The Curry Coastal Pilot

Many help demolish house beyond repair


We would like to extend a special thank you for all those who helped demolish our old home in a fire training exercise May 22.

Thanks to the Smith River, Crescent City, Klamath, Fort Dick, Pelican Bay and Gasquet fire departments; Kevin Dittmar of Dittmar Fencing; Richard Hopkins for providing heavy equipment; and Joe's Chevron for providing the combustibles for their fine work in this arduous endeavor.

Not only was the event great fun to watch, we hope it provided valuable training to the firefighters involved.

The 1873 pillar-and-post construction house in Smith River was too old to repair and too dangerous to harvest redwood from and was beginning to become a hangout for transients.

A special thanks goes out to Glen Hill and Troy Wood of Smith River Fire and Ryan Wakefield of Crescent City Fire who coordinated the training.

And thanks go to all the neighbors, who endured all the smoke created by this operation!

Lance and Joan Thomas

Smith River

Indian names and the white minority


Two related events occurred last week.

The first is when the Oregon Board of Education decreed that all school teams and mascots which used Indian names must remove those names by July 1, 2017, or lose all state funding.

The second event is the story on national news that, for the first time in the history of our nation, the Caucasian race has become a minority.

It has taken nearly 300 years for white people to achieve the exalted status of "minority." All white people are now eligible for all of the entitlements associated with the "minority" designation. The first benefit I demand is that the Oregon Board of Education issue a decree that all school teams and their mascots who use white people names for these groups remove these names by July 1, 2017, or lose state funding.

These white people names are totally insensitive and should be forbidden. For example, they include reference to explorers Lewis and Clark, who were definitely Caucasian. Also to be forbidden is any reference to knights; these were white people who were subservient to monarchies. Definitely out are patriots, these were Caucasian colonists who drove the British out of the colonies. Vikings cannot be used, these were of Scandinavian descent with blond hair and blue eyes. Never allow the insensitivity of those people in Dallas who named their team, "Cowboys."

Further issues regarding insensitivity to the white minority will be examined and acted upon in the future.

One more comment. I love Rush Limbaugh's proclamation which states, "The best way to fight absurdity is to be absurd."

Alan Jensen


What is wrong with our local doctors?


What is wrong with some of the doctors in this town?

They have lost the meaning of what a doctor truly is; is it all business now?

I thank God the police in this town have not lost the reason they are here; thank you boys in blue!

Back to the subject andhellip; my wife was sick the other day and called one of our local doctors. The receptionist told her she could not see the doctor because it has been over a year. So, she is punished for not being sick enough to go to the doctor, and when she really needs him, she gets turned away?

Wow, the days of house calls are long gone for sure. And I guess my working and having healthcare does not matter. Bad customer service at a store is one thing, but when it comes to your health, there is no excuse. I will let everyone I know how she was treated; that my wife was brought to tears, and that she has to now go to urgent care and wait. A $20 co-pay just turned into a $160 bill.

Thanks, doctor. I hope your 18 holes of golf gets rained out, and my wife feels better when the sun returns. Professionals need to be professional.

Brannon Grenert


Remembering those who gave their lives


As we approach Memorial Day 2012, on Monday, May 28, we pause to remember the more than one million men and women who have given their lives to preserve our nation and our way of life from the time of the Revolutionary War to the current wars in the Middle East.

While I join my fellow veterans and citizens in honoring these brave military personnel this Memorial Day, I will be thinking of the 3,758 Oregonians who lost their lives during World War II. Just nine days following this Memorial Day and on the 68th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Europe, we will conduct a groundbreaking ceremony for Oregon's own World War II Memorial.

The Oregon World War II Memorial will be built on the grounds of the Oregon State Capitol in Salem near the intersection of Court and Cottage streets. The public ceremony on June 6 will begin at 1:30 p.m.

If you would like to learn more about the long overdue Memorial or to make a donation, please go to

In addition to remembering our honored dead, Memorial Day can also be an educational opportunity for our youth. There are many ceremonies scheduled throughout Oregon. I encourage those who can to take some young people to these ceremonies so that they can understand the real price of freedom.

My heart is also with those families who suffered the loss of their loved ones during their wartime service. May these ceremonies help them as they continue to grieve for these most honored Oregonians.

Jim Willis, director,

Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs

Systemic poisons killing our bees


Another spring is passing and my apple trees are in full bloom and again there are no bees to pollinate the flowers.

There are no bees because you and our farmers have been poisoning them with systemic poisons.

Systemic poisons make the entire plant poisonous, including its nectar and pollen; food for the bees is now a poison, thanks to you.

I say you because I don't use such poisons on or in my plants.

An important article says "Leaked document shows EPA allowed bee-toxic pesticide despite own scientists' red flags" is here:

It documents how the EPA covered up information about how systemic poisons affect the bees until a bee farmer used the freedom of information act to force the EPA to release the documents.

Honey bees are our most important pollinator; without bees we would have no fruits or vegetables, just grains since they are wind pollinated.

But don't think you can escape poisons there because the seeds have been poisoned by a systemic pesticide that poisons the whole plant including maze pollen that's an important bee food!

Please, for the sake of all of us, stop using systemic poisons in your plants.

No bees, no seeds, no seeds, no flowering plants, no flowering plants, no higher life forms; is this what we really want?

Sheila Chambers


Read the book, judge for yourself


I just finished reading a book that every high school and junior high student should read as well as every U.S. citizen.

It is a small book and only takes about an hour to read. The book is "How Do You Kill Eleven Million People?" by Andy Andrews and I bought it on the Internet for $10.

It describes the massive genocide and atrocities that various world governments have perpetrated on their own people and how they did it. They all did it the same way, step-by-step, and he points out that our very own government for years has been setting the American people up for the same treatment. This is not a Democrat or Republican, or a conservative, liberal thing. It is about one world government and it is being perpetrated by the world banks, and multi-national corporations with the complicit participation of the world governments with the U.S. Government leading the charge.

I know you are thinking that this would never happen in the U.S., but you would be wrong. As stated in the book, "Why do these civilizations seem to follow the same identifiable sequence andndash; from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, and finally from dependence back to bondage." The people of the U.S. are in the dependence stage currently, resulting from all of the government programs supporting them.

The way the small number of people in government control and murder millions of their own people is to lie to them, and the bigger the lie the more the people will believe it. People always think the government has their best interest at heart, and will follow government direction blindly for the benefits promised. Those that do not will be separated and killed immediately.

Read the book and judge for yourself.

Ralph Martin,


Mission does not solicit door-to-door


I have received reports that there are two or three men and possibly one woman who are claiming that they are "employees" of the Outreach Gospel Mission and are soliciting funds/favors in care of this ministry. These are impostors.

As Director of Outreach Gospel Mission, I am very sad about these reports. OGM does not "solicit" door to door, by phone, or stand in front of store fronts or go into businesses asking for donations. The employees, program members, or clients of Outreach Gospel Mission are not authorized to solicit. If you are solicited by anyone claiming they are representing Outreach Gospel Mission, call me directly, 541-251-3071 to report this.

I do appreciate the support this community has given OGM during my tenure as executive director. I will not take that support for granted.

Michael J. Olsen, executive director

Outreach Gospel Mission


The 'lamestream' media's weakness


I've been waiting for sometime now for one of Curry County's notable Democrats to name off the wonderful accomplishments our president has provided the citizens of the greatest country on earth but I get nothing.

A couple of publications ago we had a gentlemen vilify House Leader John Boehner for demeaning democracy. I didn't see the CNN interview he refers to so I can't comment on that, but I can explain to him that his problem is not Boehner, but CNN. Not only CNN, but the entire left-wing media that refuses to vet a democratic candidate for president.

Between the "lamestream media" not properly vetting the Democrats and the White House against voter I.D. Is that the democratic system John Boehner was referring to? Maybe he meant because Harry Reid refuses to pass a budget for the last three years and no one including the Senate Democrats will vote for Obama's budget, not one Senator.

I'm convinced President Obama will suffer the worst defeat ever for a president over the last 100 years. Republicans have major surgery ahead to save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and while they're making painful cuts to save what the Democrats and "Rinos" (Republican In Name Only) should never have devised the local liberals will be having fun dissecting Republicans.

It's all so predictable!

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

The definition of venture capitalist


Four men pooled their own money to buy a rundown house to fix up for gain.

Their labor paid off and it was sold for a profit. The next house purchased was later found to be in need of much repair, and by the time they finished, the market went south and they lost money.

They are venture capitalists.

Tom Holden