The Curry Coastal Pilot

Our community makes it happen

Brookings-Harbor has done it again! Our goal was to double last year's 450 pound donation to the food bank and this community donated 1,022 pounds and almost $350 in cash!


All the vendors had a great show and judging by all of the positive comments we received the attendees had a great experience with giving, receiving and a chance to purchase unique, quality gifts for the holidays.

I want to thank all that were involved, mainly my wife Liz and John Lussman, in making the Second Annual Artisans Holiday Market a huge success!

I look forward to another great event next year and another chance to witness the compassion and generosity of this community.

Thank you, Brookings-Harbor!

Chip Moore

CMoore Glass


Why we're on the brink of collapse


The local Democratic leaders keep pushing for more spending to shore up the country's economy when, in fact, that's exactly the reason we are on the brink of collapse like Europe.

In fact this administration is so lacking in leadership, if Europe fails we don't have anyone bright enough to keep us from getting swallowed up with them. Bernanke and Giethner andndash; sorry, they're a "No"!

This is a true story that happened to me personally. I received by mail a letter from a major bank located in Columbus, Ohio. Their offer to me was a reduced mortgage to 4.5 percent down from my 5.9 percent. They wanted to reduce my years from 22 left to pay down to 20 years and my total saving would be $18,720. This offer comes with no closing cost. This puts no cash in my pocket immediately, because my monthly payments will only be $20 less, but anyone would be stupid not to accept the offer. According to their literature to me they made 25,000 different offers across the country.

Like you, right now, I couldn't figure out why until a month ago I received a letter saying my mortgage had been sold to Fannie Mae and that answered all of my questions.

I have a difficult time holding back my true feeling. If the Pilot would allow me to call the occupiers (that are calling for more spending) idiots, I would, but they frown on that expression.

As a tea party conservative, I say thank you to the Democrats that enjoyed paying my bill.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Am I better off than three years ago?


Boy it's a good year; it took three years to get here but my Social Security went up 3.6 percent andndash; that's $43 a month.

Let's see, health insurance went up $39 a month, electricity went up, water went up, gas went up, house insurance went up, stamps went up, car license went up. Dad gum let's not forget the T-paper.

Am I better off than three years ago?

But let's see, you want to tax my house more, add a local sales tax. As I see it you want me to give more than I make. No wonder crime is up.

Oh well, still lots of bugs for tacos. Oh, oh, I bet they tax the bugs next.

Allen Heyne


Tolerance is atwo-sided coin


Those that have read my letters know that I'm not big on Christian religions.

I am, however, big on tolerance and tolerance is a two sided coin.

Just as Christians should tolerate other beliefs, so should others tolerate the traditions that are inherent to this nation, Christian or otherwise. Actually, Christmas has been celebrated in this country since my Dutch ancestors brought their beliefs here back in the 1600s.

Christmas is and has always been about the children. As a matter of fact, Sinterklaas (Santa Clause) is the patron saint of children. Even back in the Middle Ages, before the Protestant Reformation, this holiday was integral to the traditions of the Germanic Peoples of Europe. I don't care if you're Jewish, or Muslim, or atheist, you have an obligation to tolerate the traditions of this nation, just as Christians have an obligation to tolerate your beliefs.

To me, Christmas is about colorful lights, brightly wrapped presents, the smell of pine wafting through the living room. And, the joy and wonderment found in the eyes of children on Christmas morning everywhere.

Merry Christmas Sheila Chambers (Pilot letter, Dec. 14, 2011). Deal with it!

Stephen Hagerman


Duley Creek people grateful to CCEC


Tis the season to be grateful and we in the Duley Creek Road area are very grateful to Roger Meader, CCEC general manager/CEO.

This area has been increasingly and devastatingly impacted by Sudden Oak Death (SOD). The dead and dying tanoaks pose a multitude of negative impacts including: disease spread, fire hazards, potentially decreased property values, as well as public hazards.

Roger Meader responded immediately when correspondence was sent to him expressing concern that the trees are posing a potential hazard to the CCEC power lines. Obviously, the lack of power would mean no heat, no water, and, for most, no ability to cook. In addition, were these trees to come down, it's highly probable that roads would be blocked, adding additional safety concerns.

Mr. Meader had the CCEC "tree masters" (Western Pacific) working on the problem areas the very next working day.

So, in addition to our local area, the citizens of Curry County need to be aware that SOD may significantly impact them, even if they don't see the disease in their own backyards. It is in all of our best interests to care and get involved in matters that so significantly affect our (literal) lives and limbs.

Thank you again, Roger Meader, most sincerely.

Catherine Wiley


Yes, Shirley, thereis a Jesus


When an atheist quotes the first amendment they always leave out the second part, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion ...

... or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

For centuries, not years, Christmas was the celebration of the birth one person and only one. Jesus of Nazareth. We did not say Happy Holidays, but Merry Christmas. Christmas carols were sung in schools and almost every school had Christmas plays. Stores had manger scenes in their windows and cities were decorated with angels and wise men, and yes, Shirley, cities actually had manger scenes in front city halls and in parks. We celebrated the birth of someone who changed the world as no one has ever done, or most likely will ever do. Whether you believe as I do, that He is the Messiah, the Son of God or not, the joy, the feelings, the happiness of the season was all around us.

Several years ago atheists began trying to change that. You believe that you have the freedom of selective hearing and selective seeing, and therefore do not want to hear the carols, see the manger scene or look at a cross. These rights are not in the Constitution.

At this time of the year I cannot help but feel sorry for atheists. You cannot tear up when you hear the Ave Maria sung. You do not get the warm feeling I do when you see the child in the manger. Most of all you cannot feel the real peace that the Christ Child gave us that wonderful night.

I will continue to feel sorry for you; however as a person, I will continue to love you and I will pray for you that you too can feel the joy of the season. Merry Christmas.

Dom Petrucelli


Please warn the public about RFD


Hello andndash; I know you're the "go-to guy" around here so I think you should write an article warning the public about the RFDs in this area.

What is an RFD you ask? Well it is short for Rudolph Flying Disorder. It seems that all the antlered (and some non-antlered) critters seem to think they can fly in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Problem with this is that they need a "runway" to build up speed. That runway, unfortunately, usually takes the form of our local roads.

Some of our critters think they are pretty smart and actually play "chicken in the road," daring us, the drivers of automobiles, to hit them as they dart away at the last possible second. Well, some of the RFD sufferers lack good judgment and don't run. Instead they try to leap over our automobiles. I had one such incident the other night. Luckily, my vehicle and the non-antlered one were not seriously injured and we both were able to proceed on our respective journeys.

These incidents are most prevalent during the early morning hours, sunset and the twilight hours of each. Please, the public must be warned of the RFDs. The reindeer tryouts should be drawing to a close and Santa should have the team hitched soon. Maybe then these RFD shenanigans will draw to a close.

Drivers beware: The RFDs are out there. Proceed with caution.

G. Henderson


Wishing all a joyous holiday season


I liked to express Season's Greetings to my neighbors and friends here in the Brookings area. To my pagan and atheist friends, Happy Solstice.

The Winter Solstice celebration holds the distinction of being the oldest of year-end celebrations, beginning many hundreds of years B.C.E., a holiday from which all subsequent holidays sprang.

To my Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah. May the joy of freedom be remembered and kindled as you light your candles and sing your songs.

To my Christian friends and those who celebrate December 25th in a secular fashion, Merry Christmas and Ho Ho Ho! May you be generously filled with the spirit of wonder and joy.

And last but not least, to my Buddhist friends and yogis, with whom I share a close affinity, Happy Moment. Namaste. May we remain in all ways flexible.

To all I wish a joyous holiday season filled with the love and companionship of family and friends, and private moments of inspired contentment, and peace.

There are many reasons for this season, but only one wish: That our celebrations, however we choose to enjoy them, bring us together as a community and world, honoring our differences and sharing in our commonalities, with love and respect for all.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Pam Niles


McMillan, I would like to know ...


Dear Mr. McMillan, I would like to know the number of people laid off at the new Brookings clinic, in wake of the 22 laid of at Curry General Hospital in order to bring the health district into financial stability.

I am also interested in knowing how many, if any, physicians received pay increases following these layoffs. Were any other staff members in the district given pay raises?

I would also like to know if the plan is to close the Gold Beach hospital in favor of emergency care at the new Brookings facility. This is a rumor going around; put it to rest, or not.

Theresia Hewitt, Curry Health District taxpayer

Port Orford