The Curry Coastal Pilot

President Obama is way out of his depth


Last week the Pilot published a letter I sent opining that President Obama was a con-man and I now would like to rebut my own thesis.

In my opinion he is not a con-man, the media and the guilt-ridden white population of this country should apologize to Barack Obama for electing him president and for all the wrong reasons! The man is obviously way out of his depth and is struggling mightily to accomplish his goals in spite of the massive inertia against his projects.

"There is nothing so inexorable as an idea whose time has come" nor nothing so futile as one that is wrong for it's time.

Martin Sullivan


Veterans memorial fundraising begins


Successful fundraiser despite the storm outside andndash; winds were howling and rain was falling, but the spaghetti feed continued and CCVMA (Curry County Vietnam Memorial Association) collected approximately $1,200 at Saturday's fundraiser for the Veterans Memorial.

CCVMA would like to thank the Gold Beach Senior Center for the use of their facility, with special thanks to Marlyn Schafer, Florene Burns and Dave Swindell. They worked tirelessly before, during and after the event. A big thank you to Nic and his sax (Ron Nicholas and Kathy Miles) who provided the music. Other volunteers we would like to thank are: Kathie Wills, Sally Laasch, Jo Atherton, Haley Timeus, Dennis and Andrea Shannon, Rick Mahanay, Errol Roberts, Kenneth and Roberta Vogt, and Sam and Rita Vitale.

We also greatly appreciate the food donations by Ray's Food Place and McKay's Market in Gold Beach and Grocery Outlet in Brookings.

This is a start for our fundraising and you will be hearing about more events during the upcoming months.

Our next event will be April 29, at Star of the Sea Church Hall. The Knights of Columbus will be sponsoring a breakfast for us from 7:30 until 10 a.m. Please plan to attend. You will get a great breakfast for just $7. On May 5, we are having a Golf Tournament and Car Show at Salmon Run golf course. We're praying for good weather on this one!

For information on any of our events, you may call Sam Vitale, 541 469-6443. Thank you everyone for your support!

Sam Vitale,

for the board of CCVMA


Genuinely funny and not nasty or profane


I just want to say that Jake Westbrook's column is the best thing to happen to the Pilot in a long time.

It's nice to read something genuinely funny and not nasty, sarcastic, or profane. I look forward to his column and always get a laugh out of it. Probably because he writes about things that could happen to any of us.

Keep up the good work, Jake. You have a bright future ahead of you!

Jean M. Phillips


What you know vs. who you know


As Dan Hannum's April 4 analysis of Jim Janek's March 28 letter points out, more facts are needed. Many are available at

The Tax Policy Center states that the top 1 percent in 2009 made $503,613 or more from all sources, projected upward to $532,613 for 2011. The IRS figures that their Adjusted Gross Income hit $380,354 in 2008, trending downward. For 2009, this loophole saved $164,159 andndash; a 33 percent reduction before their taxes are even calculated!

But, don't doctors, for example, save lives? The California State Personnel Board pays a "Chief Physician and Surgeon, Correctional Facility" $256,860 andndash; too low for the 1 percent. The Census Bureau gives the 2008 median income for Americans at $52,175, while the Obama administration defines "middle class" as ending at $250,000. Obama's salary of $400,000 plus other income puts him near the bottom of the 1 percent. Magic Johnson got $25 million a year in salary and endorsements. In 2007 Bank of America CEO Kenneth D. Lewis grabbed total compensation over $20 million, according to Wikipedia.

I don't know how many lives those two saved, but a friend in L.A. used to insist "it isn't what you know, it's who you know."

William O. West


People value and support motherhood


The Pregnancy Care Center must have made Saint Patrick smile with the smells of corned beef and gourmet cooked cabbage wafting the social hall of The Church of the Nazarene on Saturday, March 17.

People were surrounded by whimsical looking trees and candlelit bags. Everyone felt a little bit Irish that night.

Patty DeMartin, the executive director over the centers, gave a wonderful presentation about what the centers offer to women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Care Center offers all of its services free: confidential pregnancy tests, peer counseling, both a prenatal and a parenting class, and baby and maternity clothes from our Mommy Market.

We are located at 344 Pacific Ave., in Brookings. Our phone number is 541-469-1846.

It is wonderful to be in a community that values and supports motherhood.

Karen Kirkendall,

development director, The Pregnancy Care Center


No majority in Curry, nothing happens


Complacency, the amalgamated "No Hurry in Curry" association to advance nothing, hold their bi-annual cook-out indoors; no one showed up so a concerned citizen shut the door.

When someone has time the cookout will be rescheduled.

Members were polled and one voted to hold off until the next leap year. It was unanimous. There is no majority in Curry County, thus nothing happens.

Dogs, cats, and cigarettes, really?

Special Elections, No, Sales Tax, No; neither are cost effective. Property Tax, Yes, easy to implement and every resident shares the burden.

Curry County will not last a month without law enforcement.

Four opposing cars at an intersection is a test, wait until the cops are gone.

The city has a plan for traffic around Bi-Mart; what are we going to do with the bodies? I, like the Pilot, am happy Bi-Mart is here, I am glad other new businesses are planned. I cannot say I have been to every business in the area, but I believe I have visited every restaurant that has opened in Brookings and Harbor. You cannot count the number that have come and gone, nor the current ones that are on the edge or for sale.

Down from Fifth and up from the river are four good or great places to eat, you have a good time and save gas. What more could you ask for?

Thank you for the dog poop on my welcome mat, Jerk!

Clifton Siemens


Watch all the talent come together


We are so impressed with the talent in our community. We have a vast reservoir of talent among us, many of whom give tirelessly of their time. We have seen it during concerts, at local venues, during the Art Walk, and through local play productions.

Lately we have had the great pleasure and privilege of sitting in on preparations for the upcoming Brookings Harbor Community Theater production of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew andndash; from auditions through rehearsals. It's been fascinating to see how quickly the actors have gone from "cold-read auditions" to really getting into their roles. We are so proud watching people of different generations working together with such harmony, respect, and dedication.

The teenage director, Barbara Holmes, is amazing. We can't say enough about Dori Blodgett. She has given so much time, energy, and love to our community, especially its youth. Our thanks, too, to those parents who consistently lend support through their commitment to their sons' or daughters' involvement in our local theaters andndash; some being on hand to help with all aspects of the various productions. Thank you to all the actors and stage crew andndash; your talent and dedication are astounding and awe-inspiring.

We hope the community will really get out and support this play. So much hard work goes into each and every production. It's a pleasure to see it all come together.

Paula and Tom Broock


Petty pay-backs and personal vendettas


Since taking office, Commissioner Waddle's "management style" has been a series of petty pay-backs and personal vendettas.

Most public have been the departures of the former elected County treasurer of twelve years, Izzy Brock, and the former Economic Department director, Susan Brown. After many publicized incidents and the stripping away of her staff, Izzy Brock suffered health issues, took leave and ultimately resigned her office last year.

Waddle and Rhodes tried twice to get rid of Susan Brown and the Economic Development Department. The first time, while former County Commissioner Georgia Nowlin was still on the Board of Commissioners (BOC), the public outcry and push back stopped their efforts. Last year, with David Itzen on the BOC, they succeeded. Now the lottery funds for Economic Development go to the commissioner's office.

Less public, but equally disturbing are other incidents of attempted intimidation of county employees and department heads. In March, 2010, county planners bravely investigated and wrote up county and state violations involving a contractor and Commissioner Rhodes at the Brookings Airport. In response to their diligence, Waddle went down to the department looking for the director and "expressed his displeasure" in several ways, per a department memo. The two planners are no longer with the county.

Former Veteran's Service Officer Frank Van Meter also felt "an attempt to intimidate" expressed in a May 2011 county email to Waddle shortly before he retired four months later.

It's time to VOTE OUT Waddle and end his mean-spirited brand of "management."

Linda Elfman

Pistol River