The Curry Coastal Pilot

Ban on smoking is another silly law


A smoking ban at city parks, with a big fine? What genius thought that one up?

What's next? A fine for spitting on the grass?

I hope no one is getting paid to spend their time drafting and passing silly laws like this.

Dave Duffy


Jamming taxes down our throats


A few months ago I was appointed to the Curry County Clean Energy Committee. I volunteered to serve because I believe in the importance and opportunities associated with alternative energy.

The committee was initiated by the previous dedicated economic development department because grant funding is available for worthwhile projects and because the commissioners signed an agreement with the Southern Oregon Clean Energy Alliance (a five county consortium) to pursue clean energy projects and infrastructure. This could create jobs and businesses as well as contributing to a healthier environment.

The committee is struggling because of a lack of clear leadership and support from the commissioners. A proposal was brought to the committee, with funding in place, to assist us in developing potential projects and writing grants. The committee enthusiastically endorsed the proposal and sent it on to the commissioners for their approval. This would cost the county no money. The commissioners initially supported the proposal, then rejected it based on a few people who didn't like it, and now I have heard that they are considering disbanding the Clean Energy Committee altogether.

Since I have been a member, not a single commissioner nor any one from the commissioners' economic development office has been to a meeting or offered assistance of any kind. It distresses me greatly that we will miss out on an environmentally worthwhile step toward economic recovery.

It seems to me that the only thing the commissioners are committed to is jamming a property or sales tax down our throats. I will not support any tax initiative as long as these good old boys are in charge of spending it.

Gary Cook

Gold Beach

Don't take away our right of choice


This letter is in regard to Theodore Allwart's letter to the editor, Feb.29. In reading his letter, the writer uses the word FACT in describing what actually is his personal opinion and not that of being a fact.

FACT can be explained in our Constitution. It is a FACT no individual or group shall remove any person's right of personal choice, whether it be freedom of speech or that of an individual's personal health. Planned Parenthood is a great organization in giving women the ability to have every option in making an informed personal choice. Would you rather we return to back-alley butcher shops?

The writer also uses the word research as being Fact, when actually research is that of a groups or individual gathering information, to give an opinion on a topic of interest. That being said, I can say it is my opinion that the majority of people voicing their opinion and personal religious-based concerns against the freedoms of all women's right of personal choice, is that of MEN, not women.

Education is the key in helping humanity move forward. Removing options in making an informed decision by any woman should not be that of any single person or group. The only advice I can give you is, when the day comes that a man can actually become pregnant, only then would his personal opinion become relevant in making an informed decision.

So let us not take away the personal right of choice. It may come back to bite you in the butt, if and when you become pregnant, and you were part of a group wanting to take away our freedom of personal choice.

Gary Davis


You can have your smoke-free parks


The DI said, "Smoke um if you got um." While we all stood at parade rest, in the Texas sun, some sat under the shade of a tree and smoked. Needless to say, it wasn't long before most of us had um so we too could sit in the shade and smoke. So started my smoking career.

I will not defend smoking; smoking can be bad for your health. But, this big scare that the medical community instigates is way overblown. Not everyone that smokes dies from smoking. Despite the zealots, fewer are affected by others that smoke than they would have us believe.

I am as surprised by the lack of response to these Brookings smoking rules as the editor of this paper is (Smoking ban, Pilot Feb. 29. 2012), or maybe not. Perhaps smokers are accustomed to being attacked by a biased and unsympathetic community.

Instead of villainizing smokers, the obvious solution is to provide a smoking area for those who wish to visit the parks, and venues offered for everyone in this community. But! No matter, if I am to be criminalized for a habit that I struggle with ... that the President of this country struggles with, so be it.

I know the importance of supporting a small community and spending my money here. No more! I will be taking my business elsewhere and I encourage other smokers to do the same. How many storefronts does this community want to close? I grew up in a small town and I know that if half a community attacks the other half, everyone loses.

You people can have your smoke-free parks. Crescent City, Grants Pass, and Coos Bay will get my money.

Stephen Hagerman


I was one ofthose babies


I have often heard that it is better to abort a baby than to have it be born unwanted and raised in an abusive home.

Well, I was one of those unwanted babies. I'm convinced the only reason I wasn't aborted is because abortion was illegal and more difficult to get in those days. I grew up in that violent, abusive home. And let me tell you, at 73 years of age, every day I am thankful that I have the gift of life and the many blessings that go with it. Whether or not that baby has a lifetime of heartache and suffering is up to that child as he or she grows up. Many of us who had that sort of childhood grew up saying the big "No" to living in that type of environment. We determined to make a good life for ourselves and we did.

Furthermore, there is evidence that a baby feels more than "a little pain" while being aborted. There is also evidence that an abortion can harm the woman who has it. And that the pro-abortion movement got off to a shady start.

Anyone who is for abortions should become informed on both sides of the issue before passing judgment. I suggest reading the "Confessions of an Ex-Abortionist" by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who was responsible for over 75,000 abortions. You can find it online.

Dandi Kenoyer


I'd rather have a chance to live


After reading the letter to your paper (Pilot, March 3), I had to respond.

I have never read or heard said anything as cold and uncaring as that letter. To say that we should murder our most innocent and helpless of our citizens because, in our judgement, their lives might be a tougher than some people think it should be.

I'm adopted and I'll tell ya straight up that after 59 years of life, I prefer it to never havin' the chance to live at all. I challenge (anybody) to watch a partial birth abortion (murder), and then tell me about the humanity involved in stabbing a baby in the back of the head, then suctioning out their little brains, I dare ya! I saw a video of one and would love to remove that memory from my brain.

Van Butler


Don't turn Oregon into California


Why is everybody in a hurry to turn Oregon into northern California?

We need a sales tax like we need another spotted owl. Do you think that the people across the border will shop in Brookings if you pass a sales tax? Get real people. Guess who spends the most money shopping in Brookings? Belive me, a lot of people from California shop in Brookings and with the cost of gas going out of sight I am sure they will do all their shopping at home with a sales tax in Brookings.

Now for the need of money. The governor just signed so the counties who need the extra can take it out of the road fund. The president just signed a letter giving back a lot of our logging in the northwest. They finally realized that the spotted owl needed the logging.We also need all county business to be taken care of at the courthouse. We could sell several cars and trucks that burn gas to cut cost. We do not need TWO courthouses in Curry County!

C. C. Roten

Gold Beach

Another empty political promise?


Here we go again with the sales tax idea to get government out of the hole it's dug by being unable to live within any budget.

On page 11A of the Feb. 2 Pilot, we are assured by the Portland tax attorney, Dan Olsen, that "To increase the tax would require a vote of the people." REALLY?

On page 10A, the state Legislature granted Wenatchee (city) the authority to raise its sales tax without voter approval, and (the governor) signed the bill. ..."

Oh! But Wenatchee is in Washington State, not Oregon. Couldn't happen here, could it?

Shannon Wilson


Where is the dialysis center?


Hi to everyone who is haveing dialysis treatments due to kidney failure.

I, Lloyd Costa, attended the opening of the new Curry Medical Center. At that time, I was told by two or three people that they were going to have a center for dialysis. What are they waiting forandhellip; all of us to die?

Three or more people have passed. Are they waiting for the rest of us on dialysis to pass before something is done and there is a center here in Brookings?

Lloyd Costa


Do a good thing for neglected pooches


Yes, times are tough, but if you can, please license your dog, or make a contribution to the Animal Shelter.

You will be doing a really good thing for yourself, and for these neglected pooches which receive such wonderful care at the Animal Shelter in Good Beach.

Please, just do it!

Lee Kincaid

Port Orford

A .5 percent county tax is not too much


Washington County in Wisconsin has a .5 percent sales tax as do 62 of the 72 counties here.

From the February issue of the Wisconsin Taxpayer we see most counties bring in less than $10 million, but Milwaukee gets $60 million and Dane (Madison) collects $40.5 million. Totals for 2010 were $276 million statewide!

This has been going on for over 20 years now andndash; providing lots of property tax relief and local road repairs in addition to other necessities. In Wisconsin, sales taxes comprise 28 percent, income taxes almost 52 percent and property taxes run around 20 percent of the total state and local taxes collected.

Yes, it's a regressive tax, but it's considered "fair" by the majority (unless you're poor). We also pay 14 percent of our property taxes for county needs. That $2.75/ thousand provides local road repairs, sheriff and county government. Our state also has a 5 percent general sales tax. We understand Californians pay 7.25 percent and Washington taxpayers pay 6 percent.

Perhaps it's time for Oregon to join the other 45 states with a sales tax and then Curry County could institute a .5 percent tax as many other counties do around the country. We think safety protection and good medical care are priorities. The proposed $2/thousand ($1.40 plus 60 cents) total for county services and even a 3 percent state plus a .5 percent county tax are good starts for the 21st century.

We are also 30 miles from a Level One trauma center not 300! Even places as remote as Homer, Alaska, have a good trauma center. Just thinking. Is it time to think of and take care of the people yet? After all, it's 2012 already!

Ken and Linda Smith

Hartford, Wis.

It is not against the law to smoke


Why are we even wasting our time discussing this? How ridiculous!

Is it illegal to smoke? Last I heard ... it wasn't!

I am not a smoker ... but I believe in a Free America. Until it is against the law to smoke ... walk on the other side of the sidewalk!

I think police officers have enough on their plate to worry about ... not you want to add something more? Are we bored?

S. Mowery, park walker