The Curry Coastal Pilot

Irresponsible sexual conduct is culprit


I would like to address a question raised by a local citizen (Pilot, Feb. 8) to wit: "What part of unplanned parenthood, which is one of the leading causes of woman's unplanned poverty, do Americans not understand?"

I challenge this question with this observation: "The leading cause of unplanned parenthood in this country is irresponsible sexual conduct."

If it is true that unplanned parenthood causes unplanned poverty, it is also true that contributing to this deplorable condition is the unwillingness of too many to be responsible for the consequences of their "most private and important decisions," among the foremost of these being their own acts of sexual expression.

Until Americans decide to abstain from indiscriminate sex, unplanned pregnancies, unplanned STDs andndash; including AIDS andndash; will continue in epidemic numbers. And all the so-called "Planned Parenthood" programs and legislation in the world will not turn the tide of unplanned pregnancies or unplanned poverty.

J.L. Marks


Planned Parenthood gets millions to kill


I was going to leave this whole Komen/Planned Parenthood thing alone.

Then I read the letter by Vicki Nuss (Pilot, Feb. 8) who so eloquently refers to those in our government who dare to have a different perspective from her as "freaks." She says a "few freaks" who have their own agenda, as if no one else has their own agenda either? Isn't that what happens in government?

Planned Parenthood receives thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to provide mammograms for women. Planned Parenthood does not do mammograms. They refer women to places that do mammograms. Planned Parenthood doesn't spend a single penny making those referrals. I've worked in medical offices for 30 years. Never do we have to pay someone to give a referral.

Planned Parenthood lies, and receives my money to do so. What they do is abort human life, and they make millions of dollars every year doing that, sometimes in the most horrendously cruel ways. Shall I mention the studies showing a link between abortions and increased breast cancer risks?

If one truly believes in "choice," that means I get to promote my choice just as "you" do. "You" don't want your tax dollars paying to kill doggies and kitties. I don't want my tax dollars paying for the butchering of human life in the womb, paying for an abortion that covers up child sex abuse, or paying for free mammogram referrals andndash; all documented behaviors of Planned Parenthood.

Laurie Reynolds


Clarifying my stand on property tax


To clarify a quote attributed to me (Pilot, Feb. 4) I support the Committee's following recommendation 18, Increase Property Tax (Consensus).

If a modest Property Tax is presented to the voters, it should be coupled with other revenue generating suggestions and major expenditure cuts should be considered, and if a comprehensive approach is presented, the measure might pass. The operative words are "if," "modest," and "major cuts."

Tim Patterson


Justice from the victim's side


First off I would like to say, to all my former clients I am very sorry for leaving you with no notice. I miss my business and all that went with it.

In the summer of 2010, I was a victim of sexual assault. The man was a former police officer in the area, also my husband at the time. Since then my whole life and how I view the justice system has totally changed. Losing my home, husband, business, friends and way of life all at one time is not an easy task.

But losing faith in justice is worse, because of conflicts, and his formal title. Long story short he received 60 days house arrest, (he would not be safe in jail). Forgot to register as a sex offender (got fined for that). And I became a piece of evidence for the state.

No one person's fault, just how the system works. I do want to thank all of the people involved who have done what they could even with tied hands.

Debbie Milne


Co-op has irrational power shutoff policy


The Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative is taking a hardline on clients who are unable to pay their electric bill due to the adverse economic state of Curry County.

Coos-Curry Electric charges $50 if they send a representative to shut off your power. They charge $100 reconnect fee, during normal business hours. They charge a $200 reconnect fee, after hours.

There should be a policy in place that consumers can not have their power terminated for non-payment during the winter months of October through May. There are many seniors in the area who are adversely affected by the current, existing, irrational residential electric shutoff policy.

I guess Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative thinks they are more important than their clients. Or, maybe another electric utility should be sited in the area to create some competition in the marketplace.

Darrell Mona


Writer's wordshave consequences


In the Saturday, Feb. 4, Letters to the Editor titled "Tea Party criticism is not germane, the writer stated in paragraph five the following: "My husband Clay has an openly homosexual nephew that hangs out with his own kind but he knows he is always welcome at our house ..."

I find the comment "hangs out with his own kind" strange. It is insensitive at best and homophobic at the worst. Words have consequences rendering whatever message the writer was trying to convey muddled.

Don Major