The Curry Coastal Pilot

No competitive bids for port's website?


I'm writing regarding the article in Saturday Dec. 24 paper about the Port's plan to upgrade their website.

It says that Port Commissioner Jim Relaford's business, "Mainbrace Technology," will be doing the work. "Period!"

No competitive bids?

This work is accomplished on a computer. It can be accomplished anywhere, it doesn't have to be local. Yes, it is nice to keep doing business locally, but with the Port's debt, it seems to me that at least get competitive bids to see if it could be less expensive elsewhere, or is the Port just doing business with the Port.

Is this also maybe a conflict of interest?

Lee Osborne


Saving lives every day is what we do


Gentle Readers, the dogs at the Curry County Animal would like to thank the Shore Pines assisted living for the wonderful breakfast fundraiser they held for our dogs right before Christmas. Not only did they raise $258, they brought over a huge box of toys, milk bones, canned food, beds and so much more. The best part was one of our little dogs in foster, Tippy, who was able to meet and greet the residents at Shore Pines, was placed in a loving forever home. The folks at Shore Pines gave from their hearts. For New Year the dogs and I discussed how we should go forward.

We decided this for our New Year's Resolution:

We will Work to make our home (shelter) a beautiful place

We will Love like nobody has ever hurt us

We will Play like nobody is watching

We will Howl like nobody is listening

We will Walk you into the best shape you have ever been in.

And we will live as if this shelter is our paradise on earth until you come for us and take us to our real forever paradise home.

Happy New Year. Together let's work to reach that goal of a No Kill Nation by 2014! With a the support we get from you folks I believe it and I pray we will achieve.

Look how far we have come in the last three years. Saving lives everyday, you and I, it is what we do. Together, as a team, we will be remembered as the Community that reached a goal, the Community that made a difference. The folks in Curry County and you people that are far away and still help us, we are the reason, we are the force behind the shelter and together we have the power to change our animals lives! God bless you and from our wet little noses to the tip of our wagging tails, "Happy New Year."

Catherine Powers

Curry County Animal Shelter

Gold Beach

Find your purpose, find your happiness


Since this is a new year, people may think this is the only time to start anew. Everyday can be a new start, it is our choice what the day will be like.

Be at peace, you are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment. The things we encounter are just stepping stones of what is to come. Focus only on the now, this very moment, and let yourself see and appreciate things you might otherwise miss.

Search to find your purpose in life and when you do find it ... it would be only then you will find the true meaning of happiness and gratefulness. Be passionate about your journey, sing, dance, laugh and love as you go. The promise of tomorrow brings with the endeavors of today.

Seek things that fill you with love and bring you joy no matter what that may be. It could be respecting nature and enjoying all what it has to offer in the beauty of it all. The unbelieveable gift of animals large or small ... love and respect them all by showing them passionate love, and care for them with all your heart and soul. Have faith, it fosters hope. Live well, live today, for it is a gift.

May you be filled with loving kindness, be well, be peaceful and at ease. May you be happy and may you have the world to share it with and to be able to make someone else smile.

This is what I wish for all in the New Year. Thank you.

Beverly Duncan


Many make Rock the Redwood a hit


On New Year's Eve the non-profit group Stagelights Musical Arts Community hosted an affordable, family-oriented, all ages music concert at the Redwood Theater called "Rock the Redwood." The event provided a safe place for old and young to welcome in 2012 with some great music!

This was a concert like no other seen in Brookings! Stagelights would like to thank our great local band Tsunamic for opening the show. Tsunamic was followed by a band from the Eugene area, the Eastman Band. Thanks to these bands for helping Brookings "rock in the New Year!"

The money raised via ticket sales and a raffle will be used to fund Stagelights' music education and outreach programs in the community and local schools.

Stagelights would like to give a big thank you to the Redwood Theater for allowing the use of their premises. What a great place to have live music performances!

We also appreciate the in-kind donation of rooms by Wild Rivers Motor Lodge, and publicity provided by Curry Coastal Pilot, radio stations KURY, KCRE and KPOD, and Brookings' CandK Market and Fred Meyer.

We also offer thanks to all the businesses that provided raffle items: Cal-Ore Life Flight, Zola's Pizzeria, Friends of Music, Brookings-Harbor Community Theater, Pistol River Concerts, Pelican Players, DNACA, Reflections Salon, Salty Dog Coffee Bar, Hungry Clam, Earl E. Books, Winchuck Nursery and Brookings Harbor Veterinary Hospital, and Fred Meyer.

In this tough economy, it's nice to know that there local businesses willing to help Stagelights in its music mission. We encourage you to stop and shop at these businesses and thank them for their community support.

Laurie Calef

Board member, Stagelights Musical

Arts Community

Have integrity, help feed a neighbor


I absolutely love living in Harbor.

I moved here for my health as the care of the elderly here seems excellent. I have been very impressed with the amount of volunteerism which exists here.

Presently, I have seen another side. I am not proud of this side. I learned that only about 100 people actually go to the Farmers Market each week. In this time when the world is teetering, to not know your local farmers and the local people, whose talents are great, seems terribly sad.

Seeing all the people buying "China-made" things for Christmas breaks one's heart. From March through December the Farmers Market meets twice a week. In the Grange or on the walk at the port, our neighbors, our local wonderful people meet and show us their bounty. If you are not supporting your neighbors, but rather huge corporations and China, then when times get harder, as we all know is coming, I feel badly for you. I know my local organic farms will be sure I am fed. I know I will find warm clothing at a neighbor's table.

Please wake up and hear the call of whatever God you believe in. Have integrity and help feed a neighbor.

Raven De Waters