The Curry Coastal Pilot

Tozer's time, talents benefit many folks


The leadership, staff and members of the Chetco Activity Center (CAC) sincerely want to thank Ira Tozer for all the time and energy he has put into the computer classes over the years at the CAC.

Beginning in March of 2008, with a seed of an idea, two computers and a friend named Marvin, he began teaching area residents the basics of how to use these very essential and challenging tools. He patiently led student after student through the process of powering on their computers to entering data, to accessing the Internet for information, to saving their pictures and socializing online. His skills as a teacher and friend have been deeply appreciated.

Here at the CAC, we are grateful for our friends and the commitment made by volunteers to help seniors in our community live more fulfilling lives, full of all sorts of activities, whether through nutritious meals, exercise, financial education, or computer use. It is, without a doubt, imperative that we all learn to fully use the capabilities of computers and the Internet. Ira Tozer has contributed a great deal to the success of this program.

Again, many thanks to Ira Tozer for his generous contribution of time, talents and skills as a teacher who changed the lives of many students in the free computer classes held in the Chetco Activity Center.

Janice Scanlon, community relations director, Chetco Activity Center, Brookings

Curry commissioners are doing nothing


As a member of the Citizens' Committee I had hope that the current county commissioners would take steps to improving the operation and finances of the County. Sadly they are doing nothing. We sent them 19 points for action.

The one item we said DON'T DO they are doing! That is a ballot measure in May. The committee has experts that said that is not enough time. Also, it is not true that we can't wait until November to make positive, educated decisions on the ballot.

First thing they were to do was decrease their pay by at least 60 percent and hire a county manager. They dismissed that idea out of hand! To have a 6 percent room tax in the county outside the cities they say isn't worth the trouble for $100.000. Not bad if you're broke! The rest to be used to promote tourism and undefined as in the city tax. There are needed things on that list!

A 3 percent sales tax may be a good idea but needs a sales program by November. It wouldn't stop California buyers from coming to Curry to save 7 percent!

None of the current commissioners have any formal management training and very little experience and it shows. Hire a professional and the county will run efficiently as in other Oregon counties. There are models.

Members of the commissioners' staffs have proclaimed openly that the Committee offered only one item worth considering, the rest were tossed. There are a bunch of people that have filed to run for commissioner. Listen to what they have to say about how they would run the county and how much they should be paid. The two incumbents have no clue.

Regardless of the "rain dance" by our governor and the Federal reps, timber sales and wood products manufacturing is not a near term shot. The dance is required political exercise.

Paul Fossum


We all stand for our nation, its veterans


Reply to Michael Pierce, (Pilot, March 3): sir, I am a Proud Member of the VFW, Post 966, and I appreciate your letter of support for the veterans.

But, I must take exception to the extremely short list of supporting organizations.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars was formed in 1899, and has over 1,500,000 members, across the United States of America, in 7,644 posts. We are a non-profit organization and receive no funding from the United States Tax Receipts and we are supported solely by donations from the public and our members.

Our organization's primary purpose and goal is to be a continuing lifeline of support for our returning veterans. We are here to serve regardless of rank, rate, branch of service, race or religion, male or female, without prejudice or preference.

We have the ability to help any veteran and their families, to find and receive any medical and financial help that all honorably discharged veterans are entitled to.

I would like to remind you, we also do many civic projects, which include Vietnam Memorial Wall, memorial services at the port, Veterans Day Memorial at the VFW Post, Fourth of July Fireworks, services at the cemetery, flags and rebuilt crosses, support local fundraising for the Red Cross, Emblem Club and local school projects.

We, the members of Post 966, Brookings, own our post, land and building, and we offer the use of our facility to any and all service organizations (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and all auxiliary groups) who may wish to hold meetings or other functions.

We all stood tall for our proud nation and are brothers and sisters under one God and one flag, and we will not to be segregated by hostility from dissident groups. "All Gave Some, Some Gave All" Not my words.

I am attaching documentation with this letter and you can review it for yourself of_ Foreign_ Wars.

Robert Melka


Advocating share the wealth agenda?


After reading Leonard Azar'˙s letter (Pilot, March 3) I gather that he suggests we repeal that portion of the Fifth Amendment of our Constitution which prohibits the taking of private property for public use without just compensation, and adopt communist China's procedures for seizing private property with some government bureaucrat determining "fair prices."

Numerous U.S. Supreme Court cases have defined just compensation as fair market value. Fair Market Value is generally defined as the price that property would sell for on the open market. It is the price that would be agreed on between a willing buyer and a willing seller, with neither being required to act, and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts.

I assume that Mr. Azar would advocate appointment of a Czar of Land Acquisition to determine a fair price. Should Mr. Obama be re-elected, perhaps Mr. Azar will request that he be appointed to that position since his philosophies seem in harmony with Obama's share the wealth agenda.

Earl Dunn


The Waddle and Rhodes reunion tour


The Waddle and Rhodes Show is gearing up for a reunion tour.

They're greatest comedy act on the Border Coast since the 1964 tsunami.

If you've never seen the W and R Show, here's a sample of their bumbling moron schtick:

andbull;"Permits? We don't need no stinkin'˙ permits! It's our airport"

andbull;"Awright, youse guys andndash; which one'a ya's da dirty rotten rat what finked on my buddy 'bout th'˙ airport deal?"

andbull;"We desperately need the voters to approve the law enforcement levy we placed on the ballot andhellip; The voters rejected it? Why didn't somebody explain how desperately we needed the law enforcement levy that we placed on the ballot?"

andbull;"Money? We don't need no stinkin'˙ money. We'll just take it from the Road Department; they got plenty!"

andbull;"We're gonna get some land around that abandoned airport. I'll tell you why after it's all over."

andbull;"Assistant Treasurer? We don't need no stinkin'˙ Assistant Treasurer."

andbull;"You want to know who'll build that golf course at the airport? Go away, kid, ya bother me!"

andbull;"Good thing the Republican Central Committee ordered us nonpartisan commissioners to announce that it was a conflict of interest for a candidate for commissioner to be on the Citizen's Committee for the budget."

They're ready to return by popular demand. Go catch their act in Gold Beach. Their routine's so funny that you'll laugh andhellip; until you cry.

Michael Pitts-Campbell


Wake up and smell the roses


Our county is in serious trouble.

We, the people, have to come up with a solution and soon. Debating the solution is fine, but we need an answer.

How about putting a sales tax and a property tax on the ballot and let us determine our future by picking one. If we don't make a decision soon there won't be roses to smell.

Martin Cappello


No redemption andndash;so vote them out


Our once great nation cannot be redeemed if it is re-Dem.d. So, vote the varmints out!

C.L. Grove


Is this the final nail in our coffin?


Our local business owners struggle on a daily basis to keep one step ahead of closure and/or bankruptcy.

In recent years I've watched as one business after another closed its doors. Each time the result was lack of incomes, jobs, and services. Every time one went down a few more people were unemployed, a few more wholesale products weren't sold, another building wasn't leased, rented, or purchased, a little less advertising was sold, and, oh yes, we lost a few more revenue dollars. Not to mention the fact that the employees may be eligible for unemployment benefits, of course at less income than the job provided, but most of the owners of those businesses weren't

Curry County businesses need all the advantages they can get to stay afloat Let alone we the citizens of this county can't actually afford one more added cost to our living expenses. A sales tax on any level is just one more discouraging expense that our citizens or businesses simply can't afford to absorb. Sales tax on a couple of CDs down at the music counter doesn't seem like much, but wait till you want to buy a couch or a car.

Our county budget certainly needs help, but encumbering our already-struggling economy doesn't make sense to me. A sales tax can only limit purchases at our local businesses. Will the sales tax be the "dream come true idea" for our county or just that last nail in our coffin?

Dexter Fick


It's good to be the dictator


Rosanne Barr is running for president on the Green Party Ticket. I hope she gets someone else to sing her campaign song.

Roseanne Barr is certainly crazy and completely out of her mind. She is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Her qualifications to be president are absolutely zero.

She is every bit as qualified to be president as Barry Obama and Ricky Santorum. Newt Gingrich is actually very qualified to be president. He is also a very horrible person, just like his half-brother Bill Clinton. Ga-Ga-Gooey!

You do have to give President Barry points for being creative. He did not go to Congress to get permission to invade Libya,he went to the United nations and NATO and got permission from them instead. Cool!

Queen Hillary wanted to get permission from the United Nations to invade Syria, but they got blocked from doing so by China and Russia. Those crazy commies are not as keen about setting up another Muslim fanatic state in Africa as we are. Oh Darn it!

It turns out that President Barry and Queen Hillary think it might not be required to get permission from the United Nations after all. Oh goody goody gumdrops! It's good to be the dictator!

Joe Thomas


The end mightnot be so bad


False prophets, don't try to count them, you don't have enough time.

Anti-Christ, I think he's here.

Dec. 21, not to worry, we are not going to reach it if things don't change. I don't believe in life insurance; if you do, that's OK. The money I would spend to insure my life would kill me.

I get sick when I buy gas; I get sick when I go to the grocery store, and I damn near die when I pay for my medical and drug bills. I would kill myself, but I don't want to miss the end of time.

Everything in my home is electric except the can opener, so I keep candy and liquor on hand. And I will quit smoking when I run out of matches.

When the power goes out, my garage door won't open, so I don't need gas; besides, where would I go?

If all of this sounds silly, it is; staying alive is hard enough without worrying about dying. I've noticed a number of people want to be county commissioners; why not, the pay and benefits are good and you don't do much.

We call them public employees but without the private sector they would not exist.

The end may not be so bad; think of the money we will save.

Next door the trees are gone, hence the humming birds are gone, along with a dozen other species of birds, but the cats are gone. I miss the birds, the cats not so much.

Clifton Siemens


We're about to be 'Californicated'


Reading the past letters concerning the sales/property tax issues seems as though those attempting to make the decisions don't give a hoot about those expected to pay all these taxes.

We got handed a committee who immediately hired a couple goobers from up north using $5,000 of you-know-whose money to do something that wasn't necessary. Looks kinda like we're getting, as they've been saying in Nevada, "Californicated" by our officials up here.

If either (or both) of these taxes gets passed you can be sure of two things. The tax(es) will be increased. Soon! And the money will not be used as intended. If any of you don't believe this then you haven't paid attention to the past. In 1907, Richard Long Harkness wrote: "What is a committee? A group of the unwilling picked from the unfit, to do the unnecessary."

Our elected officials with that good pay/benefit package should not be trying to tax us. They should be burning the midnight oil to find another way. Cutting the entitlement gravy train might be a place to start?

Just my thought.

Jeff McMoran