The Curry Coastal Pilot

Brookings sewer rate hikes stinks


Something stinks: What's with another sewer rate hike?

According to my past receipts, rates were increased August of this year. Does this new rate hike (if done) mean that the city will re-hire the laid-off maintenance employees?

Greg Kukulka


Student actors deserve support


Brookings-Harbor High School student drama production "Laugh Lines" this past weekend, repeats tonight at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

I saw it last Saturday. It's amazing how little support patrons of this school district give to non-athletic student performances. Disappointingly, attendance for the first three shows averaged about 18. Eighteen! That's barely more than the 11 actors, the student house manager, and the two adult directors (only one of whom was paid).

The recent charter school debate and resulting show of support for the district's programs (available to all students) brightened my expectations. I hoped to see large audiences for these plays. Now, I wonder again that so many district patrons fail to care what goes on besides athletic events. Stadiums and gyms are packed for non-academic events; but almost no one saw the truly passionate performances these students worked so hard to present.

What a shame! Sixty-five minutes of funniest, most pertinent, laugh-filled, polished comedy anyone could hope for, nearly wasted and certainly under-appreciated.

And by the way, if you don't think drama kids learn life skills, consider how few students make careers out of athletics and how many must be making it in entertainment. (Next time you watch a movie or television, stay long enough to read the long, long list of credits. You'll quickly see where the money is.)

Want to watch some very happy kids doing something right? Want to restore your faith in our youth and educational system? Five bucks (or $3 plus one can of food) and those kids won't wonder whether they're worth anything in this community.

The performers will love you! You will love them!

Chuck Weller


Let us decided what is best


To Joyce Hannum. Dear Mrs. Hannum, if you think the folks here need property tax increases you, my dear lady, can help every homeowner here pay their taxes.

There is a reason people are able to afford to live in this beautiful area; low property taxes would be the front-runner. Please don't spoil it for the retiree and fixed income homeowners here, stay put and let us (Brookings homeowners) decide what is best for us. ...

Jerry Mahoney


Relaford's zero budget is smart


Curry County in Distress, well finally someone has a great idea.

After reading Wednesday's Dec. 7 forum from Mr. Jim Relaford, I had to chuckle. Thank you, Jim Relaford, for hitting the point on the head. The solution is at hand, zero budget and whatever the state mandate requires. Now that is the smartest idea I have heard in a long time. Yes, it is time to do away with figureheads and paper pushing. I have said in the past we already have a qualified group of people doing a job andndash; volunteers from every district andndash; they are called (planning commission).

Oregon State will consume the county seat, and we will be able to say goodbye to three unqualified leaders, saving plenty of payroll and benefits. That in itself is a great start; then each department will be assessed for value and need. Raising taxes in Curry County is not a long term-solution. Essential services will be maintained. and a new style of governing body will replace the upper management waste.

Gary Davis


Speeding a problem on Parkview Drive


I walk on Parkview each morning; I noticed that the road was falling into the small creek just below Dodge.

It had become dangerous to us walkers and vehicles using Parkview. I called the city road department and reported it. They had a crew out within a couple of days and did a very fine job repairing the hole. Thanks a lot, folks, for a job well done.

Most of the drivers sharing the road with me and my two little dogs observe the speed limit and are very courteous. But, one young man deserves special recognition; he drives a small white truck. He came by us this morning like a bat out of hell, I might add, a very loud bat out of hell. He was exceeding the speed limit within l00 feet from his driveway and he was picking up speed as he passed us going downhill out of our sight.

I hope his folks read this article and take corrective action before he kills somebody.

Herman Hunt


Sports seems to be out to kill players


I enjoyed Hatch's column on sports.

I attended the game and was not harmed. I do agree sports seem to be out to kill the players. I think games should not be played with Civil War plays but with strategy like an F-16.

The professionals seem to be setting the scene as if it was war. I like a game that uses strategy. Thanks.

Rogie Shutt

Smith River

Free photo portraits for the holidays


I am a local photographer who is offering free photos services for the holiday.

This is a service for those who want a photo that is something more than a point-and-shoot snapshot. It's for those who can't stretch their budget to include a family shot in their Christmas card or just to have as a keepsake.

No proof of income needed.

To view a sample of my photography go online to my website,

For an appointment or inquiries call 541-531-2303 or email me at

Thank you.

D.S. Brady


There is Justicein Brookings


This afternoon there was a knock at the office door of the food bank.

Three young men, Justice, Derrick and Aaron, came in with sacks of food to donate.

Justice was the spokesman for the group. He had spoken with one of our volunteers who related the needs of the food bank. Justice told his Mom about what he found out. She asked him if that was something he would like to provide for the food bank. The "three kings" took it upon themselves to go to a local market and purchase needed items and then deliver them. A board member happened to be in the office at the time and offered a tour of the facility to them. At their request she explained to them how the food bank works. They were very interested and even shelved the products they brought to us!

In these very stressful times of keeping food on the shelves to provide food boxes for those in need, the caring and loving act of these three young men caused tears of joy to be shed! We thank them, and their parents profusely!

Mary Boshart,

board secretary

Julie Davis,

executive director

Community Food Bank


Jesus is the reason for the season


Last night I enjoyed immensely Nature's Coastal Holiday, our little town's light show at Azalea Park.

And to think it all comes from the big hearts of volunteers! But one thing was conspicuously absent: baby Jesus from the manger. Was it stolen as a youthful prank? Was it omitted purposefully? It made me think of what our Christmas holiday has become.

Business employees are told they can't say "merry Christmas," but "happy holidays." I challenge you to find one item at Fred Meyer, or any other store in Brookings for that matter, that has anything to do with what Christmas is really about. Irony: in the Christmas cards, you have to look under the title "religious" to find a card about Jesus.

People are afraid to mention the name "Jesus" or the word "Christmas" (from "Christ's Mass"). How sad. It's politically incorrect. Even at Christmas time! Christmas is a Christian holiday. So why do we have to pretend it isn't and just lump it under "holiday"?

Today I wore my "Jesus is the reason for the season" pin. I am not ashamed to mention the name of my Lord, even if I have to die for it. "If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels." (Luke 9:26).

A blessed and merry Christmas to you all!

Sharon Fischer


Roosevelt, Obama andndash; no comparison


On Dec. 5, the media indicated President Obama compared himself favorably to President Theodore Roosevelt.

Lets see: At Harvard, Roosevelt started and later completed an acclaimed four volumes on Winning the West (1889-1896). He later wrote two very popular biographies. Obama wrote a book about his fathers desire, unfulfilled, to change the world politically. He also edited the Harvard Law Review, but none of his written material has been produced.

As a western rancher Roosevelt captured a gang of rustlers at gunpoint and later commanded a regiment in battle during the Spanish-American War. Obama paid NATO to attack in Egypt and Libya. Roosevelt set out to control the abuses of big corporations in office. Obama attempted to control business and corporations by picking winners like GMC, General Electric and certain Wall Street corporations over other corporations.

Roosevelt sponsored The Expedition Act of 1903 to speed up anti-trust law enforcement. Obama attempted to control business by rules partially written by czars he appointed. Roosevelt forced business to respect union members. Obama illegally turned over assets of corporations to unions over investors rights.

Roosevelt said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." Obama blamed everyone for his administrations failures and "stuck" it to anyone but himself. Roosevelt made the U.S. a world naval power. Obama has requested through committees to reduce spending by making the Navy the smallest since before World War I.

This is the only comparison between the two: Roosevelt's Navy size and Obama's will be a match in size.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

County cuts, golf pro and groceries


"National Forest County Revenue, Schools and Jobs Act of 2011."

Put forward in the House not the Senate, by or supported by an Oregon Republican. Where are the Democrats?

Franchise fee? Bad idea anytime, terrible idea now. Cut salaries and benefits or cut a few jobs and don't start with the police. Our commissioners, once again, are waiting for a miracle, three million shekels from God; a miracle would be a balanced budget.

Personally I'd rather have a sheriff and a few deputies and replace the commission with a golf pro.

I think the environmentalists should donate all their time, money and labor to the food bank; saving people is a better idea then saving owls. Since I am wishing, could someone from the humane society come get the eight cats that have wiped out the birds in my neighborhood? Like politicians, I prayed for a miracle, but I guess God is too buys trying to save us from ourselves.

Speaking of God, I tried to track him down but he's on the campaign trail trying to get support for his plan. I never asked him if he plays golf.

I put on my bulletproof vest and hip pads and went to the grocery store. I spent $67.63; it should have been $64.98, but after 30 minutes at the check stand correcting sale prices that were not in the scanner, I gave up. After a stop at the pharmacy, I ran my cart into an old lady.

Clifton Siemens


Help ensure needy families get food


The Elks Community Christmas Basket Program needs your help to ensure that our needy families have a Merry Christmas.

This has always been a community effort. Without your help there would not be a program. Even though we had our annual food drive last weekend we are still running short on some of the items we need to fill our baskets.

We are asking you to open up your hearts, put on your Santa hats, dig deep into your pockets and help us make this program a success. We are running short on the following items:

andbull;Instant mashed potatoes;

andbull;Packaged turkey mix;

andbull;Canned sweet potatoes;

andbull;Canned cranberry sauce;

andbull;Instant pudding mix;

andbull;Candy canes.

This program is done along with the Toys For Tots. Food baskets and toys are delivered together. There is a shortage of toys for the teens, aged 13 to 17 years, male and female.

There is no place as caring and giving as Brookings. I am proud to be a member of this awesome community. Keep up the good work!

If the only way you can give to this program is to volunteer, we can use your help in several ways:

andbull;Dec 12, pick up donated items from grocery store;

andbull;Dec 12 through Dec 15 marking and filling baskets from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.;

andbull;Dec 16, pick up remaining items from grocery stores, and remove boxes from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.;

andbull;Dec 16, pick up turkeys and remaining food at Fred Meyer 10 a.m.

andbull;Dec 16, finish remaining baskets from 10 a.m. until completed;

andbull;Dec 17, deliver baskets, help loading baskets in cars, and will call, 8 a.m. until completed;

On Dec 10, 1 p.m., bring your little ones to see Santa (open to the public) 1 p.m. at the Elks Lodge, cookies and punch served;

From 7 to 10 p.m., the Toy Dance, The Spence Brothers Band, open to the public; admission, bring a toy or canned food.

Monetary donations are always appreciated. For information call Sharon Hitzman, 541-412-8968 or the Elks, 541-469-2169. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Sharon Hitzman,

chairman, Community Basket Program, Elks Lodge 1934

Enough about the county's crisis


After the last three issues of the paper decrying the terrible impending condition of our poor county and all its woes I have had enough!

Whatever would our pioneers who came on the Oregon Trail have said if they read all this?

These men and woman were not slaves to the police department, the hospitals, the deputies, the fire department, the welfare department, the educational system. They were tough families who knew what privation, sickness sometimes without any doctors, and hunger and poverty were. Did they complain? They dug in, built homes, raised farm animals, planted gardens and did not depend on others for all the amenities of life.

These articles appear designed to create fear, unrest and anxiety. I deplore all this poor-mouth talk. If we cannot afford more, then we cut back and don't make the whole community feel guilty because we cannot have 12 deputies! Living on Highway 101 I see, almost daily, the flashing lights of the police stopping cars and creating revenue! Folks, it is not all about safety. It is about creating fear so that you will not mind more taxation.

What does 70 percent of our budget for protection mean? It appears we are living in a violent county. I have lived here in the Brookings/Harbor for 18 years and never called the police for any thing nor the fire hall. Am I unique? I don't think so.

So the solution is to cut the salaries by 10 percent, cut out services such as "building inspectors." Does the county ensure that a house built will be safe? Of course not! The contractor is ultimately responsible for his work, not the county. All this revenue is for the corporate structure of the county and not the people wanting a house built.

Individual responsibility is the key, not some government. Increase taxes, never! Reduce spending, always!

D.W. Cross