The Curry Coastal Pilot

Youth can make responsible choices


I must respectfully disagree with Karlie Wright's recent (Pilot, March 28) discussion on underage drinking.

First off, why is it that American teenagers can die for our country before they can legally toast their victories? Next, 21 is not some magical age that people reach and are suddenly able to drink responsibly, particularly in the absence of sane parental input.

In Eugene, I often see young revelers for whom excessive alcohol consumption appears to be the focal point of an evening, which contributes to the negative consequences that come from drinking too much, regardless of age.

I never witnessed this in Germany, where I lived for five years between the ages of 15 and 26. There, spending time with friends is the centerpiece of a gathering, where teenagers can have a beer or two (or not), generally while well-supervised at a parent's house. The legal age for buying alcohol is 18, but is not strictly enforced. The driving age is also 18, and to me it is sensible to learn to drink before learning to drive, but that's another letter.

I am heartened by Ms. Wright's assertion that young people listen to their parents, but adults should respect teenagers' trust by being honest and reasonable, and not demonizing alcohol until the age of drinking majority. (The same goes for discussions about marijuana and sex andndash; again, for another letter.)

If we respect our youth and give them tools to make safe, responsible decisions, they will not disappoint us.

Paige Cramond

raised in Brookings,

lives in Eugene

Catch and educate them or fine them


Trash Problem. I think G.D Henderson needs to slow down when he reads and stop dropping the S-bomb (Pilot, March 28).

The original article stated that people were bringing their trash from home and filling up the trash cans at the beach. Everyone creates trash, yet the city does not require you to have trash service. What do you think people will do with it? Surely they won't eat it. I suggest they combine trash with some other service. This will generate some more funds for the city and create a place for people to put their own trash.

The beach needs trash cans and doggie bags. If the problem is so large, it shouldn't be a huge task to catch the people and educate them or fine them.

Mike Pundyk


Removing port trash cans not the answer


I've lived in Brookings for over 50 years.

My father was president of the port commission for a number of years and the last thing he would have done was turn the port into a dump, but that is what it will look like if you do not put out trash cans.

If people are putting their home trash in the cans, fine them up to $500 if caught. Try to get a special rate from CTR. Apply for a grant or something. The next thing I see coming is a ban on dogs in the park. After all, dog poop is more fun to step on than a cigarette butt.

Sporthaven park is the most used park in the area. I've been proud to take my friends and relatives there because it is a wonderful place, but I can see what it will become with no place for folks to put their trash.

Dee Shurtleff


First graders have new rug to sit on


I want to thank the wonderful people who have made it possible for my first grade class to have a comfortable spot to sit.

Thanks to Lorna and the Pilot for the beautifully written article about our need for a rug. Thank you to the community members who have shown an amazing caring attitude in their donations and well wishes for our children.

Thanks to all of you, not only was the rug on funded, but two other rugs and financial support for the basic needs of our children have also been donated.

Thanks also to Deanna Marrington for bringing attention to our need. It is inspiring to live and work in such a supporting community. With much thanks,

Dannielle Dietrich

Kalmiopsis Elementary School

Why a veteran's memorial?


It is a sacred place to honor the men and women who have served and are still serving to protect our freedom and the things we as citizens hold dear.

Everyone will be able to put the name of a family member on a memorial tile. They will be remembered always, for they have earned our respect and admiration for the time they spent away from family, the blood they shed and the lives that some lost.

I was raised in the Midwest during the post World War II era. A memorial was put in place almost immediately to honor our hometown veterans in spite of low funds due to the Dust Bowl. It was erected in the county seat which was 36 miles from our farm. Every time I had a chance, even as a child, I would visit the memorial and I always felt the feeling of awe when I was there.

It is my hope that when this memorial is finished, the public will visit and experience the same feeling. I know I will.

I have felt for many years we in Curry County should have a Veterans' Memorial, and now thanks to the hard work of a few veterans and the involvement of both the private and the public sector it will be built.

Thank you.

Marlys Boyer


Our troubles with the homeless


Well I guess we've been told pretty much how it is gonna be in our troubles with the homeless.

Clean up after them and perhaps they won't stay the night on your property. If they seen a bit drunk or outwardly aggressive ... suck it up! They have a Constitutional right to squat wherever they are allowed. They can be drunk and loud and intimidating. Is nothing saving us from their public intoxication in the area of rules or ordinances?

And I do believe that if you fine these homeless, you will see that they might just be getting their Social Security, unemployment or some other form of aid. And a few probably get their monies from a different, non-legal way. Without the overhead of rent or utilities, I would think they would be eligible to pay for their littering fine or whatever other fines. We could offer a homeless drop box in multiple places around our area. Perhaps the donations could be distributed at different times throughout the day. You know, in case someone ... sleeps in a bit. There are even a few counties that will fine the people who stop and offer the homeless stuff while they are panhandling.

And as for their dogs ... are they checked for licenses or shots? I know that we are a strapped community with no revenue to help out in this area. But really, what are we to do? Should we all carry trash bags to clean up our town? If we go on a walk to the store or whatever, would we have to clean up all the litter left behind by the non-fineable homeless because that is the only way to get it cleaned?

Well at least we have one thing to hope for while we strive to clean our town up ... if we clean it, perhaps they will go. I doubt it though Who wouldn't mind a bit of housekeeping done for you?

Tina Kirkpatrick


Recognition they earned and deserve


Thank you for publishing information regarding flags being posted on the bridge over the Chetco River on March 30, in honor of "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans" day.

Though this recognition, by our government, is nearly 40 years overdue, it's time Vietnam Veterans receive the recognition they earned and deserve. Never again should our men and women serving in the Armed Forces receive the kind of treatment as those returning from Vietnam.

I am proud to be an associate member of Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 757. All who served have my utmost respect.

Judith A. Anderson


We need time to save Curry County


Curry County is well suited for Keynesian and Supply Side Economic principles.

Because of our physical and economic isolation, the timber, fishing, service, retail, tourism, and similar small industries "Supply Side Economics" are not able to meet economic needs. However, our geography and climate are well suited for retirement communities with retirement income "Keynesian Economics" to help meet these economic needs. We face a current deficit of some $2M, and we need some time.

Susan Brown's efforts, in her several years' tenure as county director of Economic Development, was unable to grow the economy to meet current needs. Fortunately, the commissioners, with Commissioner Rhodes' initiative, took steps to meet the current crisis and buy time to grow the retirement communities. The solution, development by private investors of a Curry County Park, a world class golf course, and Cape Blanco Airport. The development cost is in excess of $60M, $2M/year maintenance, $2M/year lease and taxes, and possible $2M-$3M good faith money. This Park concept is legal but negotiable. It's good for North Curry County economics and retirement communities.

Private investors would approach something this size with caution and a non-divulgence agreement; that's just good business. Beverly Bacak's significant effort to identify potential Curry County Park private investors may slow or even halt the project and this is not in the interests of saving Curry County.

When Curry County achieves economic sustainability, County government will function normally. In the short term, we are going to take our lumps. With the $2M or so deficit, it is going to be painful. The county will have a smaller work force with less pay, slower services, or worse, curtailed services.

Curry County cannot, under current State Statues, do bankruptcy reorganization. We will make the 6 o'clock news, not as a county in bankruptcy reorganization as there are a lot of those, but as a county that failed, notoriety. Tourists and investors will be as scarce as "hens teeth."

Frank Hageman


Brown andndash; leadership and transparency


I have a question for the three current Curry County commissioners:

The budget for economic development for fiscal year 2011-2012 was $150,000 ($70,000 carryover from previous year plus $80,000 lottery money). Since you disbanded the office of economic development that Susan Brown was heading in June of 2011 and decided to handle that activity yourselves, I'd like to know what the $150,000 was spent on in the way of economic development? We already know about the $9,000 that went to Oregon Solutions for a report saying that you need an office of economic development, but what else have you done?

Perhaps you could give the citizens of Curry County an accounting? With the new public records policy, I can't afford to find out the information myself.

All these projects were under way with Susan's efforts and all were either abandoned or outsourced.

andbull;The USDA local meat processing project which had been approved and partially funded by the USDA.

andbull;The website.

andbull;Work with six local start-up businesses had to be picked up by SOCC in Coos Bay andndash; (an example of money leaving the area).

andbull;Two Enterprise Zones Susan was managing were outsourced to CCD

andbull;Business Development in Roseburg.

andbull;USDA Food Co-op andndash; transferred to city of Port Orford by Susan before leaving.

andbull;Information Technology Advisory Committee.

andbull;Curry County Promotional Alliance.

andbull;Curry County Clean Energy Committee.

andbull;Negotiations with potential business from Michigan.

We desperately need true leadership and transparency. We need Susan Brown andndash; see and vote!

Eileen Sorrels


Pizza and Pennies for Pooches


How would you like to have a good time, plus eat all the pizza and salad that you want and still help a very important non-profit organization called, "Pennies for Pooches"; all for only $10 a person?

Come down to Sunset Family Pizza at 29790 Ellensburg Ave., Gold Beach, on April 4 between 5 and 8 p.m. Take a chance on your luck and enter the raffle too!

This is a non-profit that depends solely on the kindness of the public and your donations that allow the organization to continue to do difficult rescues, to save the lives of unwanted and homeless animals and to spay and neuter animals. Every penny goes directly to the cause. We want to give a huge thank you to Sunset Family Pizza for wanting to help our furry friends.

Also, on April 28 at the Curry County Shelter we are having a dog wash for $10, nail trimming for $5, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Bring down your doggie and let them get a little pampered and, while your pet is enjoying all the attention, know how many others that you are helping. The last dog wash raised $844. That could not have happened without you the public and your caring hearts.

We appreciate all your compassion, and all the doggies that you are saving say thank you with their trusting eyes, wagging tails, and their very special kisses. Donations are always welcome to Pennies for Pooches: P.O. Box 1883 Gold, Beach, OR 97444.

Thank you for your tremendous support to this great organization.

Marci Kitchen


Obama working a con on the country


A con man or confidence man is a swindler who relies on the basic trust most people have in others to get them to give him things.

Barack Obama seems to be just such an individual, who's been working a con on the country but finally came up against a group of people who see through his brazen lies. The U.S. Supreme Court! Justice Scalia directly asked his representative "Do you think we're stupid?" The answer is "yes," Obama does think we're stupid and we are, for buying his con in 2008!

P.T. Barnum once observed, "You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time but you can't fool all the people all the time!".

Martin J. Sullivan


Brown's business plan for the county


I think Susan Brown has a cape with a big S on it in her closet.

I met Susan Brown at an Information Technology meeting for the Curry County andndash; I was a committee member. At that time she had multiple costumes that she pulled out of her closet: an IT (Information Technology) manager, business development manager, grant writer, project coordinator, and more. From my perspective, she was a marvel.

Especially, how she handled her role in the launching Coastal Home, Health and Hospice (out from under the county's wing) into a non-profit agency to serve Curry County and possibly beyond. This group can now stand on its own without county funding. Her salary was even paid for through Lottery dollars dedicated to economic development. She cost the county nothing. The county made money by employing her.

She even showed the commissioners how they could save more money by dropping her healthcare coverage. She was actually being double covered and the county would not let her back out of their mandatory paycheck deduction. Instead they cut her position as business development coordinator for Curry County (another example of wrong thinking by our current group of commissioners).

I've invested in Curry County; I've run a business here for over 10 years, and I think we have an opportunity here to put a real doer into the commissioners' office.

We need a commissioner who can go after those grants that we so badly need. Who can bring in new businesses, like she has already.

I like Susan's (with a big S) Business Plan for Curry County and her job development point of view. I encourage you to mail or walk your vote in for Susan as soon as you can.

Bill Andrews


Curry County and the three dwarfs


Goofy, Dopey, Useless, all making $65,000 a year and who knows what other perks come their way.

The Curry Coastal Pilot constantly states: Mr. Itzen, Mr. Waddle and Mr. Rhodes are hard at work andndash; working on the budget crises? Doing what? Telling that public safety (the sheriff) will no longer be there in 2013 because there is no money in the budget! George Rhodes stated: "That our home insurance costs would double because there will be no public safety" (Pilot March 21).

Spending $5,000 (money we do not have) investigating to see if it's a good time to put a sales tax on the May ballot. You could have asked any of the 21,000 people in Curry County for the answer and saved the five grand!

Where were they in years past and where have the other commissioners in the past been? Certainly not addressing the budget or lack of it because of impending federal forest money ending in the year 2013!

If one looked up "kick the can down the road" in Webster's New World, they would see a picture of our three dwarfs. This really is a classic example of ignoring a problem until it becomes the monster that it is.

Then the monster is so big it eats everyone up. But probably not our three dwarfs. They will go on kicking the can down the road (trying to add a new tax) ignoring real problems, and try to scare hard-working, taxpaying people.

Let's stop all of this! Vote them out!

Andrew T. Ragan