The Curry Coastal Pilot

Thanks for helping out the Bond family


The Bond family, as well as myself, Lauren Kessler, would like to thank everyone for coming, volunteering and donating to the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for Bryce Bond on Jan. 14.

Thank you for helping us raise over $2,000 with a match of $1,000 from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, making our grand total raised $3,092. We would like to especially thank Mattie's Pancake House, the Lutheran Church, Grocery Outlet, Fred Meyer, Ray's, Figaro's Pizza, McDonald's, Brookings Church of the Nazarene, Trinity Lutheran Church, Curry Coastal Pilot, KURY Radio and KPOD and KCRE. We would also like to thank Chef Roger Gilbert for helping make this fundraiser happen.

We really appreciate everyone who contributed to this event.

Lauren Kessler


Before you adopt that cute kitten ...


Thank God for people like Joe Willet (Pilot, Jan. 14).

Feral cats are our responsibility. We domesticated cats and they are feral because we, as humans, have neglected to do our part in taking care of them. Trapping and bringing them into our homes is a joke. They can never be completely tamed. Trapping, neutering, and releasing them to live out their lives is the answer, but where is the money?

It's too bad that being a cat lover in our society is considered unmanly but in my book Joe Willet is one man in a million. How he spends his time and money isn't for anyone to judge.

Before you adopt that "cute" kitten remember they grow up and must be neutered. If you are not prepared financially and emotionally, do not adopt. Neutering is the only acceptable pet control, not starvation.

Barbara J. Parrett-Eary


Hooray for theCrescent City airport


I have flown in and out of Crescent City airport once or twice a year for the past several years.

I find it much easier to drive the 30 miles to that Crescent City Airport than to spend three hours driving over the mountain and through the canyon to Medford. Yes, the ticket costs more, but the saving on the gasoline, plus, if you have an early flight having to go a day early and spend the night at a motel and have to spend another night at a motel after you return more than pays for the extra cost of the ticket.

Besides, the delays can be a rewarding experience. You get to talk a to a lot of interesting people that you would not have the time to visit with otherwise.

I have found it is best to book my trips a day early in case the delays cause me to miss a connection. So hooray for the Crescent City airport. Long may it be in business.

Doris Westoby


Great service in Curry in a hurry!


Since my move to the area over five years ago, I have heard the phrase "No hurry in Curry" repeated again and again as an excuse for the complacency and unresponsiveness of our local service providers, both public and private. This is unacceptable and acts as an obstacle to the economic recovery and success of our area.

Just yesterday I was told my request for service did not necessarily qualify as something that would require a call back; I should call back if I wish to learn the outcome of my request. This is extremely poor business practice.

Most of my business encounters in Curry County have ended in similar results; I now give the majority of my business to service providers out of our area. Any successful, profitable business should be striving to provide the quickest and highest quality service available to their patrons as a means to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.

I encourage our local businesses to adapt the phrase "Great service in Curry in a hurry!"

I would love to be able to rely on our local businesses and keep my dollars in our community.

Lilly Mecham


Thanks for support of my film endeavors


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Pilot and Brookings community for their outpouring of support for my filmmaking endeavors.

The movie "business" is a tough racket, but I'm continually inspired by the kind words, unwavering encouragement, and generosity of the fine folks of Brookings.

I can't wait to finish my thesis film, "The Split," so that I can bring it back home along with my other work to share with the community that helped make what starts out as simple ideas coming together word by word on a blank page into living, breathing realities on screen.

Making movies that move people, whether to laughter, tears, or the whole gamut in between has been my dream since childhood. What's more, I feel blessed to come from a community where young people are encouraged to dream big. Growing up in Brookings, I never felt as if any of my ambitions were out of reach because where I was from. In fact, I believe it's only made my work stronger and has played no small part in the creative direction of my film career so far.

Anyone who's interested in the progress of the "The Split" can find out more on our Indie Go Go page ( or our Facebook fan page (

Blake Heiss

Alhambra, Calif.

Where did all my county taxes go?


In a (Pilot) letter Jan. 7, Mr. Petrucelli expressed his views as a Citizens' Committee member.

He states "Believe me we are considering everything." This of course is false as was his reference to the Pilot, Dec. 18. No paper was published that day. Petrucelli then did the unthinkable and provided the times no sheriff's deputies were on duty patrolling county roads.

I, too, was a committee member and during committee meetings understood Mr. Petrucelli to be of the opinion that citizens were not paying their fair share for services currently provided and needed to pay more.

I reside in Harbor and outside of city limits. A review of my property tax bills for the last 10 years showed payments of around $30,000. What exactly was received for this amount of money?

For nearly two decades the county policy has generally been to not accept (maintain) additional roads and associated infrastructure into their existing road system.

There are three different tax items for Fire Patrol, yet the last I heard hydrants just down the street had no water in them to fight fires for around 20 years.

No children in school and the last one was home schooled, so no benefit there.

On rare occasion I do use the library.

Ah, here's a benefit. Sheriff's deputies will respond to an emergency, except perhaps during the hours Mr. Petrucelli has identified.

Committee members were provided a table showing federal forest payments to Curry County beginning fiscal year (FY) 1977/1978. The county received $7.3 million in 1977/1978 and similar amounts for decades. Adjusted for inflation, $7.3 million would equal around $26 million in 2010 dollars. Where did all the money go?

Thomas Huxley