The Curry Coastal Pilot

What else is new with Obama?


President Obama told Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona that he won't secure American borders until Republicans and conservatives in Congress pass Obama's "open borders" and "amnesty for illegal aliens" programs.

Do you think our President should be suing the governor of Arizona for a job he won't do?

She and other governors are trying to protect their people.

Obama says our borders are more secure now and wants to cut the patrols. Then why do the drug cartels come over here whenever they want? I understand they have vehicles that are more like tanks. Maybe we should have some tanks to greet them where they come over the most. We should finish the fence like it is near San Diego. That stopped most of it there.

Obama wants to pass the Dream Act that Harry Reid introduced. That way they andndash; Democrats andndash; would have millions of new voters. And the illegals would be eligible for student loans, and other student programs, health care, etc. Our own citizens are having trouble now with not having enough jobs and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) with so many regulations and making more.

We listen to lots of different news programs to hear both sides, and it is amazing. Mostly, you hear one side. If you want to really know what's going on and hear both sides, and also what most won't tell you, you need to listen to FOX News. Be informed.

The Obama White House says it has the authority to enact many provisions of the Dream Act on its own, through presidential decree, without congressional authorization. What else is new with him.

Mitt and Betty Lou Gowman


Dowler's plan for county is disturbing


I have been following this county commissioner election process from the beginning, and have been both amused, and horrified, by some of the "financial plans" being proposed by the candidates.

One particular "plan" is most disturbing. Mr. Dowler wants to take 10 percent of all taxing authority revenue as a "fee" for service and confiscate those funds for the county. That may "fix" the county as it drives all the other governmental agencies into financial ruin.

There is not one taxing authority in the county that has any excess funding in their budgets. Many of the fire agencies in the county survive on very paltry funding levels and to propose to take 10 percent of their funding is absolutely unconscionable in my opinion. None of the cities in the county are well funded either, and 10 percent of their tax revenue WILL result in loss of jobs.

While Mr. Dowler would be assured of four years of excellent pay, some other families would be out on their ear. This is not right.

Please give some consideration to coming out against this most misguided scheme and expose it for what it is andndash; ludicrous. Please join me in supporting other candidates for county commissioner.

Michael Murphy


County needs land, not more money


Ben Gardner of Pistol River wrote a guest opinion a few weeks back regarding the control and use of our lands in Curry County.

He is correct in identifying some of the reasons our county is in financial straits but here is a look at our situation from a different perspective.

Because so much of the land in Curry County has become "locked up" in recent years the means for sustaining ourselves as a county has essentially been removed. Therefore, many of our elected officials have been reduced to supplicants or beggars, requesting of the government (the king) the means essential to our survival. That is not meant as a derogatory personal comment regarding our elected officials but is certainly the position in which they find themselves.

Of course, whatever solution eventually comes of these efforts, whatever the amount of money granted, our financial problems will remain. Curry County, because it is a government entity, will spend whatever it takes in and be begging again next year.

Curry County doesn't need any more money. Curry County needs its land. Most have forgotten that production of wealth (income) is tied directly to the possession of some sort of property. That is the problem in our case. Once our land is restored we will no longer be supplicants but will be able to make our own way to the extent that our abilities allow.

To those that ARE working to restore our land, thank you. Though your work is slow going and not necessarily headline-making, it is a genuine effort to a lasting solution.

Cam Lynn


A financial plan that produces


We have a great opportunity this May to elect a man to our county commissioners' office who holds a transparent integrity and willingness to serve the public like no other.

David Brock Smith has served this county and community on many levels of public service and it has been a pleasure to know and work with David over the years. He has shown me to have an attentive ear to all those around him and he appreciates the opinions of all who wish to give them. His service on various city and county boards and commissions has served us all well and David's knowledge as a third generation resident and businessman of Curry County brings to us all another unique benefit.

I have spoken to David about his Financial Foundation Plan for Curry County by harnessing the sustainable wind resource in north county and its fantastic revenue potential for county services that DO NOT tax our residents. He has been working on this plan for us for two years now, understands the potential and has the knowledge and determination to implement this plan for all our benefit.

David Brock Smith possesses not only the experience necessary to perform his duties as commissioner on our behalf, David also has the vision and drive to move Curry County forward in a positive, prosperous direction that leaves our wallets alone.

A vote for David is a win for all of us in Curry County.

Ernie Turner


Support for Curry Health Foundation


The recent High on Health dinner theater and auction was a great success. It provided an opportunity to share in an evening of entertainment while contributing to health related grants throughout Curry County. Many community members contributed to the event's triumph.

I want to express my appreciation to the actors for their effort in adding a new twist to our fund raiser. "Murder at the Tonylou Awards" was a laughter-filled mystery staring Tony and Amy Timeus, Pam and Phil Dixon, Sarah Davis, Tim Scullen, Julie Brown, Carrie Crook, Katie Hensley, Gloria Eide and Bryce Gregory.

The CHF and Gold Beach Rotary deserve recognition for donating their time, money, and talent. Bea Hensley and her crew again did a great job organizing and serving at the beverage bar. Also, The Event Center and Curry Fair Friends did a great job creating a delicious meal. We asked a lot of them and they went the extra mile for our event.

Our auctions exceeded our expectations this year. We owe many thanks to our donors and bidders. Lastly, I want to extend a big "Thank you" to all who attended and those I may have forgotten to mention who worked to make our event such a success. Your participation made this a successful fundraiser.

To view highlights of the evening go to our Web page,

Jamie Lundin R.N.,

CHF Board member

Pistol River

How about a touch of reality?


How about a touch of reality.

Government is inefficient, bloated and over-compensated.

Fair-share means everyone contributes, or shares the pain.

If everyone in the U.S. drove an electric car, we don't have enough electricity to power them.

Would you fly in an electric plane?

We will never be able to function without coal, oil, gas, timber and water.

If you don't have a gas generator, what do you plan to do when the power goes out.

I believe in solar, wind, and nuclear energy, but if you don't want it in your backyard, where do you expect it to come from?

The Oregon Natural Desert Association and the Portland Audubon Society have a problem with wind power. I'll bet most of the members live in houses made out of wood, use electricity, and drive gasoline powered autos. Conservation is a good thing, but all the nuts don't grow in trees.

Do you know what a trillion is, do you know how many zeros it takes to write a trillion; did you know 12 or 18 are both correct?

What are we going to do when we run out of paper to print money?

If you want to witness real class, visit the Superfly, they quietly do nice stuff, while they keep their noses to the grindstone, not up ... in the air.

I hope our representatives can get Napoleon B. Obama to bail us out before we run out of paper.

Clifton Siemens


The right to exhaust free air?


Recently I've been hearing numerous ads regarding smoking and the tag line "we have the right to smoke free air."

While I don't disagree with the sentiment I want to know when I get the right to exhaust free air? Which personally seems a much larger concern than cigarettes.

As I walk down our beautiful streets, I am constantly assaulted by clouds of black, sickening exhaust as cars pass by me. My home is near the highway, exhaust comes in my window. I have not once been assaulted by clouds of cigarette smoke anywhere except maybe a bar and that isn't a concern anymore.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics there are 250,272,812 registered vehicles on the roads of the USA and according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) there are 46,600,000 smokers. Not to say smoking isn't bad but has anyone considered that maybe that huge difference in numbers and the corresponding difference in the amount of emission from a car versus a smoker might have some contribution to the various breathing disorders that are currently blamed on smokers.

My point is this: For whatever reason a group has decided that persecuting smokers for their personal bad habit is necessary to protect the public. I say I'd rather see fewer vehicles clogging my lungs and ruining my otherwise enjoyable walk.

Again, I have never been assaulted by a body engulfing cloud of cigarette smoke while taking a walk, in the park, down the street or while sitting in my home.

T. Sylvester,


The communitylet Charley down


Responding to your April 25 article entitled "Brookings man pleads guilty to lewd act against teenager":

1. I never knew Charley Helmer to "wander Brookings streets," but rather, to purposefully walk to various destinations like anyone on foot;

2. My impression of Charley, based on interactions with him, is that he has mental health challenges and/or impaired judgment. Others I know have the same impression. I wonder if Judge Cynthia Beaman had information about Charley which would have indicated that Charley had some problem which could have interfered with his judgment. If so, I don't understand why she didn't order a mental health evaluation of Charley before allowing him to plead guilty, without legal representation, to an offense resulting in a considerable prison sentence;

3. A Curry Coastal Pilot staff member commented, "Maybe Charley will get the help he needs in prison." Speaking as someone who used to work as an advocate for prisoners and ex-offenders, and accordingly, knows something of the horrors of prison, I doubt it. I have a suggestion though: for the Curry Coastal Pilot to investigate and report what treatment Charley may expect in our prisons, in order to educate our community;

4. I observed Charley reaching out to others in a very friendly way, seeming to want to make friends. He was respectful and courteous to me. It didn't seem that others wanted to be his friends though. That probably made it harder for Charley to cope.

I feel that we let Charley down. It is very sad.

Mary Rowe


La Bontandeacute; canget the job done


The county needs dependable leadership.

Lucie La Bontandeacute; has proven that she will be there and can get the job done. With her crisis management skills she brought the county out of a deficit position before and can do it again.

It is time to bring good government back to Curry County with strong leadership. Vote for Lucie La Bontandeacute; for county commissioner Position 2.

Linda Stagg Brown


Give Bill Waddle another four years


Most of us will never run for public office because we lack the qualifications, knowledge or ambition. Bill Waddle is running for re-election for county commissioner because he clearly possesses these three qualities.

He has displayed the qualities of a true leader by being open to new ideas and forthright when dealing with the public. Waddle has openly discussed complex issues and used his knowledge and skills to find solutions to problems that existed before he took office. Now is the time to give him another four years so that he can continue the good work he started. He has knowledge and experience honed by his last four years as a commissioner.

We need knowledge and experience.

Fred Spalding


Incumbents offer more than Brown


Susan Brown's four years as director of Curry County Economic Development Department did not result in new or growth of existing industries. An average $95K/year salary/benefits package for the director and one part timer, $60K/year expenditures, $149K used from prior years carry forward, and a $50K USDA grant went mostly to help a private meat processing and packing plant in Coos County. Interesting! They also developed a "homeless plan." Good, not their purview, insufficient, but most important, where are the homeless housing and shelters?

There are homeless families, homeless women with children, homeless women and men, and women, possibly with children, who are domestic violence victims. These homeless require low-income housing, homeless shelters, or victim "secure" shelters. Police reports won't get you into a "secure" shelter; court procedures do but need simplification. Investors provide low-income housing. Non-profit organizations provide homeless shelters. The Department of Human Services (DHS) provides homeless temporary grants from a funding pool. The DHS funding pool is apportioned by district population. Unfortunately, Curry and Coos are District 7, small population. However, ORS 190 provides for district collaboration, possibly increasing funding. Grants are temporary and "homeless" need job training and jobs, somewhere.

The Economic Development Department purview was to create new or grow existing Curry County industries. Not a "homeless plan" for collaboration, court procedures, shelters, and job training.

Do we want Commissioner Susan Brown? Current commissioners do better. In point, efforts by Commissioner Rhodes for Curry County Park and airport development and Commissioner Waddle for local control of OandC land.

Frank Hageman


Wish DeFazio a happy retirement


Fellow Democrats: Are you among the 80 percent of Americans dissatisfied with the performance of the U.S. Congress and disapprove of Congress funding wars in foreign countries and paying for U.S. soldiers to be in more than 50 foreign countries?

Do you oppose this country spending billions of dollars we do not have, and are you frustrated with the federal government's inability to deal with millions of illegals in our country?

If your answer is yes then join me in wishing Representative Peter A. DeFazio a happy and healthy retirement and send a remarkable member of a younger generation to Washington as our representative.

I urge all Democrats in the 4th District to vote for Matthew L. Robinson our representative in the U.S. Congress. Thank you.

John Sheehan

Gold Beach

Taming of the Shrew a big hit


The Brookings Harbor Community Theater (BHCT) was generous in sharing their theater with the Brookings Harbor Education Foundation (BHEF) for an evening to fundraise for future projects. While sharing the theater our guests were able to enjoy The Taming Of The Shrew and hors d'oeuvre made by Chef Roger. Everything was great!

During the evening there was a grant given to the art teacher Sheryl Tuttle, to assist in supporting the art program for next year. The monies for the grant were generously given by Dutch Bros.

The BHEF Board would like to thank all of the community members who supported the event including several teachers, Dori (Blodgett) and all of the members of the BHCT. And Dutch Bros. Thank you.

Alisa Green, president, BHEF


Neither party should be demonized


Good grief! In all my 80 years I have rarely read such total, absolute, ridiculous, radical "twaddle" as in Mr. Ford's letter (Pilot, May 2).

There are many things wrong with both parties but neither deserves to be demonized.

Due to Oregon's archaic law I am forced to register a party affiliation in order to vote in the primary, so I have been either a Democrat or a Republican off and on for 25 years. I disagree strongly with both parties on many issues and only in the general election am I free to vote, independently, for the person not the party.

I have never, and will never, blacken the names of millions of voters on both sides as Mr. Ford has done to all Democratic party members and others who do not share his beliefs.


Jan Carringer


Susan Brown will do the right thing


When it comes to deciding who I want running our county my choices are crystal clear.

NOT the current people.

Now having said that I believe we need a positive attitude and a working knowledge of how to expand the tax base in Curry County. Create an atmosphere that will encourage businesses to open shop.

The one candidate I know will do the right things is Susan Brown.

Bruce Grieve

Gold Beach

Rescue dogs from certain slaughter


May is National adopt a shelter pet and Curry County kicked off the event along with South Coast Humane in Medford at Pet Smart. We had 12 adoptions (9 in Medford and 3 at the shelter in Gold Beach).

During the event we learned that Ventura County was planning a massive slaughter. Yes, that is the word for what they are planning. They are full and need space. Close to 100 dogs will be killed on May 19 unless they hear from shelters that they can help. This is upsetting and we cannot just sit back and do nothing.

We have space right now and can take 30 dogs, that will be huge for us and them. We have the transport but we will need help with them when they get here, and we need donations to help spay and neuter them, shots and worming and flea meds.

Pennies for Pooches will pay for all medical and transport and, of course, since I work for the county, the county will pay for me to care, clean and feed them, and they will get the adoption fee.

With that many dogs coming in I will need help with the phone, bathing, toenails and more. If you have never been to our shelter on a rescue, it is one of the most rewarding gifts you will ever give yourself. You will laugh, you will cry and, when the day is done, you will see these innocent creatures lay down on their orthopedic bed, lay down their weary head and wait for that perfect human to adopt them into a forever home.

You can send donations to:

Pennies for Pooches

P.O. Box 1883

Gold Beach, Or 97444

All donations are a tax deduction.

Catherine Powers

Curry County Animal Shelter

Gold Beach

Westbrook offers refreshing POV


What a smart move for the Curry Coastal Pilot to employ a Brookings-Harbor High School junior to write a well-written column for the Pilot.

Jake Westbrook, only 16 years of age, shows great talent in writing. He is lively and writes with humor of relevant matters. It's refreshing to see a young person like Jake see above the shallowness of the shows being shown on TV and viewed by addictive fans without regard or need for quality. He is so "sorry" to see at such a young age the marketing skills employed to move an individual to fame status.

Note: The reason some of us believe what the political orators tell us is that we are naive and want to believe what we hear as truth. It happens no matter how experienced we think we are.

Fame will be Jake's in whatever career he chooses, but it will come honestly.

Kudos, also to columns written by Marge, at the other end of the spectrum; Scott, Bill and our garden expert, Jerry Holcomb.

Barbara Wieneke