The Curry Coastal Pilot

Social dysfunction of pious extremes


I recently wrote about how the counties should foreclose on BLM properties in lieu of their failures to manage the properties that were in contractual agreement to sustain payments to the counties as a resource, and how, no matter their expert opinions on management, they are impotent to the emotional opinions of the radical environmentalist whose ideals are so totally green that humans should just disappear! I've always said they need to be blue-green; to include people, not just green; humans excluded.

To say this, nowadays, groups one with the conservative tea party, of which I'm not at all! Their motives are ultra religious, racist and homo boobus, of which, their hatred of gays reeks of undisclosed latent emotions of self-hatred. The demise of America's economy was from Bush, the younger, who was one of them, so any wistful thinking of a conservative incarnation is a betrayal of responsibility to society. They are a nightmare.

Having said that, the BLM have done good work, and have their hands tied by the radical nonsense of not cutting trees, which is to set them up for raging fires, or disease. Tearing dams out should require smaller dams with proper fish ladders and turbines for clean energy. Solar power should be a national priority on each and every home in existence, especially in the south, southeast, and southwest. Medical needs should be a nonprofit criteria, do not harm means economic purgatory should be a relic of capitalistic distortion, when it comes to health, compassion rules the day. A true degree of success cannot be stuffed with delusions.

The social dysfunction of pious extremes of both the environmental and the political (tea party) extremist have the motives; Armageddons of human extinction unless a self-imposed restraint exhibited by you, the guilty, not them, the bored, therapeutic answer.

G. G. Thompson


Airport in Crescent City is a laugh


I had a great out-loud chuckle at the article (Pilot, Jan. 11) reporting on $182,000 to boost awareness of the Crescent City airport.

For free, I can tell them why the numbers are low:

andbull;The air fares are very high. I can fly from San Francisco to Dallas cheaper than I can fly from Crescent City to San Francisco.

andbull;The main reason is flight delays. And not just in bad weather (sick pilot, no-show crew andndash; and too many times to count andndash; the weather/fog in San Francisco). Flight delays mean rescheduled connecting flights and rescheduled lives. It's no surprise that many locals drive to Medford or Portland. I fly from there.

The only thing Jack McNamara Airport has going for it are the wonderfully nice, helpful and incredibly patient employees. I think the $182,000 should be split among those few great folks andndash; at least it wouldn't be money thrown to the wind.

Vicky Kennedy


Thank you, St. Timothy's church


Thank you, thank you, thank you to St. Timothy's Episcopal Church of Brookings.

For the past years they have shared the joy and love of Christmas with the residents of the Chetco Inn Residential Care Facility.

Many of our residents have no family to share this blessed time with, and this church has sacrificed their time, their finances, their love, their knowledge of Christ with all those that reside there.

They come with love in their hearts a song in their soul, and bearing gifts for those who may not receive anything at this sharing time.

They have made it possible for the residents to be a part of this blessed season.

God bless you all, and thank you.

Valerie Head, medication technician, and staff and residents of Chetco Inn Residential Care Facility


Excellent info on vanishing of bees


We are writing to publicly recognize the Kalmiopsis Audubon Society for including the showing of "Vanishing of the Bees" at the recent Kalmiopsis Nature Film Festival held at the Savoy Theater in Port Orford.

With more than a hundred participants, Coos County Beekeepers Association members were able to meet many citizens who are interested in the survival of honey bees and the production of local honey. Pat Reed was there to demonstrate his Warre top bar hive.

The Coos Association meets on the third Saturday at 6:30 p.m. in the OSU Extension Building in Myrtle Point. This opportunity to distribute information regarding the Oregon Master Beekeeper Program ( or 541-737-5440) and to solicit contact information from people interested in establishing a Curry County Beekeepers Association was most appreciated.

Although colony collapse has not been in the headlines recently, the future of the honey bee is still a major concern. The Oregon Coast has many unique climate factors that must be addressed for local beekeepers. This was an excellent event to inform the public. We also express special thank you to Ann Vileisis for her quick response and facilitation of the beekeepers' participation.

Del and Myrna Barber

Coos County Beekeepers Association

Coming out against creeping Fascism


I just love it when the Reagan worshippers on the radio give Ron Paul such a hard time ono the drug issue.

Ron Paul even wants to legalize heroin. How ridiculous!

Never mind the fact that Obama, Clinton, Gore, and George W. Bush have all used illegal drugs of one kind or another.

Never mind the fact that SPIKE TV runs all-day marathons talking about drug dealing by neo-Nazis, bikers, Asian gangs, Latino gangs, black gangs, Russian gangs and every other low-life malcontent you can think of.

This war on drugs is a miserable failure. I don't care what the Reaganoid androids say.

The Reaganoid androids are just as stupid and uninformed as the Obama followers, and vice versa.

President Obama signs a bill making it legal for the military to arrest American citizens on American soil.

Does the Pilot newspaper do an editorial coming out against this creeping Fascism? No!

Joe Thomas


Contributing to the feral cat problem


In response to Joe Willet about the damaging of the cat shelter at the Harbor.

I do not think it was right in any way to vandalize the cat shelter and hope the people responsible will be found and punished.

But I also question the people that spend countless hours and money on feeding the feral cats at our Harbor. Isn't that just contributing to the problem? Those cats can carry diseases and just multiply with the constant feeding.

I would think if the people who feed these cats want to help them they would be more serious about trapping them and getting them real homes than promoting their wild lives at the Harbor.

William Harlan


A big thank you to our unknown hero


We want to thank the fellow who assisted us at Sportshaven Wednesday the 18th during the storm when the tonneau on the truck blew off.

He stayed out in the storm and helped tie it down so I could get it home.

Thanks to an unknown hero.

Marvin and Jean Miller


Brookings Bi-Mart hiring just in time


Thank goodness for Bi-Mart coming to town!

Retirees will need a job!!

With the likelihood of property taxes, sewer/water and franchise fees being passed on to them they will need those jobs! This is why our young people cannot find work. The retirees need the work to make ends meet.

I recommend that you apply because our government will find a way to get theses taxes paid. Or fees as they like to call them these days. Good luck.

Carl Cooper