many dollars it deters into the restaurant and lodging coffers from many travelers, for such a unassuming investment. These same cameras must traverse the Chetco bridge, in route, and there are similar unassuming and unused sites below that spot, which could easily incorporate a moth-balled surplus PT-boat, submarine, or some old Hollywood war-movie "eye-catching" trinket, to slow and amuse the traveling masses.

Just saying.

Keith Higgins


Gloomy assessments are all too prevalent


Evidently my letter of June 6 was misunderstood by Mr. Keaton of Gold Beach, among others.

I have never ever been accused of being a "right-wing conservative." I am a hard core, tree-hugging, liberal progressive.

I do whole heartedly agree with Ms. Schmidt's gloomy assessment of the political and social attitudes that are all too prevalent in our little village. Fortunately there are flickers of light and occasional indications that changes are possible and could happen. And we can continue to work to make things better and hope for the best.

As I alluded to earlier, we love the area and are here for the long haul. So bear with us; things can improve and get brighter if we make it happen.

David Fuller


Regionalization bad for Sutter Coast


Sutter Coast Hospital Board of Directors voted in November to regionalize with no notification to staff, employees or the public.

Regionalization would remove local control and the hospital could be converted into a "critical access" facility.

Since then, at a Board of Directors meeting on June 7, 2012, the Board did agree to halt further implementation of regionalization until the concerns of the medical staff are heard.

The public needs to be informed of this extremely serious, imminent and complex change in the health care we have come to appreciate and expect, and make their concerns known.

Please write to the editor of both the Curry Coastal Pilot and The Triplicate.

To verify and become informed you are invited by Dr. Gregory Duncan, orthopedist in Crescent City and chief of staff contact to his office on 1200 Marshall St., Crescent City, 707-465-1126.

Marion Ayer


Just kicking the can down the road


An open letter to Commissioners Rhodes and Waddle: After reading Mr. Rhodes'? repeated whine in last Saturday's Pilot it's apparent that someone needs to explain that earning popularity ratings even lower than Congress takes more than just considering a sales tax; it takes four years of demonstrated arrogance and ignorance.

Managing to rid County government of much of its experienced female staff didn't help, either. I really thought I had explored that thoroughly when I introduced your "Waddle and Rhodes Show"? in the Pilot as you announced your candidacies. Discussing a sales tax, especially one with a sunset clause, was actually one of the more intelligent things that you did, since many agree that some balanced method of increasing revenues is necessary. What is needed is for you to put that measure on the November ballot and campaign for it (unlike your law enforcement levy) so the voters may make the choice, rather than just kicking the can down the road.

If the TEE (Tax Exempt Everything) Party poltroons should carry the day in balloting, your replacements will at least know that there is one less option they can consider. It could then be demanded that the TEE Party present a budget showing EXACTLY what they would fund, within law and existing revenues, to serve as a template for the new Board. However, if Mr. Rhodes is to be believed, I guess you two lame ducks will just continue to snivel and then Waddle on down our Rhodes.

Michael Pitts-Campbell


Predators targeting neighborhood pets


In the past two weeks, at least six female ducks were attacked and killed by raccoons in Brookings and Harbor (that I know of).

In one instance the raccoon reached into the pen and pulled the duck's head through the cyclone fencing. All of these ducks had been living safely in their pens for several years.

For whatever reason, the raccoons seem to be more vicious this year, so please be vigilant in protecting your pets.

The owners of these ducks awoke to a grizzly sight.

Linda Bernhard


Brookings mentioned in Reader's Digest


I just read an article in the July/August issue of Reader's Digest submitted by Minetta Hare, of Brookings, page 124 andndash; "We Hear You America."

What a thrill for our "beautiful little treasure by the sea" to be mentioned.

Janice Evans


Question decisions at Brookings port


Last week we went down to Sporthaven Beach to take a walk on the beach.

There was a bag of trash on the trash can and I thought, how inconsiderate. The trash cans were just put back for people to use and then they do this!

I moved the bag to throw it in the trash can so it wouldn't be scattered and I noticed the lid had a hole cut in it about 6 inches in diameter. Then I noticed the lid was tied down with heavy wire. No wonder the trash was on top. The hole was barely large enough to throw away a lunch bag if two people had a take out order.

Then a couple of weeks ago I read in the paper how there is still no water and electricity at the new docks at the port and won't be for up to 160 days. Whoever heard of a contract for 160 days? By then summer will be over and all the tourists will be gone. What happened to a 30 or 60 day contract?

Not only that, the contract was outsourced to a contractor in Coos Bay. What happened to keeping business local, or does that only apply if you are on the Port Commission, a.k.a., the Port Web page that was awarded to one of the Port commissioners and not even put out for bid.

Then there's The Boat Shop that is spilling out all over the Port. ...

Just saying!

Lee Osborne


Displaced family says thank you


I would like to thank everyone in our community for all that they have done for my family, after the fire that destroyed our home.

This whole community went above and beyond to help us. Without all the help I am not sure what we would have done.

My kids were extremely nervous about going back to school after the fire, and the school has been amazing at making sure they are okay. That means the world to me. A special thanks to our family for taking us into their home until we could find another place.

To the Chetco Trader Pawn shop for allowing all donations to be dropped off there. Also Wes' Towing, Ocean Suites Motel and Kalmiopsis have been a big help. Thank you to all emergency personnel that were on scene making sure everyone was okay and getting the fire put out.

I wish I could name everyone that has helped my family. I really don't know how to thank everyone enough for all their support. We really appreciate everything that everyone has done for us. I am sorry I didnt get this letter done sooner.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kristina Moon


Pigeon-holing folks serves no purpose


I take exception to Jim Keaton's letter in the Pilot on June 9, 2012.

Not all of us who have conservative ideas are tea-partyers and I resent the inference. Pigeon-holing people serves no good purpose. I am not a tea partyer and I abhor the way everything is now labeled "Democrat"? or "Republican."

I have always believed if you work hard to achieve your goals you will be rewarded. I did not cause our current problems, but I have suffered the consequences of the liberal, left-wing policies, so I may be grumpy. I'm only undereducated because I did not have the dollars to obtain a higher education, but I graduated "summa cum laude"? from the school of hard knocks.

Let's face it: Common sense left the planet years ago and until it is allowed back in we will not be able to correct the course of our country.

Chris Downard


Old, grumpy, angry and uneducated?


I was somewhat taken aback by the rather vituperative screed authored by Jim Keaton of Gold Beach in the June 6 edition of your paper.

I do consider myself to be conservative but I fail to understand his appellation of old, grumpy, angry and uneducated.

Perhaps Mr. Keaton should talk to more conservatives and gain a greater understanding of their concerns before he unveils his rather misanthropic attitude in your pages. I do understand that my own experiences can at best be considered anecdotal but for the most part the conservatives I know are none of the things he has described.

As a rule the people of conservative ideology seem frustrated more then angry or grumpy. Most often this is due to having a clearer vision of the consequences of spending money that does not exist. The term old is not really an insult because with age comes a broader base of experience and a deeper historical perspective. Which when simplified for Keaton's benefit simply means they have seen this crap fail in the past.

As for uneducated I can only say that from my personal observation the amount of conservatives holding degrees is about equal to those who are liberal. The only major difference I can see is that the conservatives have learned not to regurgitate a bunch of ivory tower propaganda which does not reflect reality but the pie in the sky indoctrination which passes for advanced education in today's university.

Kenneth Swanson


Loss, death of cats can be avoided


In response to Ms. Banfield's June 9 letter about "cat killers": Dear Ms. Banfield, I am sorry for the loss of your kitty JoJo. A properly cared for pet is a joy to all involved.

I have had numerous encounters with kitties who have come to my house for a visit. I have had cats sharpen their claws on my young fruit trees, which girdled and killed them. I had a cat come into my garage and mark his new territory by urinating all over my tent that was drying out after a Scout outing. What a joyous aroma.

I have encountered kitty "land mines" in my garden when I was hand planting. That is a smell that just doesn't wash off. I had a stray cat kill over half of my flock of new chickens, including my daughters 4-H project. She cried. When that kitty went away; the killing stopped.

Any Fish and Wildlife biologist will tell you that domestic and feral cats can really harm the small animal populations in an ecosystem. You mentioned killing mice, but they also kill: song birds, shrews, bats, baby rabbits and numerous other small animals. I kind of like those little animals.

You said that your cats were healthy. But, when they are out and about they will eventually encounter a sick cat. Then your kitty will become ill and come over to my house and sneeze on my kitty through the screen door. Now I have a vet bill. Thanks!

No I am not your neighborhood's "cat killer" nor am I a cat hater. I have had a kitty sleep at the foot of my bed for 49 years and counting. None of my pets have been killed by my neighbors because my cats live inside.

Be more responsible, for the sake of your pet and your neighbors, and maybe this nonsense will stop.

Tim Buehler


Don't judge town by letters to the editor


This letter is for out-of-town readers who are put off by the angry, unhinged tone of some of the letters to the editor in the Curry Pilot.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Brookings-Harbor and Curry County are full of friendly, kind, and generous people of all political persuasions. Every community has its share of cranks. The difference here is that their crankiness is on display for all to see in the letters to the editor section of the Curry Coastal Pilot.

The Pilot inexplicably prides itself in publishing just about every letter to the editor that arrives in its mailbox, no matter how angry, devoid of logic or fact, or just plain crazy it is. The local cranks take full advantage of this policy by making sure they use their one-letter-per-month quota to bless us with their unique wisdom and insight.

So if you're thinking of visiting or moving to our beautiful community, don't be deterred by the letters to the editor in the Pilot. Come and see us. Find out how blessed we are with the outstanding natural beauty of the Oregon Coast and our friendly, generous people. You'll receive a warm welcome here in Curry County.

Tomas Bozack