The Curry Coastal Pilot

Bid the Schroeders farewell on Sunday


On Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. May 20, Curry Historical Society, Coastal Home Health and Hospice, Rotary Club of Gold Beach, Gold Beach Writers Group and Daughters of the American Revolution, and others are hosting a moving away party for Walt and Sally Schroeder at the Gold Beach Senior Center.

It will be open house, so please come by and share your goodbyes with the nicest couple in Curry County. They have both been outstanding volunteers over the years to all organizations.

In lieu of cards and gifts, Sally has asked that each friend write a memory or a story so that she can share it with her grandchildren.

Cake and finger food will be available, so come by and visit with the Schroeders. Be sure and mark your calendars.

See you at 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon, May 20. Thank you.

Meryl Boice

Gold Beach

If not democracy, then what?


Help me out here!

Last night in a CNN interview, speaker of the house John Boehner was addressing the upcoming debt ceiling debate, employing the rhetoric abut how America is about to drive off a cliff with President Obama at the wheel, etc. and so on; you've heard the rest.

The speaker then followed up with up a comment that really got my attention, even gave me a chill. The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives then declared that there is really no use having a debate about the national debt, because this "experiment called democracy," the governing principal of the United States for over 200 years, has been a failure.

So, then, can someone please tell me what system of government, if not democracy, the good speaker and his party might prefer?

Bruce Chambers


Brookings sign a pleasant welcome


Every evening when traveling south on 101 I'm welcomed to Brookings-Harbor by our attractive new greeting sign.

Having contributed to the fund for its construction I'm really pleased to see its completion. ...

Thanks to all who contributed funds, time and material for the sign, solar powered lighting and now its final landscaping.

I'm hoping the community will consider construction of a similar greeting at the southern end of our great community.

John Cary


You pay a little, you get a little


With interest Curry County voters should watch what happens in Josephine County, the only county that pays less for county government than Curry.

The criminal justice system is being devastated because of non-funding.

You can vote out all the county commissioners, bring in the new blood and the funding situation won't change. In Curry the voters just got rid of Waddle and Rhodes and in the general election we are going to put in La Bontandeacute;, Brown, Empson or Smith. La Bontandeacute; ran on the fact she was a commissioner for two terms and she wants back in to fix what she didn't fix the eight years she was a commissioner. This funding problem has been foreseeable for 15 years but no solution has been found even when she was a commissioner.

Brown ran on her expertise in the public sector as some kind of economic saviour that, as far as I can see, didn't produce any noticeable event for Curry. Then later we find out she is some kind of expert in the casino-lodging industry. Maybe we will have a Native American casino built in Port Orford.

Smith wants to build a wind turbine electrical generational plant and get Nike Corp. to pay for it. OK, I guess. I don't know what Empson is going to do. I guess he just needs a $68,000 job.

The bottom line is this: You as the voter are going to get just exactly what you pay for. You pay a little, you get a little. In the meantime don't expect that two of these wanna- be commissioners are going to have some kind of magical solution to the no-funding problem. Watch Josephine County 'cause Curry is next.

L. Sanborn


Sale profits will help build garden


The Brookings-Harbor Garden Club (BHGC) thanks the Pilot for the story about our garage sale at the Botanical Garden.

We specially thank the people who came by to see and buy our plants and other items. The $439 profit will be used to continue our restoration of the area.

The Botanical Garden working group has made great strides in the renovation of the former "weigh station" area. However, there still are plants to buy along with other supplies, so we hope the public will support our fundraiser plant sale at the Grange in Harbor during the Azalea Festival weekend. Also the public is encouraged to bring their favorite cut flowers on Friday, May 25, to be displayed in the Flower Show.

Jim Benson

BHGC President

A secret in the financial world


There is a secret in the finance world and it is bigger than anyone ever thought and potentially cataclysmic to banking and all investment in America.

The fact that mortgage-backed securities broke the deed away from the original note and clouded the titles of millions of homes throughout America and assigned these notes to trust and trustees to enforce payment or foreclosure in case of default, sometimes transferring these notes many times without legal assignment which would have required the original consumer of the home to assign the transfer of deed with the note to the trustee, but didn't. The factual beneficiary thus cannot be determined because of illegally transferred notes unsecured by the deeds, which is clearly stated in the original contract, and if the home buyer had tried to separate the note from the deed in any way, it would constitute fraud, which is what the original lender did, fraudulently transfer the original note.

If any home buyer with a loan requests a quiet title that shows no transfer, they have an intact document, otherwise, any transfer of the note indicates otherwise. The fact that the taxpayers bailed out those unsecured transactions and that the foreclosures still transpired is double fraud. These unsecured notes should have been paid off or written off.

This is the equivalence to third-world invasions of longstanding property rights in the bastion of legal rights afforded to all, equally, in America, and unless all the people injured by this usurpation stand together, it will be swept under the rug.

This is serious stuff, and like Hitler singling out the few until it affected everyone, this is the truth, or the lie, that prevails.

G. G. Thompson


Donations help food bank deliver


Dear community: The Brookings Harbor Food Bank wishes to thank all who donated food to the Letter Carriers' food drive last Saturday.

We received over 3,000 pounds of product that was shared with the Outreach Gospel Mission also. The letter carriers work very hard on food drive Saturday and we thank them. We especially thank Larry at the post office for his hard work in weighing the food and helping with loading our vehicle to transport it to the food bank.

With over 1,000 boxes of food distributed during the first four months of this year we can certainly use the donations. Our funding base has diminished since last year which means we are not able to purchase as much food as we have been able to in the past. All of the food drives that we have received have been most beneficial.

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated. These donations help us purchase food from Oregon Food Bank at a substantial cost reduction, and shop our local stores. We thank all who donate on a regular basis, individuals, clubs and churches, and we will welcome future donations from our community. Our mailing address is P. O. Box 1415, Brookings, 97415.

This organization is an equal opportunity provider.

With many thanks,

Julie Davis, executive director, Brookings-Harbor Food Bank


Be on the alertfor another scam


Another scam artist!

This evening a heavily accented woman called my home phone and announced that new Medicare cards were being sent out, and wanted to verify my name, address, and phone number.

Then she asked which bank I used.

When I answered that she didn't need that information, she replied, yes I do. When I told her she wouldn't get it from me, she hung up.

Medicare would never call and ask for this info.

Julian Parrino


Don't talk/text and drive, pull over!


Cell/text usage while driving: I just read an article in the Sonoma County, Calif., Press Democrat Newspaper stating that 57,000 citations have been given out in California (so far this year) for cell phone and text usage while driving. I think this is great!

Will this ever happen in Oregon? Continually, I see people driving throughout town with their phone up to their ear. I especially see this coming out of Fred Meyer parking lot. If you must talk, they have Bluetooths for this. Or, perhaps you can pull over on the side of the road.

I certainly hope Oregon (Brookings in particular) cracks down on this. Isn't it a law not to talk on your phone unless you are using a Bluetooth?

Linda Woods