The Curry Coastal Pilot

Can't spend more than is coming in


In response to Bruce Chambers' letter (Pilot, May 19): What Speaker Boehner said and CNN may not report is, unless wasteful government spending is not stopped or cut, there won't be any debates about raising the debt ceiling.

You just can't spend more than you have coming in. What business, families or governments do you know that can survive that way? What wasteful spending you may ask? $500 million of our taxpayer dollars was given to a solar company that had one foot in the grave, and couldn't compete with China and failed. And President Obama's stimulus package designed to stimulate some environmental programs and create some shovel-ready jobs failed and cost us plenty and in President Obama's words wasn't so, ha, ha, shovel-ready. Did you not see or hear that on CNN?

And because Congress and so many Americans don't agree with President Obama's policies, Obama is on record saying he wants to run around Congress and make his own decisions. andhellip; That doesn't sound like Democracy to me. Oh did you not see or hear that on CNN either?

Lou Costa


Include parents in drug prevention


After reading your feature article "Drugs In Brookings Schools" and "Students Share Drug Experiences" (Pilot, May 19) I couldn't help but wonder why the school drug prevention programs do not involve parents.

All of the students who use drugs and were interviewed for the article said that they were exposed to drug use at home at a young age. School administrators know that the problem starts at home when the kids are young.

Perhaps a mandatory student/parent drug prevention program throughout the elementary school years is needed. Flexible schedules may be necessary to accommodate working parents, and alternatives established for those students whose parents won't participate.

Get serious. The problem is not going away and it's not getting better.

James Brock


Calling all classic car enthusiasts!


This will be the 18th annual Azalea Festival Community Benefit Car show that the Curry County Cruisers has presented on Memorial Day Weekend.

Every year I wonder how many cars are out there that people would really love to see, but they don't get to because they are locked in a garage somewhere. So this year I am especially appealing to those of you who have a cool car, and hardly ever drive it, to drag it out, wash it up, and drive it down to the Port of Brookings Harbor on Sunday, May 27. That will be the day we are putting on a great car show for the enjoyment of all.

The port will be teeming with things to do and see, as well as the car show. There will be all kinds of vendors and food on the boardwalk. Our local roller derby girls will be there with a dunk tank and I think that some of the port commissioners are slated to get wet. I talked to Roy Davis who said he planed on dressing warmly for the wet event and I am doing everything in my power to make sure he is only allowed a bathing suit. Ladies take note.

Of course I want all of you who show your cars all the time to be sure and attend. We will have 60 trophies to hand out to compensate for all the hard work it takes to keep your cars in showroom condition.

If you want to join us in the parade on Saturday, give me a call. Fire those babies up and come join the fun. It's all for a great cause, to support local charities.

Tom Lee

Smith River

GOP radicals, TEA folks have amnesia


As I listen to people and read letters from GOP radicals and TEA folks I discovered all are affected by amnesia.

They just can't seem to remember recent history as to how the GOP got us into this current mess. Do two stupid wars and losing 850,000 jobs a month jog their memories? Nope, not a chance. Ignorance is NOT bliss. It is dangerous!

I think the radical right are traitors to our country. The radicals are "primarying" Republicans that have an understanding of how government works. The people they choose to "primary" an incumbent, vow to never raise taxes, never compromise and obstruct any program put forward by the Democrats. Ladies and gentlemen, these treacherous actions will turn this country into a Third World country in short order.

Then we have radicals like Art Robinson who is so insecure that he has his son co-opting the Congressional race. Apparently, he is for "no choice" politics. Art Robinson is a disgrace. He owes ALL of us an apology. Mr. Dimond, a good Republican, lost $2 billion for his investors at JP Morgan, and gets to keep his job and his $23 million annual salary. Under his leadership we, the taxpayers, could be asked to bail them out. Yet the right wing wants NO regulations.

More tax cuts for the rich 3 percent; how does that balance the budget? How patriotic is having/hiding one's money in offshore and Swiss bank accounts?

Mike Schrum


Thanks for turning in my lost wallet


Many many thanks to the wonderful person who found my wallet in Fred Meyer's parking lot and brought it in.

I had my whole life in it andndash; driver license, credit cards, insurance cards, cash and pictures of my loved ones.

I didn't know it was gone until they called me. Thank you so very much.

Jean Carlton


Watch out forFun Runners


Running season is upon us as our weather warms up and tourists flock to the beautiful coastline we call home.

The upcoming Azalea Festival presents the Annual Azalea Fun Runs, and I am writing to remind those residents who live here and tourists visiting to be extra courteous on Sunday May 27 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. as there will be runners out on the road.

The routes for the runs start at the high school track and cross the Chetco River bridge. They continue down into the Port area, and the half-marathon goes farther, with the last leg of the run continuing along Oceanview Drive all the way out to McVay State Park before heading back to the high school track. Please be cautious of these runners; we would like them all to return to the finish line safely! For those residents living along Oceanview Drive, come on out and cheer the runners on; I'm sure they'll need a little extra boost by that time!

Thanks again for your consideration and have a happy and safe Memorial weekend.

Brittany Jenkins


Raising funds for veterans' memorial


The Curry County Veterans Memorial Association (CCVMA) would like to thank the Knights of Columbus of Star of the Sea church for putting on a successful breakfast fundraiser on March 25 for the memorial.

Together, we raised $1,000. Also, on May 5, we had our first annual golf and car show in which we raised $4,000. We want to thank Salmon Run golf course, Curry County Cruisers, and all of our sponsors and volunteers for this great fundraiser! In addition, we received a donation in the amount of $500 from Gold Beach VFW Post 4439. Thank you! We are also continuing to bring in money from tile sales for the Memorial. Any donations are welcome. We are also collecting sales receipts from Ray's and Shop Smart.

We are working toward our goal of $35,000 in fundraising. Watch for more fundraisers coming soon.

Please send donations or receipts to: CCVMA, P.O. Box 186, Gold Beach, OR 97444. Visit our website to learn more and/or to download a tile application form:

Thank you everyone from the Board of the Curry County Veterans Memorial Association!

Sam Vitale, chairman, Curry County Veterans Memorial Association


Thinking of those who lost their lives


As we approach Memorial Day 2012, on Monday, May 28, we pause to remember the more than one million men and women who have given their lives to preserve our nation and our way of life from the time of the Revolutionary War to the current wars in the Middle East.

While I join my fellow veterans and citizens in honoring these brave military personnel this Memorial Day, I will be thinking of the 3,758 Oregonians who lost their lives during World War II. Just nine days following this Memorial Day and on the 68th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Europe, we will conduct a groundbreaking ceremony for Oregon's own World War II Memorial.

The Oregon World War II Memorial will be built on the grounds of the Oregon State Capitol in Salem near the intersection of Court and Cottage streets. The public ceremony on June 6 will begin at 1:30 p.m.

If you would like to learn more about the long overdue Memorial or to make a donation, please go to

In addition to remembering our honored dead, Memorial Day can also be an educational opportunity for our youth. There are many ceremonies scheduled throughout Oregon. I encourage those who can to take some young people to these ceremonies so that they can understand the real price of freedom.

My heart is also with those families who suffered the loss of their loved ones during their wartime service. May these ceremonies help them as they continue to grieve for these most honored Oregonians.

Jim Willis, director,

Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs

We should support small businesses


Local businesses and residents should support small local businesses.

I understand the economy isn't great. I don't understand the mind-set behind local business not doing as much business locally as possible.

Lately I have been told that if I don't advertise with a local business they won't refer us even though they would prefer to use our services. After spending 20 minutes with a local business owner educating them and giving them a price on a solution for their problem they in turn asked me if I thought they could save money by going somewhere else. Do you go to McDonald's and ask if they think you can get your cheeseburger cheaper at Carl's Jr.? One would-be customer actually spent probably $10 in fuel to let me know they save 29 cents on an item.

I know people need to be very conscious of their money these days, but if, in our small community, we don't support each other we are in for a local economy that will remain stalled.

Harold Bailey


Where's the respect, kindness in letters?


It must be appalling to many that a lot of the letters published in the Pilot lately are so demeaning, negative and, if nothing else, very upsetting!

In the Bible (John 13:34) we are told: "A new commandment I (Jesus) give to you, that you love one another; even as I have loved you, that you also love one another." Also, some baptismal services contain these obligations: "Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself, and will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?"

None of these is evident in most of the letters, particularly the political ones!

Also, it is to be hoped that the Gladys Mann Memorial Library at the Upper Chetco School will be treated properly when the property is returned to the Smiths.

Doris Burck