The Curry Coastal Pilot

A no-kill animal shelter is way to go


This letter is in response to the letter published (Pilot, Jan. 4): "Saving lives every day."

Kudos to the Curry County Animal Shelter for involving the community to better the lives of our furry friends! The update on your local animal shelter was heart-warming and inspiring. I wish the local shelters here would realize the difference even a small community can make.

I can't help but wonder how many lives could be saved here in South Carolina if only our shelters would be more involved (in) community outreach programs. I hope you don't mind, but I've shared your letter with as many people as I could here on the East Coast in the hopes of inspiring others to take strides towards a national no-kill community.

Many blessings!

Amanda Donahue

Columbia, S.C.

Inside look at Curry County problems


Mr. Schrum, I am on the 24-man committee working on this problem (Pilot, Dec. 18).

Every bit of information you have asked about the county has provided to us. All of the suggestions you have made are already on the table. Believe me we are considering everything.

The county is in worse shape than even the articles in the Pilot indicate. Just as a sample, the sheriff's office is down to five road deputies to patrol the whole county. From 3 a.m. until the morning shift there are no deputies on duty. At night there is only one deputy on duty for the whole county. Now imagine if you need him here, and he is the other side of Port Orford, what do you think his response time will be to your emergency. The parole department can't track or tell you where sex offenders are. The county has cut to the point where it will have to cut whole departments next.

I urge you to attend our next meeting on Jan. 12. We need the input of citizens, we need for every one to be on the same page and, more important, we need for every citizen in the county to wake up to how severe the problem is and why it must be solved. We need people like you to help us lead the charge and sitting back pointing fingers is not going to help solve the problem.

Pointing fingers can be left to the next election. But if we don't solve the problems we may not have to worry about the next election.

Dom Petrucelli


Pontential conflict of interest for Horel?


The Charter school's revised application, Dec. 22, 2011, includes a conflict of interest policy re: their board members.

It ends with "Riverside Charter Academy pledges it will avoid where possible even the appearance of impropriety." Mr. Horel's (BHSD Board member) wife is on the Charter school's board. I would expect Mr. Horel to hold himself to the same standard as a board member as his wife is being held to. Mr. Horel should recuse himself from voting on any future items regarding the Charter school. Simply removing his wife from the Charter school board would not solve this impropriety, as he should have done this when he knew his wife was on the board several months ago but he did not.

On another note: Mr. Horel was appointed to the county Citizens' Committee. Mr. Rhodes, county commissioner, when explaining why Greg Empson was forced to resign from the Citizens' Committee after filing to run for the seat Mr. Rhodes currently holds, stated that the commissioners would not appoint anyone who held a public office. I still don't see how this applies to Mr. Empson as he does not hold a public office but this does apply to Mr. Horel. I wonder now that Mr. Horel knows he should not have been appointed to the Citizens' Committee will he resign?

Mr. Horel's actions or lack thereof re: the Charter school and the Citizens' Committee leaves me to wonder what are his motives for not doing the right thing.

Katherine Johnson


BLM, Feds a huge national burden


There is one main answer to the question of what counties should do to sustain funds to stay in operations since the federal government has broken its contracts with these counties, and that is to suspend the ownership rights to all BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and state properties that don't supply the contractual rights to those counties that control the lands in question, with a tax base.

The terms of the contracts were to manage these lands' resources to sustain these counties' governments and infrastructures. Since these terms have failed it is time to foreclose on all of these properties and take local control over them to do as needed, whether it be to sell, or to use as needed. Any environmental concerns should note the old phrase, "Put your money where your mouth is."

The courts and police should adopt the Vegas phrase "What goes on here, stays here."

If you don't like it, stay away or be arrested. Environmentalist are truly long on theories, short on reality. The reality is, evolution demands that bad designs should evolve. If fish or birds are so delicate that human actions wipe them out, how long do you plan on tiptoeing around a weak, biologically inferior design? If humans strip and waste themselves into oblivion, then we shall be losers and fools that nature wipes out, simply if you don't evolve, die! Simple.

The chain theory is good only so far; each link supplies food for the others, but adaption is a basic Number One requirement of evolution. Environmentalists have made a religion out of their beliefs, no matter the facts.

BLM and fish and wildlife (feds) have become totally impotent and a huge national burden to fund. They're the T-Rex in the room. Send them home.

G.G. Thompson


Wayne baskingin glow of big TV


Twenty-six people called us to help our friend at a local nursing home.

With the hard work of Joan Willis of the Brookings-Harbor Lion's Club and a most generous donation from Matt Galli, manager of Fred Meyer, Wayne Schmidt now reposes happily in the glow of a new, huge television set which Chuck, the maintenance man at the care facility, so kindly installed. Pastor Adrian of Calvary Assembly of God Church delivered this amazing gift, or as Pastor would say, "The Grace."

Our faith in the kindness of so many people is justified once more and thanks to Scott Graves for making a special place for the letter in the Curry Coastal Pilot.

Wayne's smiling again. He thinks everyone is special.

Victoria and Chuck Weller


Put your money where mouth is


I got an insert in my Pilot this morning (Jan. 4) touting Randy Dubbs Dowler for position 2, Board of Curry County Commissioners.

He made the usual appeal for support without offering specifics. He did make one specific point though: He is going to put Curry County in the "black" without raising property tax rates. I've been hearing this same thing from everyone running for a commission seat since I moved here fice years ago.

If Jim Relaford were running for the county commission now, he'd have my vote and support. He's come up with the only good idea for getting Curry County out of the "red" I've seen put forward. It's coming out with a "zero" budget and let the citizens vote for what services they want. I'd like to add to that idea: They should come up with a way when a citizen votes for a service they can't do without, they should, with the same vote, be voting for the tax to finance it; that way it makes it a little more "Put your money where your mouth is."

Duncan Lagoe


Christmas and liquor store don't mix


Before the holidays, when I picked up my two granddaughters, ages kindergarten and second grade, from Kalmiopsis School, they were both excited over a flyer handed out in school about a Christmas event call the Polar Bear Express, sponsored by the Brookings Merchants Association.

The idea was for children to pick up a Christmas treat bag and have their parents take them to the 14 different merchants to received a treat at each location. They also had a chance to win a holiday gift basket by having the parents pick up a ticket at each location, and another chance to win a book by having another ticket punched. So the more stores you went to, the greater your chance of win even more.

As I'm reading down the list of merchants involved, I could hardly believe my eyes to see the Brookings Liquor Store listed as a place for the children to pick up a treat. I though our schools and community were working together to get our children to be drug free.

Now the merchant is inviting these children into their store to pick up a candy cane from the nice lady behind the liquor counter. How confusing.

Many years ago, in what seemed to be a wiser generation, children were taught to stay clear away from those things and places that would cause them harm.

I think the schools need to be more careful in reviewing what they hand out to children. I think these children deserve an apology.

Nancy Myer


No more hidden tax via franchise fees


I read in the Jan. 4, 2012, Pilot that Gary Milliman, Brookings' city manager, would like the Brookings City Council to raise Frontier Communications' franchise fee from 3.3 to 5 percent.

He is also pushing to impose a franchise fee on Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative (CCEC). As Roger Meader, general manager of CCEC, stated in the same article, any franchise fee would have to be passed on the consumer. That's the way it works, whether it is CCEC, CTR (trash collection), Frontier Communications, Charter Cable and all of the others; in the end, the consumer is the one that has to pay these hidden taxes. Just how much a month are you paying in hidden taxes imposed by the city of Brookings beyond your property taxes?

Luckily, CCEC would have a line item fee added to city of Brookings' residents showing this hidden tax. If the city of Brookings needs more tax revenue they should maintain a transparent taxing environment and put a tax referendum on the ballot for the city of Brookings residents to pass a tax rate hike rather than trying to pick the pockets of the residents with hidden taxes.

I would like to see all businesses being charged franchise tax fees to put the franchise tax fee amount as a separate line item on their bill to show the consumer the hidden taxes they are being charged. It is time to start keeping a scorecard on which elected officials are trying to separate you from your dollar (especially in this covert hidden tax method) and replace them at the next election (vote them out). As far as Frontier Communications, if you look at your Frontier phone bill you will find the State of Oregon just raised your Universal Service Surcharge (should be stated as a tax) from 4.05 to 6.55 percent on Oct. 1, 2011.

My current Frontier bill is made up of over 13 percent just in taxes. I don't want to see the additional 1.7 percent tax hike that Gary Milliman wants to add to my phone bill. It is time to keep your eyes open and make a difference. Contact your city councilor and let them know how you feel!

David Griffith


Full speed ahead for railroad club


Thanks for the great coverage of our "Trains in Toyland" display. We are already coming up with ideas for next year.

Thank you to CandK Markets for the great space. Thank you to all our sponsors for their support. And thanks to all the new rail fans we met.

The Stout Mountain Railway Club will hold a meeting to discuss the "Trains in Toyland" event and how to make it even better next year. We will also discuss our schedule of events for the new year. Meeting Thursday Jan. 12, at 6 p.m., at the Chetco Community Public Library, 405 Alder St., in Brookings.

Tony Parrish


Salute for incredible young Americans


Sgt. Jeffrey Brown, Staff Sgt. John Espitia, and Specialist James Diehl. Salute to each of you. You are true patriots!

I was waiting for the community to give you a "Welcome Home" party. At least you were met by 60 of us. I'm so sorry I did not know about it.

Thank you so much for the sacrifice you were willing to make in representing our country to defeat enemies of freedom. It is because of brave men and women like you that millions of people have enjoyed peace of mind, life with dignity, and the ability to strive for a better life.

Also, thank you Pvt. Kolbey W. Curry and Petty Officer 2nd Class Evika M. Mason, along with all the other incredible young Americans who have stood up for freedom, some of whom paid the ultimate price. Good luck and God bless you all in your continued service.

Mrs. Dolores Sapp