The Curry Coastal Pilot

Voters will not OK 'tax only' solution


A second to "a comprehensive approach" (Pilot, Feb. 12).

Tim Patterson made a clarification that if a modest Property Tax is presented to the voters, it should be coupled with other revenue generating suggestions and major expenditure cuts. I believe that type of comprehensive plan is the only approach that stands a chance with the voters of Curry County.

The articles in this paper indicate that the only solutions being looked at are a property tax, a sales tax, or a raid on the road funds. Why is there no talk of a reorganization of county government? Do we need three paid commissioners and all of their expenses? Can savings be accomplished by reorganization in the three levels of law enforcement? These were some of the ideas presented by the Citizens' Committee.

I do not believe that presenting voters with a "tax only" solution could pass. A comprehensive approach that couples a modest tax increase with changes that cut costs might just have a chance.

Jack Worrall


99 percent and interesting initials


Was 2011 the year of nines or will 2012 follow suit.

9-9-9 was a good idea; like all good ideas it will probably die.

99 percent, who are they?

If the 99 percent are viable, there are only 60 plus people in Brookings that are not in the club.

Can you imagine 6,000 people protesting the 19 ways to create revenue the citizens committee proposed?

Can you imagine a 99-percent turnout for an election?

If 99 percent of the people in Brookings really were Christians we could quit trying to find heaven.

Did you know? Confusion and disgusted are nine-letter words.

I find initials interesting.

OTR (off the radar) you know, like OCCA and CFCU or BLM, they took our trees but pay no fees. RR isn't ready for BM.

OK, just one more. ODOT and the Weigh Station.

I have an idea how to balance the county budget. Let's get rid of the county commissioners and hire a CPA with a law degree and have him or her take back our trees and fishing grounds. There's gold in them there hills and some of it is real.

In November I am voting for a president, not a priest, right to life and abortion are religious and moral issues not political.

Discuss it with your maker.

Clifton Siemens


Send renewal fee, help save shelter


Gentle readers, in an effort to help save our shelter I went through the license renewals with a fine tooth comb.

I printed out all the ones who didn't renew. Could you please send in the license renewal with your check? Could you help us save the only place the dogs have to be safe? Sheriff Bishop and I talked one day and if everyone put a license on their dog, we, the shelter, would have about $300,000 in revenue. Yes, you read that right.

For me a license is a way to get your dog home safe and for those dogs who never leave home, I call it a donation to the shelter which is so appreciated. I want to pick the shelter up as a nonprofit but it is going to take me time. And according to the undersheriff, time is of the essence for the shelter. For those of you who renewed at your local vet for January or February please ignore this renewal and I thank you for helping us.

Once the nonprofit does the "take over" we hope to change things a bit, making it much more affordable to license, especially for fixed income folks, but for now I am begging you to help me save the shelter. Our homeless dogs need a place to call home until they find a home.

Thank you and as always, God bless you.

Catherine Powers

Curry County Animal Shelter

Gold Beach

Support for SCHS was wonderful


South Coast Humane Society and all of the animals in our care wish to send out a heartfelt thanks to Shawntisha Bailey for her lovely performance on behalf of the shelter.

Ms. Bailey put a great deal of work into preparing for this concert and the sacrifice of time and effort by someone so young, in hopes of raising money to help the shelter, was a phenomenal act. Ms. Bailey is a very talented young woman, and that she would put her talents to work to save animals is so special to all of us. This young lady is highly accomplished and we are all sure that she will go far in whatever she endeavors to do. We also wish to convey our deepest thanks to the others who performed. You were all terrific!

South Coast Humane Society would also like to thank all of the volunteers who worked the event as well as the businesses that contributed for the raffle baskets and silent auction. Through their generosity and ticket sales, over $600 was raised for the shelter.

Special thanks to: Brookings Harbor Community Theater, Harbrook Jewelers, Redwood Theater, The Health Shop, Oceanside Diner, Mattie's Pancake House, Azalea Lanes, Manicure at Tangles, Hairport Salon, Redwood Massage, Chetco Pharmacy, and Escape to Beauty.

Without the support of the community we could not do what we do!

Audrey Morris, director

South Coast Humane Society


Stop politicians' abuse of women


Yes, most would agree, all the health and financial consequences associated with unplanned parenthood would be solved if men and women would just stop having irresponsible sexual conduct. Good luck with that!

Another letter to the editor immediately leapt to unfounded myths of Planned Parenthood. Facts will always be elusive to some that have an unusual committed investment. Abortions are not considered by any reasonable person as a form of birth control. The Medical Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), enacted in 1996, "establishing national standards for the privacy and security of individual health information" means one's medical conditions are personal and private. As a result, any reported numbers of abortions performed in America since 1996 are suspect. Meanwhile, cooler heads prevail. For-profit health insurance companies find it more profitable to provide birth control products and other preventive measures free of charge. If not, they will have to provide mandatory coverage for a whole list of health needs associated with a woman and her child, even those born of irresponsible sex and chance. Unless we, as a society, decide that we are willing to fairly share the cost associated with every child born under every condition, we can't allow pandering politicians to abuse women in this way.

But, because a few freaks in Congress and some running for president want to eliminate the "Department of Everything" having to do with the well-being of women and children there isn't much hope for that option.

Vikki Nuss