The Curry Coastal Pilot

Highway 101 is 'revenue alley'


Has anyone noticed Highway 101 becoming revenue alley?

One recent day, nine police and sheriff cars were seen stopping cars along the stretch from California border through Brookings. Since I live 300 feet from the highway I notice every day three to eight stops. If each ticket issued brings in $100 to $200, and I only see a few of the stops, imagine what this highway brings into the coffers of the county and city? Has anyone seen a report of the revenue generated? That would be an interesting research for some student journalist!

If you like to enjoy afternoons on a local lake or riverfront, you've probably noticed the number of officious police, game wardens, and forestry agents have recently multiplied (all from different jurisdictions strolling for fines, fines, fines) andndash; barking orders at sunbathers or fisherman and handing out tickets to working-class boaters for ridiculous petty infractions.

The long arm of Uncle Sam's intrusive tax collection schemes seems to know no limits. For example the Census Bureau is now using satellite global positioning systems (GPS) to create a national database of the precise coordinates of each U.S. home (making it easier for government-contracted satellite systems to "inventory" what is on your property). This happened to me during 2011.

These are only early indicators, I am sorry to say. The tax collection jihad has not yet gotten into high gear.

When will the private people be fed up with the greed of public workers, which they already pay quite handsomely? The average government worker makes more than the average worker in the mill or stores! And your taxes pay these dear servants of ours. Who is serving whom?

Something to ponder.

Douglas Cross


Rock the Redwood a wonderful event


I attended the Rock Concert at the movie theater on New Year's Eve this year andhellip; a wonderful event andhellip; so glad to have all ages and no alcohol!

I want to thank those who donated prizes for the raffle. It must have finally been my turn, because I won a $75 gift certificate from Fred Meyer, an entertainment package from Stagelights, Pistol River Friendship Hall, Brookings Harbor Community Theater, Friends of Music Concert Series, and Del Norte Association for Cultural Awareness. I was so excited to win this package, as I have been wanting to go to plays and concerts ever since moving here, but somehow always stayed too busy to make it happen. With tickets in my hand, I will most certainly go now! Thank you so much!

And Zola's andndash; thank you for the gift certificate for a pizza party for 10. With family coming to visit for my birthday, we will have a wonderful time with this one. ...

A Happy New Year for everyone! Blessings to all!

Wylea Woods


Disturbed by school officials' disdain


I'll open by stating that I don't like unions.

I think most have become exactly what their original intent was to combat. Most particularly I dislike the NEA. That being said, I'm having a very hard time with our school's administration.

I have attended two negotiation meetings. I was disturbed by the apparent disdain shown by the principals of K-School and Azalea toward the teachers' requests. Our highly paid superintendent too often reminds me of the blond joke with the punch line, "I don't (didn't) know."

Was it last October that he and the Board wanted to end negotiations with the union as he felt they were unable to negotiate with the teachers, and seek costly arbitration, months ahead of the legal public bargaining requirement ("I didn't know")? Would that cost have come out of his six-figure salary as he is required to negotiate? He wants to cut teacher pay, but not his.

His and the Board's relationship resulted in the resignation of a qualified business manager, then the hiring of an under-qualified replacement buddy who needed to pay for outside help in determining the proper audit, coming late and staling negotiations. An audit which seems to indicate that we have more money than he and the Board knew (?) about. "I didn't know."

More could be said, but not within the 250 word requirement. I suggest tax-paying citizens attend the next meeting Jan. 24.

L. C. Reynolds


Many things wrong with charter school


The school board's ethical responsibility is to concern itself with the welfare of 17-C district, not that of a privately operated personal experiment at taxpayers' expense.

A vote for the charter school would have serious negative financial impacts for the district. This seems to especially be a conflict for Mr. Horel since his wife, who has been appointed to the charter school board, and his friend Mrs. Klinefelter, who is the main promoter of the charter school, will both be benefactors of his vote.

At this time Mrs. Klinefelter has not been successful in, nor does it appear will be successful in, obtaining any of the required grants that have been supposedly applied for. Furthermore, the charter school budget has been ridiculously misrepresented to make the proposal seem viable. During the school board meetings the pro charter board members, Bob Horel, Allene Fewell, and Carol Slewing, seem to purposely ignore the findings of the 17-C's accountant's analysis. The accountant's analysis revealed a wide discrepancy between the realistic and the deceptively reduced costs proposed by the Academy.

A 17-C board member who votes in favor of the proposal will have to purposely ignore the financial figures. They would have to ignore their own District accountant analysis and the recommendations of lawyers that were hired to review the charter schools proposal (this review can be obtained at the district office).

A vote for the charter school would require a reckless indifference to the financial stability of the 17-C district and its taxpayers.

Mark Chandler


More interested in losing than winning


I really like Rick Santorum for the Republicans; unfortunately I don't feel his finances nor his depth in the political field is enough to carry him to the top.

When you're relatively unknown like Huntsman and Santorum, you better come up quick with a 9-9-9 plan.

President Obama is ranked so low in political polls (42 percent like him) that any candidate running against him will win in a landslide. I know you Democrats are screaming at me "But Romney is the only one winning in the polls."

If you're bright enough to think through your left-leaning brain cells, it's an easy answer. The Republican field is split among six candidates taking votes from each other and not voting for Gingrich when you're a Paul supporter and over again four more times. Unless something happens, unforseen, Obama's popularity will be around 38 percent at election time. Even the left wing, state-run media can't save this president.

Newt Gingrich is more interested in seeing Romney lose than he is in winning himself. I found out on Friday the 13th who and what Bain Capital is and what they do. Newt is using Bain against Mitt and it won't work for him and it won't work for Obama. Bain Capital advises corporations how to save their companies when the trouble can't be solved on their own. Some companies will fail anyway, but Romney was instrumental in saving many, such as Staples.

It can't work for the White House because Bain was used for saving General Motors by advising them to cut back on distributorships!

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach