The Curry Coastal Pilot

Free, six-week class benefits caregivers


We know that family caregiving can be very rewarding but very tough at the same time.

When you are taking care of others it is hard to take care of yourself. However, studies have shown that if a caregiver can practice good self-care the care receiver benefits as well.

You are probably saying, "That's nice, but how can I practice self-care when there is not enough time as it is?" Let us give you the tools.

The enrollment is still open for a free six-week course andndash; Taking Care of You: Powerful Tools for Caregivers. Former class participants have said they are better able to care for themselves; have fewer feelings of anger, guilt and depression; have an increased confidence and ability to cope with the demands of caregiving; and take more advantage of community services.

The course will be from 1 to 3:30 p.m. on six consecutive Tuesdays, beginning May 1 and ending June 5, at the office of Coastal Home Health and Hospice, 29984 Ellensburg Ave., in Gold Beach.

If you are interested in this class or have questions, contact Pattie Slagle 541-512-5040 or 800-535-9472. This Powerful Tools for Caregivers series is sponsored by Coastal Home Health and Hospice.

Pattie Slagle, volunteer and resource coordinator

Coastal Home Health and Hospice

Local businesses a great help to PTO


We would like to thank Scott Graves of the Curry Coastal Pilot newspaper and Kevin Bane of KURY radio for their help in making the Michael Anthony hypnotist fundraiser a success.

For years, the PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) has asked these two businesses for assistance in getting communication out to the public. They are always willing to support and help the students and teachers.

We would also like to thank Chetco Federal Credit Union, Redwood Theater, and Daryn Farmer of State Farm Insurance.

We truly appreciate all your efforts throughout the year!

Azalea and Kalmiopsis PTO Board

Lorie Botnen, Alice Farmer, Heather Serna, Sarah Jones, Cindy Schofield

'Annie Get Your Gun' a must see


Irving Berlin's "Annie Get Your Gun" production now being staged at the Chetco Pelican Players is highly recommended.

Your local thespians rendered an outstanding performance for your entertainment.

The direction, lights and sound, and sets were well done andndash; as always. Wherever did those high-buttoned shoes, especially the turquoise-colored pair, come from, and the costuming was great. Do see it before it closes.

These comments are especially directed to the "disenchanted citizen" about to leave what he describes as a "one-horse" town. Note: The horses left a long time ago, but we stayed because we like idyllic Brookings with all there is to do here, and most of it free!

Support your local theatre. Our local group's love of theatre, acting for the sheer delight of it without compensation, is appreciated.

Oh sure, we all know a little ego is involved.

Barbara Wieneke


(Note: The last shows are today and Sunday. See story, Page 3B.)

Helping CASA help our foster children


A very special thank you is due to those who assisted CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) on April 20, in the fundraiser put on by Dutch Brothers for CASA. Thanks Tony!

Foster children of Curry County are appointed a CASA by the courts who then become the eyes and ears of the foster children and their voice in the courtroom.

CASA wants to thank the community as a whole but also a few very special volunteers who helped deliver previously purchased coffees. Danette Bruce and her team of Brookings Teens who worked hard to get the coffee delivered and even added a special touch with chocolates. CASA also wants to thank all of the businesses who purchased coffee. A very special thank you goes out to Sharon Tovey and Karen LaCroix of the Curry Coastal Pilot who helped with creating and placement of the ad for the fundraiser.

Thanks from CASA.

Mona Chandler, director Lee Rice, fundraising chair and volunteer

Don't need 4 more years of Obama


After reading President Obama's candidate statement in the voter's pamphlet, we didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He states he's dedicated to putting Americans back to work, creating jobs and attracting new generations of high-tech jobs. He wants an economy that is not weakened by outsourcing, but he doesn't seem to understand that increasing taxes and regulations on companies is the reason they outsource.

President Obama's wasteful spending and failed policies are hurting our economy and driving our great country into bankruptcy and ruin. Our debt has increased by $5 trillion, growing daily; fuel prices have doubled since he took office, and he wants to keep spending money we don't have.

No other president has been as divisive, hypocritical, thin-skinned, and in-over-his head as President Obama. How can anyone look at his record and decide "Yeah, we need four more years of this"?

If you voted for Barack Obama in 2008 to prove you're not a racist, you need to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot.

Lou and Dora Costa


What are we doing about bullying?


Last year, it was reported that 14.6 percent of the BHHS juniors seriously considered attempting suicide, 6.3 percent actually attempted suicide (twice the rate of juniors statewide), and 80 percent of those attempting suicide resulted in an injury, poisoning or overdose that had to be treated by a doctor or nurse, compared to .9 percent statewide. In that same survey, 2 percent of all BHHS juniors missed from one to six days of school in the 30 days preceding the survey because they felt they would be unsafe at school or on their way to or from school.

Hopefully, all of these students are still with us in today's senior class at BHHS. But, what is the school district doing to stop bullies in their tracks? How many children do we have to lose to the unnecessary act of suicide before we get serious. When are we, as a county, going to wake up that the defunding of Curry County's health care system has reduced or eliminated most mental health services?

At the First Friday Salon on May 4, will be presenting two films at the Chetco Library on the issue of Bullying and Cyberbullying, one for adults and a separate one for students. Each starts promptly at 6 p.m. and each will be followed by an open discussion on the topic.

Any adult who is concerned for the safety of our children while in the care of our schools, please join us as well as any student who wants to learn how they might help end bullying in Brookings. Then, come to the May 16 school board meeting at 7 p.m. at K-School where we have been assured bullying will be on the agenda.

Let the school board know your thoughts on bullying within Azalea, K-School and BHHS. Let's not have any of our students be too afraid to get an education in Brookings.

Join us, won't you?

Gordon Clay


A deceitful trickby Art Robinson


Matthew Robinson, son of Republican congressional candidate Art Robinson, is running in the Democratic primary against Pete DeFazio.

Should this deceitful trick on the part of Art Robinson succeed, come November the electorate would have not two choices andndash; but essentially none. It would disenfranchise an entire political party from representation. Is this the only way Art Robinson can win an election? Evidently. He could not win two years ago on his own merits or platform.

In the campaign materials distributed by son Matthew, we learn he has no public service experience; his educational pursuits indicate no interest in politics or civic engagement. Yet Matthew tells us, "We must have fair, honest and competent representation in Congress. We should not be represented by people who place their own interests above their congressional duties." Really, Matthew? Is that what you are: fair, honest, and competent? Is it fair and honest to run as a Democrat when you hold no allegiance with the party's principles? What competency could your young self bring to Congress on behalf of this district when your only experience has been in the classroom? Whose interests are you really representing, ours andndash; or your father's? Your candidacy is baseless, and fraudulent.

In stooping to such a stunt, the Robinsons show only cynicism and contempt for our political system of "one person, one vote." This self-serving, deceitful act is meant only to circumvent the voter's right to choose between a true Republican and a TRUE Democrat in the general election.

I ask honest and fair-minded Republicans: Is Art Robinson the person whose values and ethics will best represent YOU in Congress?

I hope not.

Pamela Niles


Building a bridge for no good reason


As a concerned citizen and taxpayer, I have to express my disapproval and total disgust of the fact that the State of Oregon, through the Department of Transportation, is proceeding with the construction of a bridge at Joe Hall Creek on the North Bank of the Chetco River.

This bridge is being built for the purpose of making it easier for fish to travel from the Chetco River up the creek. I have owned adjacent property for nearly 40 years and there have always been fish in Joe Hall Creek. They access the creek through an 8-by-8-foot concrete culvert which has been in place for at least 30 years and is still structurally sound.

There is a slight drop-off at the end of the culvert that may cause a bit of a problem for the fish, but if this is a major concern, the drop-off could be eliminated easily with the placement of rip-rap in stair-step fashion, for a cost of around $20,000.

The most disgusting part of the state's plan to construct this unnecessary bridge is the fact that it will cost all of us taxpayers $2 million. This seems to be a ridiculous expense at a time when both the state and the county are constantly complaining of being broke. This entire project has been instigated by a handful of environmental whacks who have more regard for the fish than for the people.

I realize that there are some financial regulations which prevent the state from just transferring that amount of money to Curry County, but wouldn't it be a much more effective use of these funds, not to mention the fact that this $2 million being spent on the bridge would more than cover the shortfall being experienced at the county level?

It would also eliminate the talk of passing a "temporary" sales tax.

Bob Allsup


Liberals smart, conservatives dumb


Dennis Prager has a radio talk show, which I've never listened to, and he also writes for The Washington Times along with four books out and another one due next month titled "Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph."

His weekly Washington Times article couldn't have been a more accurate description of the reason why liberals are unaware and afraid of conservative views. He argues that the left is a victim of its own brainwashing. All they hear, see and read from childhood on through elementary and graduate school, on TV and in the movies, are leftist ideas.

Liberals hate Fox News because when the Democratic strategist is asked an intelligent question or challenged by the host, they quickly go into spin or hem and haw without an answer to the question. The left has convinced itself that the right is unworthy of such attention. They feel that conservatives are sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islam-phobic, racist and bigoted, not to mention anti-intellectual and anti-science. Because the left will not acquaint themselves with conservative arguments, they are able to go on believing conservatives are all those terrible things.

Take race-based affirmative action. There is overwhelming evidence that it has hurt black college students. Nevertheless, liberals dismiss conservative opposition to affirmative action as racist. Why read racist hate?

So it is rather rare to see a liberal forced to debate conservative intellectuals. After three weeks ago in the Supreme Court, it may become rarer.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Support for David Brock Smith


As mayor of the City of Port Orford, I have had the pleasure of working with David Brock Smith on his two terms on the (Port Orford) City Council and most recently as council president and budget committee chair.

David has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to our community by enthusiastically working for the benefit of all. His public service reaches beyond city government to the county, school district, chamber, service and fraternal organizations, etc. His familiarity with Curry County issues as a third generation resident and businessman is a definite asset to our community.

David is sensitive to the dire economic situation facing our citizens and our government. He realizes that increased taxation in a depressed economy is not a viable solution to the economic woes facing Curry County. He is familiar with and understands budgets and budgetary issues. His economic development proposals, such as his idea to place wind energy turbines on city property in the Port Orford watershed is innovative and sensible. He is proposing to extend these ideas to Curry County for the benefit of our broader citizenry.

I support David Brock Smith's candidacy for Curry County commissioner and urge you to join me in voting for him in the May primary and in the November election, should that become necessary. His demonstrated, respectful, transparent, and innovative leadership will benefit us all.

Jim Auborn, mayor

City of Port Orford

Reelect Bill Waddle as commissioner


I support Bill Waddle in his campaign for reelection.

I know that he is a man of integrity who is trying to help in difficult circumstances. He has been helpful to me in prioritizing county services for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, which has vital equipment in the county emergency operations center.

These things go on, out of popular attention and seldom recognized, but are nonetheless important to the county's well-being.

Bob Wilkinson


My vote goes to Leroy Blodgett


In reference to the April 25, 2012, mud-slinging letter about Leroy Blodgett's DUII, I have a few questions.

How many years ago was that incident? Have you ever heard the expression and know the meaning of the phrase, "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones?" Have you ever heard the Bible verse, "Let them without sin cast the first stone?" It would be best if we look into the mirror prior to pointing our finger.

I believe we should elect the candidate with the most experience and qualifications and not disqualify him/her based on an unfortunate incident that happened several years ago.

My vote goes to Leroy Blodgett for county commissioner, the most qualified candidate.

Judie Hanson