The Curry Coastal Pilot

What will we do when Curry is gone?


After recent articles and letters, we were wondering what the Pilot will do with the extra space, when there are no more "Sheriff's Log" and county board happenings?

We assume that's the reason for the obituaries expanding to over a page now. Will we soon see lists of "so and so was caught walking around with a gun belt on?"

As for the 3 million people nationally making $1 million or more (top 1 percent) and even the 30 million making $250,000 and up (top 10 percent), they don't have to worry about paying a 3 percent sales tax because the 150 million making $50,000 to $260,000 (middle 50 percent) will take care of it, as always.

Those who are retired don't need to worry about having six-, seven-, or eight-figure pensions! Most of us just worry how we'll pay the car, home, life, and various health insurance bills. In addition, we still pay federal, state, property, sales and county taxes here.

Is there any wonder why small businesses are closing? The number of empty strip malls doubles every five to 10 years. However, we see letters from those who not only think they'll be able to retire but obviously with more than a five-figure pension!

There are still a few countries left that take care of their retired citizens, but don't spend 50 percent of taxes on their military! And don't forget, this is the only country that doesn't have health care and insurance available/affordable to all. As we see it, soon the obits will be two pages long but at least local/county government will be small. "Overpaid" cops is unbelievable and embarrassing.

And why is there homelessness in the richest country in the world? Too much leaving the borders?

Linda and Ken Smith

Hartford, Wis.

Stop hiding and start finding


Unfortunately for our community we will never get to know what talent and abundance Jim Armstrong could have offered Brookings (Pilot letters, April 11).

I sure hope he realizes his potential in his next move and will uncover it and offer it to that community so they can thrive and prosper. Just think if everyone found the one thing that they were passionate about, their talent or inner abundance and used that out in the community to better it. We could rise to higher heights than imagined.

Maybe Mr. Armstrong is a psychologist/councilor. (Boy, our schools could sure use some service there.) Maybe he's a brilliant market strategist. (Some businesses would welcome the help.) Maybe he's a great money manager. (I know a lot of people that could use guidance in this area.) Master gardener? (Think victory/unity gardens andndash; fresh food and a healthy activity for our children and families through gardening). Biologist? (Enrichment guest for school children.) Nutritionist? (Our school lunch program needs help.) Musician? (The K-school kids are sure missing their music program.) Unifier, organizer, chemist, common sense, maybe he just has a great smile andndash; whatever, if he would just share it we would all be blessed. The same goes for all of us!

So stop hiding and start finding, then move forward to sharing! Let's all work together to build a better Brookings where everyone is happy to live, work and play here!

Tamra Murdock


Blodgett is the best qualified candidate


Rarely do we have someone with the vast experience in local government management as well as commitment to community welfare as we do in County commissioner candidate Leroy Blodgett.

Folks who have watched the Slammin' Salmon Derby evolve into one of the area's primo success stories, as well as the development of various land projects in the county, are familiar with Leroy and his wife Dori, also a contributer extraordinaire to the success of local events.

And Leroy's tenure in Curry, Coos, and Douglas county administrations certainly provides the background qualifications we need. He has the desire, dedication, and determination to get 'er done.

Go Leroy! It's votin' time, folks.

Dick Weber


Corporate cash will flow into the show


Once again the oligarchs have chosen their candidates to run in the "election."

Their hand-picked candidates are trying out their "message."

The corporations are ready with their "voting" machines with their secret software and their "vote counting" machines and their secret software.

The corporate controlled media pushes the candidates of the "two" parties but are there really two parties?

From their actions, free trade, endless illegal, unjust wars, the wars on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the ever growing corruption and injustices, the private for profit prison industry and our record number of people incarcerated thanks to the unjust and unwinnable war on (some) drugs.

If you are in favor of endless wars, corruption, vote tampering, low wages, killing Social Security, Medicare, closing post offices, union busting, forced religion, free trade, strip searches, unequal justice, crumbling infrastructure, vote for either of them with few exceptions and that's what you will get.

This country isn't even a representative republic any more but a corporate controlled oligarchy with fake "elections" to appease the masses as we continue to slide down into a third world country run by corrupt politicians.

Let the show begin! Thanks to Citizens United, endless corporate money will flow into the election show and that's all it is andndash; a show.

Sheila Chambers


Addicted to federal money and in denial


Seems like we in Curry County are addicted to government money and are in denial when that money is no longer available.

The share of my property tax the county takes is about 9 percent. The only way to make our county work is to increase the property tax amount funding the county. This is how most countys in Oregon do it.

The OandC moneys and Federal forest money was great while it lasted. We were warned it would end or be sharply reduced and that time has come.

Larry Hannan


Common sense, courtesy are gone


Common sense and courtesy have left Brookings.

I wasn't surprised by how many people didn't slow down or even move over as I was horseback riding down North Bank Chetco road on Saturday afternoon. As a matter of fact, some even went faster or revved the engine as they went by. The horse I was riding doesn't spook easily; however, I have been on a horse that has been frightened on the road side due to someone who thought it was funny to scare my horse. He almost trampled me in the process.

I realize I take a risk of injury riding a horse; that doesn't mean you have the right to cause that injury to myself or my horse.

Please have the decency to slow down when you see someone on a horse

Kat Westover


Rosenblum is clear choice for state AG


Oregon's next attorney general will likely be chosen in the May 15 Democratic primary elections, since no Republicans are seeking the office.

Ellen Rosenblum is the clear choice to represent the interests of Oregon voters. With over 30 years of experience as an Oregon lawyer, trial judge, appellate judge, and federal prosecutor, she has spent her entire legal career pursuing justice for Oregonians.

Ellen's opponent in this race, Dwight Holton, hails from Virginia, and landed in Oregon as a federal appointee. Two-thirds of his campaign funds come from out-of-state. As U.S. attorney for Oregon, Mr. Holton ordered DEA raids on southern Oregon medical marijuana gardens last fall, and has described the OMMP as a "train wreck." He has never represented an Oregon client, and his actions reveal a complete lack of respect for the will of Oregon voters.

Vote for an Oregonian as Oregon's top prosecutor. Don't let our state's justice system be hijacked by the federal government and the corporate money interests which drive the federal government's agenda. Don't let the Democratic Party become the Prohibition Party.

Vote for Ellen Rosenblum on May 15. If you don't vote in the primary, it will be too late.

Paul Pierson,

attorney at law


What is a true,real Democrat?


Perhaps Ms. Bozack can tell me what a "true/real Democrat" is.

Is it someone who votes to raise taxes and redistribute income? Is it someone who supports spending more than we have? Is it someone who wants a government-run health care system? Is it someone who wants to take away individual rights and responsibility and replace them with government rules and handouts? Is it someone who feels everyone is entitled to something for nothing?

If these are the traits of a "real/true Democrat" no wonder she doesn't feel Matthew Robinson is a Democrat. Why doesn't Representative DeFazio debate one or both of the Robinsons so we can learn what a "real/true Democrat" is?

Allan W. Stewart


Pennies for Pooches a great program


I would love to say how honored both my husband and I are for being a part of such a wonderful group of volunteers for a non-profit: Pennies for Pooches.

It is run by volunteers; and such a positive and respectful environment for volunteers and for the doggies. Every penny goes directly to help the dogs. Pennies for Pooches has rescued so many dogs from high kill shelters, which they alone supplied the vehicle, gas and whatever it takes to bring these little ones there safely. We vet check them, shots, bathe them, spay and neuter them, which doesn't come free.

We are asking you, the community, to help us help them. We are doing a fundraiser April 28, a dog wash $10 and nail clipping $5 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Curry County shelter. We also need some gently used towels and blankets, bring your donation in and enter a raffle for a $25 gift certificate from Freddy's.

We want to thank each and every one of you that has helped in so many ways and to give these innocent little ones a second chance to love and trust again. We are so grateful for any donations which are tax deductible andndash; send to Pennies for Pooches, P.O. Box 1883 Gold Beach, OR, 97444.

Come down to see these cute doggies that have been through a lot already, to walk them or just sit with them and play. Let them know they don't have to fear anything anymore. You never know; one may just steal your heart.

Beverly Duncan


Earth Day linked to Communist Party?


A recent Pilot article bemoans the fact that they could find no events scheduled in Curry County to celebrate Earth Day.

But how many of you know that Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, which was the 100th birthday of V I Lenin, born on April 22, 1870. Now I am sure that most of you are aware that Comrade Lenin was the founder of the Russian Bolshevik party which introduced Communism into Russia. Along with terrorism, mass murder, starvation, and a few other little problems. Is there some kind of a coincidence here?

However fine the idea of conservation of our earth's finite resources one must keep in mind the obviously deliberate effort of our Progressive friends to tie the Green movement to a much more sinister scenario.

Warren Roepke


They vowed to veto everything


The Republican presidential candidates spent a lot of time fussing about President Obama's failure to fix the economy, decrease joblessness, stop the problems in the housing market, do better on the health bill, and fix the tax problems.

They vowed to veto everything (including taking away health benefits for thousands of Americans), lower taxes (where will the money to run the government come from?) etc., etc. They did not, however, bring out any plans on how to fix things, in spite of the fact that the recession was brought by Republicans. The only thing they agreed on was to make President Obama a one-term president, in spite of all of the good things he has done. Does that sound racist to anyone besides me?

Just in case anyone is interested, the young "Democrat" challenging DeFazio is the son of the Republican who is challenging him. Go figure!

Doris Burck


A serious liability to the taxpayers?


After reading a prior reader's letter to the editor bringing up the subject of Leroy Blodgett's difficulties with DUIIs, it seems to me it would be a big mistake to elect someone a county commissioner who could prove to be a serious financial liability issue to the taxpayers of this county.

Diana Lemos


Watch out for the incumbents!


I have not lived in Brookings for very long; but I've been voting every year for a very, very long time.

I've been Googling and searching the Internet for the nine contenders for offices in Curry County. If one feels that the incumbents are doing such a great job andndash; by all means vote for them. I for one do not agree. For one thing, just look at the current mess our county is in! Of course none of the incumbents saw this coming? Of course everyone saw it except them!

The problem is that most of the time incumbents get re-elected. Maybe because of name recognition, maybe because they are sort of an icon, or maybe not enough voters really look at what they have done or not done. Some voters just vote for a familiar name. Time to stop! An exit poller asked a voter "if they knew the difference between apathy and stupidly?" The voter said,"I don't really know the difference and I don't really care!"

Time to care. Time to look at other contenders and not incumbents. It's time for a change.

Andrew T. Ragan


'Brookings is food for the soul'


I read the Pilot online every week from my new home in Arizona.

I love the six-word descriptions that came in on Scott's request. I've been down here for the last 18 months and do I miss all of you!

As I sizzle down here today in April with 103 degree temperatures, I'll take the fog, mist, rain and "earthworms on wet sidewalks" any day.

For those who remember our old Hospitality Tours up there, and in case you think you are bored, remember for 10 years, we never did anything up in Curry County more than once. There's a world to see if you just get out of your houses and look. Down here I call our new trips "Soul Food", but in six words, "Brookings IS Food for the Soul."

Jan Norwood

Peoria, Ariz.

Do not expect city folks to vote 'Yes'


Attention all voters in Brookings: When the problem with county money was first talked about, I called our state rep, and asked why we were included with the county.

His answer was that's the way it is. I checked tax rates between the county and the city of Brookings. The county pays about one half the rate of the city. When the county property tax rate is raised to equal the city, I think their problem would be solved. Until this happens do not expect anyone in the city to vote "Yes."

Frank Congdon