The Curry Coastal Pilot

Sales tax leadsto higher costs


Starting a sales tax in Curry County will begin another Empire (State) Building process leading to higher costs than expected.

People selection, staff size, health, insurance, retirement costs, office space, utilities, transportation, collection and enforcement will quickly outstrip net benefits. With a sales tax, why shop Curry County for anything when compared to Del Norte with large stores just 20 minutes south? Other than less fuel taxes (maybe) the documented 60 percent of Del Norte shoppers crossing the border will be gone.

As with the federal government, more income is not the solution. Cutting spending is! Review every job for value, necessity and importance long range, review every dollar spent by every agency and survive!

Bob Douglas

Smith River

Garbage cans at Sporthaven Beach


OK, I have to ask, whose stupid, idiotic idea was it to remove the garbage cans from Sporthaven Beach?

I can't believe some dummy in power would think it was even remotely a good idea to do something so stupid. Do you know what will happen now? If whoever is responsible thinks people are going to take their trash home with them sure has a rude awakening coming. I can promise you that without the cans people will just leave their trash behind on the beach and around the RV park. The birds will get into it and make the mess even worse. And what about those puppy "uh-oh" bags? What are people suppose to do with those? I doubt the dog owners want to pack that around and then put it into their vehicles to take home.

Who is kidding whom? What's next? They going to put the locks back on the public bathrooms? Charge a day-use fee to go to the public beach? It's pretty funny that the excuse for taking away the garbage cans is because people were putting trash in them. Well what else are you suppose to use a garbage can for? Plant flowers in them? Stack them into some sort of modern art sculpture? Use them for a life preserver for a drowning swimmer? It's a garbage can, meant for garbage.

Give me a break.

G.D. Henderson


Rich are backbone of the economy


Well, now that we have some of the "99s" all worked up, let's get to the "1s."

They are a little easier to define. They are "The Rich" (patooie, spit, spit). Some folks enviously define "The Rich" as anybody having $1 more than they do, but that's a bit too broad for our purposes. We'll use a slightly narrower classification and describe them as those making more than $250,000 per year.

Who are these evil shirkers of their responsibilities to society? They are doctors, lawyers, managers, business owners, executives, athletes, performers etc. For the most part they had some combination of virtues. They had brains, or a talent and/or they worked hard and smart. They had success and, in attaining it, they invested time and money and supported or created businesses and yes andndash; jobs. They are the backbone of our economy. Without them all of the conscientious, hardworking truck drivers, and steel workers, and miners wouldn't have the jobs they have.

Sure, they have their share of crooks, grifters, parasites and those who "game" the system as do "The 99s." They just make bigger headlines because the individual amounts are so large. Before we get too judge-mental let's look at it this way. Which group is "worse": One where two people "game" the system for $20 each or the one where 200 people "game" the system for $1 each? (remember folks, we're talking dollars and morals here, not equivocations and social justification).

Hang in there. Lots more to come. ...

Jim Hajek

Port Orford

Re-think removal of port trash cans


Responsible people took their trash to a trash can, keeping the beautiful beach at the port clean.

What in the world was wrong with this system? You took away the trash cans. What were you thinking? The trash will still be there. To get rid of it, they will throw it in the ocean, bury it in the sand, or worse, throw it out of the car window on some road.

The consequence of your actions far outweigh the benefits you will receive from this decision. Please re-think removing the trash cans and keep the port clean.

Neil B. Franzen


Crossing street is like dodge ball


How many times have I crossed the intersection of 101 and Fifth Street and the drivers are giving me the finger to dodge their car; yeah, it's like dodge ball.

If your car hits me, who do you think is going to win? You are going to lose more than a finger. Ha ha, and they laugh! Maybe the grave, yours? Or mine? The pedestrian gets the right-of-way! It's not a tragedy, it's stupidity.

Well, as long as I'm on the subject of pedestrians and crosswalks, we do need the crosswalk at Arnold and 101. It was safe before the crosswalk was removed. Out of harms way. Ponder that, please.

Nadine Eldridge


Sporthaven Beach will become a dump


We just got back from walking our dogs at Sporthaven Beach.

We noticed that there are no longer any trash cans along by the beach. Also no longer any dog-litter bags. We usually bring our own bags but that still leaves the problem of where to dispose of them.

Perhaps we could take them over to the park office andndash; that is if they still have waste baskets! I worked for many years in park maintenance and we found that it was a lot more efficient and cost effective to empty trash cans than it was to have to pick up individual pieces of trash. Of course that was a while ago and common sense was more in use back then.

I think that before the summer is over the beach and surrounding area will look like a dump.

R.K. Armstrong


Jo was the heart and soul of festival


We wish to acknowledge the efforts of Jo Mochulski in making the Festival of the Arts into an award winning event.

Before we moved to Brookings our property manager suggested we participate in the Festival. We did and found that people liked our art work. When we moved here I volunteered to be on the committee and worked with Jo and others for several years.

The festival was always one we looked forward to participating in and it was one of our best shows monetarily. We, as well as all the artists, are saddened to see it come to an end.

Going forward Len and I plan to introduce a new art festival which will again bring artisans and tourists to the community to enjoy what we have to offer here on the southern-most Oregon coast.

Violet and Len Burton


Taxes are like a drug to the government


To quote your headline of March 24, "Cha-ching!": Why do you think that happened?

All you have to do is read the article and see the comment from a Crescent City shopper who said "how much better the prices are outside of California." By having a sales tax, we are killing the goose that lays the golden egg. With fuel prices the way they are, do you think people will continue to drive to Oregon to save money? I think not.

Has anyone actually figured out how much retail sales it would take at a 3 percent sales tax rate to generate a sufficient amount of revenue to make up the projected budget shortfall? Has anyone taken into account the cost of administrating such a tax?

Taxes are like a drug to government. I say, "Just Say No!"

Allan W. Stewart


Women should get informed and vote


On Aug. 18, 1920, Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the Constitutional Amendment granting women the right to vote.

I was not yet five months old, having been born April 8.

As my 92nd birthday approaches, I look back upon my life andndash; feeling very old. Considering that our country is nearly 236 years old, the length of time that women have had the right to vote seems short.

One of the organizations that I worked for wholeheartedly was the League of Women Voters. The League was founded to help women become informed voters. It has worked very hard to do-that.

Women, no matter what their age, need to realize the great effort and sacrifice women before us put forth so that we could vote. It would be an insult to them and a slur upon our gender if we were not to exercise our right. In these troubled times, our country needs especially our wisdom.

Take the time to become informed. Then, for every citizen's sake, vote.

Betty Crooks