The Curry Coastal Pilot

Help BHEF continue to help students


On behalf of Brookings- Harbor Christian School, I would like to thank the Brookings-Harbor Education Foundation.

They recently gave us a grant toward a trip that we will be taking with our fifth- to ninth-grade students to see Romeo and Juliet at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in March. I think it is important as a community that we support Brookings Harbor Education Foundation so they are able to continue to make opportunities available to all of our students.

Kari Schultz


County sales taxis fair to everyone


County Lodging Tax, "No"; Law Enforcement Tax, "No"; Property Tax Increase, "No"; County Sales Tax, "Yes!"

A countywide 4-cents sales tax would generate $8 to $9 million yearly in the Curry County coffers.

We all must share the burden of keeping lowlifes in a comfortable, environmentally-friendly jail cell, re-habing lotsa druggies and crackheads to re-offend, scolding programs for wife beaters and child molesters, hire more judges to slap the wrists of animal abusers and hoarders, hire more rescue folks to save those picture-taking morons getting washed off the jetty during a stormy Kodak moment, and let's not forget hunting down those unprepared souls lost while hunting shrooms in our beautiful forests. Finally we could increase programs for cigarette smokers' sickness and teenage drinkers.

I don't mind paying my own way with the present property tax, but I want others to stop sucking at the trough through my property- tax contribution.

A sales tax is fair to everyone. Everyone will be responsible for supporting the wonderful "do-gooder" programs that can be expanded.

When you buy bullets, bongs, pot-growing supplies, liquor, beer, cigarettes, cars, boats, RVs, generators, lighting devices for crack smokers and lotsa other stuff you will be helping support this wonderful county and helping us old folks, who still work seven days a week, to support our materialistic lifestyle.

Gary Smith


There is no curefor stupidity


The 1993 Clinton tax increase was followed by the 1990s boom and resulting budget surplus.

The Bush tax cuts were followed by the slowest economic growth and lowest job creation rates in any decade since World War II, a huge budget deficit and the Great Recession.

An expiration of the Bush tax cuts, if they were allowed to expire as they were written to do, would solve about 75 percent of the deficit problem over the next five years. Closing tax loopholes would take care of another 10 to 15 percent. The rest could come from spending cuts, both for social programs and the military.

Over 20 years, the expiration of the Bush tax cuts would close about 40 percent of the budget gap. Closing tax loopholes and using judiciously applied cuts for social and military spending could then more effectively used to help decrease the remaining 60 percent.

All projections are from CBO (Congressional Budget Office) and OMB (Office of Management and Budget) data. Republicans' budget plan for the next decade:

andbull;Cut spending on government programs by $4.3 trillion;

andbull;Cut tax revenues by $4.2 trillion;

People who advocated budget-busting policies during the Bush years should not be allowed to pass themselves off as economic experts or deficit hawks.

Making up history about our current predicament that absolves the people who put us here is counter-productive and dangerous.

Putting the people who got us into this mess in charge of getting us out is simply stupid. And there is no cure for stupid.

Per the tea party, with apologies to Tony Soprano, "Out there it's the 20teens, but in this party it's 1954."

Harry Freiberg


Declaration of war against women?


When did Americans declare war on women?

Didn't we as a country andndash; a long time ago andndash; decide that because women have to work outside the home to maintain a family that we have the freedom to decide when and if to have children? When did we allow a few freaks with a deliberate agenda dictate to government and non-profits that they need to get into the business of our most private and important decisions? Do we really want American women barefoot and pregnant like in a third world country? What part of unplanned parenthood which is one of the leading causes of a woman's unplanned poverty do Americans not understand?

A freak politician pandering to his narrow base in his backward district targeting Planned Parenthood can no longer be tolerated. His actions and motives caused worthy global nonprofits like the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation to stop funding breast cancer screening to Planned Parenthood. Komen's explanation that Planned Parenthood is "investigation" by a freak in Congress is a bit too far. The Cure's board stretched the definition and as a consequence could have denied a lot of women needed services.

Unfortunately, Komen's stellar reputation and its sponsors have been severely polluted by freaks! Only women can stop this madness by reminding Americans that we all have mothers, sisters and daughters in need of affordable and accessible healthcare. It would appear that we just did. However, we must remain vigilant.

Vikki Nuss