The Curry Coastal Pilot

Board ruling good for students, staff


First off I would like to thank the school board of District 17-C for upholding their obligation to the district and the staff and students Tuesday night.

I'm also thankful that by choosing not to sponsor the half million dollars for the charter school that once again the teachers can sleep in peace at night and not fear certain job loss. I hope that the board continues to make decisions with the district's best interest at heart.

Tony Arneson


Drivers! Observe more, hurry less


Thus far, my letters to the editor have been on a positive note, but this one has a little different tune to it.

I can't speak for the south end of town, but the north side is continually dealing with aggressive and inconsiderate motorists. Most people know and observe the speed limit heading north on Highway 101 that goes from 35mph to 45mph just after Harris Beach. Respectively, southbounders drop their speed from 45mph to 35mph just before Harris Beach. But, so many drivers tailgate through that zone, totally oblivious to those turning off the highway and occasional animals that get separated from their owners.

I think of Ira who spreads smiles and waves to the traffic andndash; every day! If he had a nickel for every close call he has observed he could probably make a dent (no pun intended) in getting Curry County out of debt!

The other day two cars were pulled off to the side of the highway and two men were guiding traffic due to a hit and staggering deer.

This is not an issue of being a Bambi lover or not, it is about awareness and driving the speed limit. Deer will be hit, they always have and always will. I just have to wonder how many deer, dogs, cats, and even people would avoid tragedy if folks would simply be more observant and less to hurry.

I close with one reminder and one question: Driving is a privilege, not a right. Is Parkview Drive a quarter-mile drag to the stop sign at 101?

Sherri King-Barron


Boycott theslave mentality


The ideologies of human nature have categories of reality with the propaganda that causes blindness to exploitation, which would be disgusting otherwise.

Within the category of suffering, the parodic jumble of economic factors is the socio-psychological leader of the pack. The cultural question of dimensions of human-caused catastrophes has two main reasons: economic and religious. These roots of conflict are spawned by economies which induce trench religions by those glimpses of death experienced by those whose naivetandeacute; think that words or actions might alter the path of the world, when, in fact, it is the lack of a true investigation into the nihilism of ideologies that has gained hold of their good intentions.

I know this is a lot of depth for those satisfied by simple faith and illiterate of their true surroundings, and one of the real questions is why the "common folks" defend the rich and powerful who would have little or nothing to do with the average commoner in real life. They have gates and fortified themselves away from the foolish dupes who worship them, and rankle at any attempt to have their bourgeois subjectivity analyzed.

Where is the ethical ecstasy of building singular wealth if it's not in the service of humans? What's the point of Jesus' teaching that capitalizing on barter was not good, mammon was a false investment in time and the dimensions of grace were not of the singular motive, but within the group dynamic.

Socialism or capitalism by gun are equally dumb! When the poor and young are forced to not demonstrate their agonies against unscrupulous behavior it doesn't take a genius to see moral bankruptcy.

Boycott the slave mentality, boycott those that profit from mathematical reductionism of individual luxuries at the expense of peace and humanity. Boycott Nike and J.P Morgan Chase, locally.

G.G. Thompson


Occupy Wall Street is too uncivil


Each state has a right to secede from the Union.

That right was the main principle of the American Revolution.

In roughly the time frame of 1804-1813, New England came within an inch of seceding from the Union. It came within 8,000 votes of happening when Aaron Burr lost the governor's race in New York. Had he won, New York and New England would have immediately seceded. That was the plan.

In the war of 1812, Massachusetts refused to send troops. Washington D.C. fell. Our government fell. British troops occupied the White House. From Washington D.C., the British troops moved to attack Baltimore, Maryland. The attack on Baltimore inspired the song "The Star Spangled Banner." Whereas federal troops ran away as the British troops approached Washington D.C., the British were repulsed by the state militia when they attacked Baltimore. And Baltimore was a hotbed of secessionism.

The Declaration of Independence supports the right of secession, but not for "light and transient reasons."

Perhaps the war of 1812 reminded that generation that the Union had better stick together. The issue would erupt in a civil war approximately 50 years later. It took 600,000 American lives in a very un-civil war. Perhaps the Occupy Wall Street movement should be replaced by the Occupy the Voting Booth movement. You know, the movement our founding fathers started.

We don't need civil war. It is too un-civil. And so is the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Tom Anderson


Volunteers make light show shine


I was recently elected chairman of Nature's Coastal Holiday Light Festival and was unsure how I was going to get all the work done in time.

Then the weather turned bad, as usual, and I began to feel like the lights would not get done in time for the event to take place. Then on Saturday Nov. 19, the volunteers in this great town of ours showed up in droves to help hang the lights. Things were getting done but still there was so much to do that I was still not sleeping well, worrying that we were not going to make the deadline.

Once again, Saturday Nov. 26, you all showed up again, and lo and behold the park was finished and it was beautiful.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you on behalf of the Board of Directors and myself for all the work that you all brought to this event. A special thanks to the Lions Club, Rotary Club and all the other civic organizations that help transform Azalea Park into a beautiful wonderland of lights for the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Dave Kitchen


Correct information about CSWMP


Regarding the letter of appreciation to the Board of Commissioners from Harbor Community Action Committee and before the Easter lily bulb growers decide that I have finally lost it, I need to correct and comment on the error the Pilot made in decoding the CSWMP acronym as a "Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan." I don't believe there is such a plan in Curry County and doubt that it is a critical element for the Harbor Bench unique farmland operations.

The CSWMP stands for the Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan and focuses on surface water runoff and ground water on the Harbor Hills and the Harbor Bench. The CSWMP was introduced in 20005 during the Brookings annexation process.

The Pilot wrote at length about the CSWMP and the rigorous and extremely negative peer review and the distress it caused previous Commissioners. Parametrix engineers wrote, "the developer does not meet the intent of the County to minimize impacts of development on the Harbor Hills Bench area nor does it provide a set of tools that can be used by the County for managing future development." "Based upon direction from you, we will not be conducting a final presentation of our findings to the County." (Letter to Director Pratt, February 7, 2008) The process was shut down and left many unanswered questions.

I apologize for not identifying the Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan; however, the Pilot must assume the responsibility for the incorrect interpretation of the CSWMP acronym.

Yvonne Maitland

HCAC Secretary