The weather forecast for Super Bowl Sunday calls for plenty of sunshine here, which is perfect for someone like me who has absolutely zero interest in staying inside to watch the big game.

Blasphemy! you say?

Call me weird (you already do?) but I can't remember the last time I watched a Super Bowl game. It's just not something I've done most of my life. I can think of many other things to do than watch a five-hour-long televised sporting spectacle where the highlights are the half-time advertisements and geriatric classic rockers.

Don't get me wrong. I like sports andndash; playing them, not watching them on TV. I played on a variety of sports teams in my youth. I spent a good deal of my childhood attending baseball games at Dodger Stadium and spending summer evenings on the back porch with my dad, listening to Vin Scully do play-by-play coverage.

Watching sports on TV? Not so much. I can't explain it. Okay, I'll try.

I think it's because life is too short to spend hours sitting on the couch watching others grab all the glory when I could be outside grabbing it for myself.

I've always been an active child and now, as then, I still find it hard to sit still for very long. Now that I think of it, I often spent half of those visits to Dodger Stadium sneaking down to the premium seats, not to get a closer view of the action, but to prove I could do it.

One thing I do understand about the Super Bowl is the social aspect: Friends and family use it as an excuse to have fun, eat, drink and be merry. It is the main reason I attended the occasional Super Bowl party in the distant past.

So, while hundreds of thousands of people gather around the TV, watching the game while gorging themselves on snack food, what can the rest of mankind do?

Go to Disneyland! I understand attendance at the theme park decreases on Super Bowl Sundays.

If you can't make the drive to Southern California, why not take advantage of alternatives closer to home andndash; in Curry County.

andbull;Go beachcombing: Pack a picnic, grab the family and head out to one the area's many beautiful beaches. The latest round of storms and high surf has deposited plenty of treasures to discover.

andbull;Take a nice long nap.

andbull;Go to a play: The Pelican Players will have a 2 p.m. matinee of their latest production, "Cupid and Psyche," a comedy drama that offers more entertainment than those 30- and 60-second half-time commercials.

andbull;See a matinee movie at the Redwood Theater.

andbull;Take a nap.

andbull;Make some popcorn, hot cocoa and gather the family around the table for some board games.

andbull;Practice making fudge for the Feb. 11 Fudge-Off scheduled during upcoming monthly Art Walk.

andbull;Did I say take a nap yet?

andbull;Get back to work on the next Great American Novel.

andbull;Try to beat your high score on the Mario Kart video game.

andbull;Invite your friends over for a Spongebob marathon.

If you really have a hankering for a bowl, why go bowling?

See? Plenty of things to do Sunday instead of watching the Super Bowl. Don't worry about missing the big game. You only live once, but the Super Bowl, it seems, will live forever.