The Curry Coastal Pilot

Curry Coastal Pilot ads work for me


Last week I placed an ad in the paper to buy wood.

Not only did I get a load delivered the next day, but another very reasonable clean load a few days later from a man who has wood available at any time and delivers as well. Then I got a call from a gentleman who is clearing off land and needs someone to haul it away at no cost. It looks as if I shall have a supply of wood for the next few years.

What more can "a little old lady" ask for?

Thanks Curry Coastal Pilot.

Barbara Parrett-Eary


No magic andndash; not a real Democrat


Matthew Robinson, 24-year-old son of Art Robinson, has registered as a Democrat in order to challenge our congressman, Peter DeFazio, in the May 15 primary election.

But, simply registering as a Democrat does not magically make him into a real Democrat.

Matthew Robinson shares the political views of his father, Art Robinson, who is the sole Republican candidate for the Fourth Congressional District. Both Robinson campaigns have the same address and campaign manager.

Matthew Robinson is not a real Democrat. He's a Republican playing a dirty political trick by invading the Democratic primary in the hope of somehow benefitting his father's campaign against Peter DeFazio.

If you're a Democrat, don't be fooled into thinking you have a choice between two Democrats in this primary election. Peter DeFazio remains the only true Democrat running in the primary!

If you're an unaffiliated voter and want to make sure you can vote for Peter DeFazio in November, you have until April 24 to register as a Democrat and vote for Peter in the May 15th primary. Just pick up a voter registration form at the library or post office, or re-register online at

Peter has served us well as our U.S. representative. Let's make sure he's our Democratic candidate in November.

Democrats: Remember to vote for Peter DeFazio on May 15!

Linda Bozack


Volunteers help library all year long


The board of directors of the Chetco Community Public Library (CCPL) would like to publicly express their thanks and appreciation to the 35 volunteer workers who so willingly give of their time to help with many different tasks at the library all year long.

The work that these people do helps a great deal in making our library function at the level that it does.

This is National Volunteer Week and we certainly want to give our volunteers notice that we really count on them to help us in making our library a good institution for the community to use.

Violet M. Lovejoy, chairperson, Board of Directors, CCPL

Help available for low-income people


Did you know that one in four people in Coos and Curry Counties are using Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits?

SNAP, formerly food stamps, helps low-income individuals purchase food to meet their nutrition needs.

SNAP benefits are not meant to cover all the food needs of a household. They are intended to supplement the monthly food budget and we often find that they don't stretch far enough. That's why the Department of Human Services (DHS) works closely with partners to help local residents meet their basic nutritional needs.

One major partner is Oregon Coast Community Action (ORCCA). ORCCA is a member of the Oregon Food Bank and operator of our regional food bank. They are nearing completion of a new food bank located in Coos Bay. This new facility will greatly increase the ability of ORCCA to house fresh, frozen and processed food, and distribute to our communities through the local food pantries and meal sites.

The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program is another resource within our county health departments. WIC serves pregnant women, breastfeeding women with infants under 12 months, non-breastfeeding women with children under six months, and children under five years.

Low-income residents who need help purchasing food can visit a local DHS office or apply for SNAP online at Other community resources may be found by calling 800-SAFENET (800-723-3638).

Betty Albertson

DHS district manager,

Coos Bay

The same thing over and over?


I have read a number of letters to the editor supporting existing county commissioners.

As I drive around town I see yard signs and signs along 101 supporting existing county commissioners.

Isn't re-electing a county commissioner like doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

Mike Schrum


A waste of law enforcement cash


My response to the story about your "Successful marijuana raid" is one of disgust.

Of all the thieves, violent thugs, meth-heads, child molesters, and scum bags in general that I personally know inhabit Del-Norte County, you choose to spend law enforcement money to pursue marijuana!? Seriously people?

I have worked in this county for four years and I can tell you, cannabis is the least of the county's problems! Especially cannabis grown and sold by a local taxpaying businessman for sick people. I wonder if your aggressive prosecution of cannabis users has anything to do with the federal grant money you get for perpetrating "The War on Drugs." You, as a police force, have been incentivized to persecute cannabis users and as a result have become pretty good at it. Actual criminals though ... not so good at catching those though, now are we? But we put drug bust in big bold print on the front page, pose with some captured plants and you're a hero! Everyone applauds! I'm not clapping.

When will you learn. When will this madness end?

Ryan Jones


Save receipts for Meals on Wheels


FYI, please take your Ray's and Shop Smart receipts to the Harbor Post Office or to the Activity Center (previously senior center) behind Subway and turn them in.

The Activity Center gets money for the receipt. The money goes toward Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels needs all of us to help.

Every little bit helps!

Lisa Griffin


Look forward to family owl recipe


Thank you, Cam, for my laugh of the day.

When I started to read your letter (Pilot, April 18) I thought "Oh no, not another Politically Correct letter about Mother Earth!" And then I started to laugh!

I look forward to reading your old family owl recipe in future Earth Day celebration literature.


Penny Rogatkin


Insanity andndash; Keep voting Democrat


Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Winston Churchill said, "A government cannot spend its way out of a depression. That's the same as trying to lift a bucket while standing inside the bucket."

These quotes apply to the Barack Hussein Obama administration and all state and local governments. For example, FDR's policies lengthened the Great Depression by at least eight years. For how much misery was he responsible? Government spending siphons money from the private sector and stops its growth. The Constitution is the greatest government document written. When it is not abused or neglected, every citizen enjoys freedom.

The entire West Coast is an example of government gone wild. California is bankrupt, but keeps spending while passing laws and regulations which kill any chance of recovery. Ditto for Oregon. And a local example: "Let's spend $5,000 to "study" if it is time to raise taxes." Good judgement? A common link to this is: Democrats. They killed logging in the Northwest. How many people were hurt and still suffer from that one example? Anybody in Curry County?

If you continue to vote for any Democrat, see what Albert said.

Bob Ford


Both road signs can't be right


Has anyone ever noticed the sign at the end of Harris Beach State Park that says "Gold Beach andshy;andndash; 27 miles," and at the same time, across the highway, going north, a little further up, another sign that says "Gold Beach andndash; 25 miles."

I'm not sure who is responsible for these road signs, but there is something really wrong with this picture. Both of these signs can't be right.

Shouldn't someone fix this?

Vangie Andreason


Smith has much to offer Curry


David Brock Smith, lightening in a bottle!

As a third generation resident of Curry County, his passion, dreams and goals for the future of Curry County run deep. David possesses a sense of energy and purpose that speaks volumes about his dedication to serve his community. His public service resume is impressive (see the voter's pamphlet or go to for details).

David's friendships with public servants on many levels are a benefit. He's a successful business owner in the city of Port Orford. David demonstrates a tireless effort to improve social and economic conditions in his community. As a hard working Port Orford city councilman he consistently demonstrates an open line of communication with his constituents. He's knowledgeable and confident with budgets and fiscal matters. His administrative skills and his ability to listen will serve us well. He is aware of the bounty of natural resources in this county. He has developed sustainable ideas harnessing these resources without negatively impacting the environment.

His goal is to build a fiscally sound foundation for our county's future. We are impressed with his dedication to public service. Everyone knows how hard and thankless a career in public service can be. David is sincere in his desire to bring fiscal stability to our south coast paradise.

We hope you will vote for David Brock Smith and take advantage of all he has to offer.

Stanley and Andrea Thomas

Port Orford