The Curry Coastal Pilot

The economic news might not be gangbusters, but there were brights spots of good news in the presentations this week at the Business Outlook Conference.

There is always so much information presented in the annual event that it's hard to summarize, and this year was no exception. But let us hit the high points here, and let you find the full reports in this week's editions of the Pilot.

There continues to be slow, steady growth in employment both nationwide and in Oregon, said keynote speaker Dr. John Mitchell. While there are always possible bumps in the economic future, Mitchell's take on the economy remains positive.

The big news in the next few months is the opening of the Bi-Mart store in Brookings. The store is a $5 million investment, said Bi-Mart president Rich Truett, who reported that 4,000 people in our zip code are already Bi-Mart members who won't have to drive so far for their bargains.

A little further down the summer schedule, crews will complete the final link to ensure more reliable internet and phone service for Curry County. Give consultant John Irwin, credit for finding the keys to completing fiber-optic redundancy; we're very glad someone could solve this vexing problem.

The Industry Showcase of the conference put a spotlight on something we all know: Cal-Ore Life Flight has a commitment to patients that serves our communities very well. It was great to hear from Dan Brattain and his new partners at REACH that the safety, quality and service will continue in their new arrangement.

Finally, the best news was that more than 120 people along the Wild Rivers Coast were willing and able to invest a day learning more about the business climate here. That in itself speaks volumes about the bright future for our community.