The Curry Coastal Pilot

Leaving Brookings for a real way of life


Well the big Bi-Mart opening is over Mr. Editor, it's still raining and there is absolutely nothing left to do in this one horse town.

I frequent Fred Meyer's on a daily bases just to socialize with other humans.

I just do not understand how people can live in a place that does not exist.

It's really gotten to me here lately and I'm praying someone has the dream of living here like I once had and will purchase my home soon.

I need out of here. I need to go to a place that has things to do year around, a place I can go outside everyday and work my garden.

I look at it as if I have been on a three year vacation in Oregon; now back to where a real way of life awaits ...

Jim Armstrong


Praise for efforts on county transparency


I think the citizens of Curry County owe a "Thank You" to Beverly Bacak for her attempt to find out the names of the "phantom" developers of the defunct plan to build a golf course near Floras Lake.

Ms. Bacak used her own money to hire legal representation to shed light on the identity of alleged investors.

As citizens we need to demand transparency in our local government. This is something our elected commissioners should understand and honor.

Even after a majority vote among the commissioners to release the names of the interested investors, Commissioner Rhodes did not release any names. I find this amazing considering he is running for re-election.

Why would anyone vote for a commissioner who does not believe in transparency in government or that his allegiance should be to Curry County residents, not possible investors.

We need commissioners we can trust to be up front and transparent, without the need to hire a lawyer to get public information.

Nell Carlini


Can the candidates match incumbents?


Candidate, candidate everywhere for all the eye to see.

They sport money management skills for arbitration, reorganization, information technology, transparency, and etc., to fix our county economy. What's new? With a $2M plus budget shortfall, our county is already reducing workforce, pay, perks, departments, and using volunteers. Why would candidates focus on things like worker benefit arbitration, costly Information Technology efficiency upgrades, $150K plus county administrator, etc. Come on candidates, focus. We need $2M plus right now or we fail later this year.

$2M plus, use road funds? On reading Statues it's illegal but gets "fuzzy" upon deeper examination. The State may allow road fund use but with a required payback. We don't have payback money. Non-payback penalty? Who's penalized?

Preservationists won't balance ecological and environmental preservation with Curry County preservation. We need people challenging preservationists, accommodating them without sacrificing our county. Sacrifice the county for "marine reserves" or "ecological preservation" or "bird and beast habitats"? No, we need local management of OandC land, investor use of natural resources, investor use of coastal ecological resources, investor use of our best resource, the "banana coast climate," for retirees. We need "nuts and bolts" people to "get er done," not high-level managers managing money.

Well, we already have them. Commissioner Itzen built a retirement community and continues retirement- and tourist-friendly efforts. Commissioner Waddle is working on local management of OandC land. Commissioner Rhodes is working on development of Curry County Park and Brookings and Cape Blanco airports. They are working on ecological and natural resource use while accommodating preservationists. Our commissioners do this. Can the candidates match this; have they alluded to matching this; have they ever done anything like this?

Frank Hageman


Do something now,do it for Dorothy


I don't know about you but the beautiful life of Dorothy Shull has put a bigger fire under me to better our community.

Her life dream was to spread hope, unity, love and encouragement. I attended the high school talent show that she performed in a couple of weeks ago and was so moved by her impressive performance, it left me in tears. Her song definitely had a powerful message. I could see and feel her strength, energy and courage and it was beautiful!

I say NOW is the time for change! Now is the time to spread hope! To stop selfishly looking inward with the "what about me" attitude, instead look outward and find someone to help.

Help your spouse, your children, neighbors, and other businesses, help a teacher, a principle, your boss, your employee, your environment. Help the elderly, the children, the schools, the homeless, the downtrodden. We are not on this Earth merely to be entertained! So let's do something! Let's do something NOW!

There are so many people in our community that give tirelessly and they need our help, let's all get on board! Let's start looking at one another as equals, despite age difference "status" or title. Let's start seeing the abundance in ourselves and our community. Let's stop looking to the government to "save" us.

We as a community, if united, could be self-sustained andndash; Do you realize that? Let's Do It! Let's make a difference.

If not for yourself andndash; Do it for Dorothy!

Tamra Murdock

Brookings High on Health efforts under way


Curry Health Foundation and Gold Beach Rotary's annual High on Health fundraiser is getting ready to take the stage.

This community never ceases to amaze me with its generous heart. It is always willing to give even when times are difficult. As Curry Health Foundation and Gold Beach Rotary get ready for our annual fundraiser we've tried to keep this in mind.

We'd like to express our gratitude to our generous neighbors for their continued support and show them a good time while still raising money to fund healthcare projects in Curry County. We've lowered our ticket price to $35 and reduced the number of silent auction items. Included in this year's program is a fun new calendar game and a play put on by local celebrities andndash; or they will be celebrities after April 28.

Every single dollar donated really does help make a difference to so many people in our local community. CHF takes great pride in operating with a very low overhead, so that almost all dollars generated are directed to benefit the citizens of Curry County.

Tickets to this year's festivity on April 28 can be purchased at Interior Coverups, from Emily Rumiano at Edward Jones in Brookings, or call our office at 541-247-3189 or go to our website,

Roseann Ismert,

foundation coordinator

Gold Beach

Bill Waddle brings strong leadership


I am voting again for Bill Waddle. He has demonstrated transparency and accountability in leading Curry County.

Through his strong leadership, he has brought financial asset management and fiscal responsibility to government. We no longer have millions of dollars sitting in non-interest bearing accounts. The Road Department Reserve Fund has earned an additional $545,000 in interest, the result of his investment expertise. Downsizing county government to meet the public's demand for more efficiency and effectiveness also demonstrates his leadership.

Contrast this with the misguided and mean-spirited accusations of disgruntled former county employee, Linda Elfman (per April 7 Letter to the Editor). Another former discontented employee, Susan Brown, is running against Commissioner Waddle, supported by yet another disgruntled former employee, Patti Cook, who is her campaign manager. OMG, look at who is Ms. Brown's campaign treasurer andndash; Marilyn Shafer. What a combination for disaster! We absolutely cannot afford that "bunch" to regain control of Curry County!

Please use reason, logic and common sense, and join me in re-electing Bill Waddle, Curry County commissioner!

Claudia M. Kemper


Inflation exists, bills don't lie


No inflation? Curry County shows:

1. The Federal Columbia River power system was to develop western state economies. The cost of delivered electricity has risen 33.5 percent in three years.

2. Gasoline more than doubled in three years.

3 "Forever" stamps were followed by a 2 percent postage increase without a price on the stamp: more sneaky price increases to come? An area processing center closure slows mail. Post offices close due to rising costs. Rural residents will drive further for mail services.

4. Pharmacy co-pays for retired military folks just increased 67 percent for generic medications. Groceries prices: 1. The 5 pound bag of sugar is now 4 pounds. The 4 pounds costs more than the 5 pounds. 2. A national brand 4 pound Creamy Peanut Butter has gone up 60 percent. 3. Selective Deli lunch meat, ham and turkey, has risen 14 percent. 4. Laundry detergent has increased in price by decreasing the amount per package. The detergent with the cute little plastic measuring cup has a measure scribe line that is lower than previously. The manufacturer claims the new stuff is more concentrated. 5. A bag of doggie stick treats has decreased in size, weight and color. 6. A national brand toilet paper, single sheet, has decreased in size 1/4 inch. Seem small? At a listed 176 sheets per roll that decrease in size is a 6 percent reduction in roll content, for the same price.

Dramatic and cloaked inflation is out there: bills don't lie.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

'Worst customer service' category


No catagory for what I would love to see the Pilot run: Namely a survey for the worst customer service in town.

Perhaps this would shake up several places known for ignoring customers.

Judith McFarlane