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Liberal politicians are so funny ...


Liberal politicians are so funny when they become outraged over tax rates.

Their battle cry: "Raise taxes on the super wealthy."

We're supposed to be appalled to learn that someone earning $60,000 pays the same tax rate as someone earning $500,000. Of course they pay the same tax rate. That's why it is called a rate.

Remember percentages from fifth grade? A given percentage (rate) of a large number, is much greater than the same percentage of a small number, so the $500,000 guy pays a lot more than the $60,000 guy.

My fifth grade skills tell me he pays more than eight times as much. Plus he's probably employing a few people and paying a lot in sales tax (depending on the state he lives in) and also paying a hefty property tax.

Now, does the $500,000 guy get eight times the government services as the $60,000 guy, eight times the police protection and eight times the quality of public education andndash; of course he doesn't.

So how is he not paying his "fair share?" If liberals want fairness, maybe they should push for a tax-rate decrease on the wealthy.

Fred Pate


Anglers' actions make me sick


Every day I find myself sick to my stomach as I head to the river with my wife and dog to watch a fisherman fighting a fish but instead see so-called anglers lining salmon with beads and yarn in the shallow riffles above Social Security Bar, Tide Rock and other places. A puff ball and a drop of shrimp oil and say they're biting, only to send their pictures into the Pilot and other publications posing as if they outsmarted a weary Chinook.

Many of us, including guides, see the State of Washington's "Anti-Snagging/Lining Law" very advantageous. Help us put the ethics back into sportfishing the Chetco before it becomes too late. Thank you.

They adopted this ruling in September of 2009. Having contacted the State of Washington myself, this ruling has led to a higher success rate of "Wild" Chinook and steelhead. The State of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife also stated that the only folks who opposed this ruling were those fishing unethically and illegally. Here is the link:

David Engler


Charter school a welcome addition


I noticed in a recent edition (Pilot, Nov. 2) that a hearing was held to gauge public support for the proposed Riverside Charter Academy school.

I'd like to say a few words in favor of such an institution. I have known several families whose children were in such schools and so am acquainted with the multiple benefits such schools bring to their students.

Expeditionary learning schools are often smaller in size than public schools and can offer far more individualized learning. They often use methods that are far more interactive than the typical teacher talks-student listens format. The curriculum in these schools is typically more fluid and not as dated or constricted so teachers can make better use of current events and world affairs to make learning come alive and more internalized. Often students who are either bored or disinvested in their education will perform better in charter schools that use the expeditionary learning model.

Expeditionary learning schools are known for having a very high percentage of students who go on to college andndash; even from disadvantaged families. This is not surprising since the individualized learning and interesting formats tend to produce students who are more enthusiastic and motivated to learn. They also retain more of what they learn since they have themselves actively participated in the learning process. This is important because it teaches students not only facts and figures but how to learn which stays with them lifelong. It is definitely a win-win proposition.

So, I hope Riverside Charter Academy comes to fruition. It would be a beneficial and welcomed addition to Brookings.

Eileen Sorrels


Peace of mind for you and loved ones


A big thank you to all who participated in the Advanced Directive Workshop at the Caregiver Support Group last month. You have begun the process of getting peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Have you completed the forms and wallet cards and put them in appropriate places? Please use this reminder as an impetus to get this done.

This summer, on July 9, there will be another Advanced Directive Workshop at the Caregiver Support Group for those of you who want to find out more about this important subject.

Coming up on Monday, Nov. 14, at the 2 p.m. Caregiver Support Group, is a presentation by Adele Ismert of Eugene about Alzheimer's and Other Dementia. She works with the Alzheimer's Association and at Cascade Manor, the main Alzheimer's facility in the Eugene area. The program will focus on how Alzheimer's works, and what the treatments and prevention models are. Other areas that will be touched upon are the connection between dementia and depression, the Safe Return program (to help those who wander stay safe) and the latest research being done in the field. Adele will address as many questions as she can from the audience.

For information, email or call (541) 251-0498.

Marihelen Pitts-Campbell, Caregiver Support Group founder and facilitator


Students seek help for Winter Wishes


This letter is a request for you as a business to donate to a worthy cause.

Unfortunately, not every student at Brookings-Harbor High School (BHHS) will be able to make a Christmas list. There will be those who will find hundreds of dollars worth of presents under the tree. But there are also those who will wake to a cold house, and no presents at all. Of course, we cannot tell the difference between those in need and those with plenty. What we can do is make a difference this holiday season for everyone.

At BHHS, we have put together a program called Winter Wishes. This program allows every student one wish to be granted. It can be anything from a simple chocolate bar all the way to something as special as dinner plans with a parent. This program makes every student feel important and remembered. We are asking for your help to grant these very important wishes.

In order to fulfill each of the 500 winter wishes we received this year, it will cost about $1,500. Any donation you can make will get us closer to being able to give every student at least one gift for the holidays from the BHHS Leadership Class.

To make a contribution to the Winter Wishes program, contact Kambri Coleman, 541-661-9483 or Shantell Goodwin, 541-254-1158. To mail: BHHS Leadership Class: Winter Wishes, BHHS 625 Pioneer Road, Brookings, OR 97415.

We trust that you will give as you are able. Happy holidays!

Kambri Coleman, BHHS Associated Student Body vice president

Shantell Goodwin, BHHS senior class representative

Democratic scheme to spend our money


On Oct. 25, Tom Coburn (R) senator from Oklahoma said that our state department sends foreign aid to the Chinese government in the form of cash, then we borrow money from them and they charge us interest on that loan. Even though their country's economy is flourishing and ours is floundering.

Would just one of our infamous Democratic leaders in Curry County please whisper into Representative DeFazio's ear why he hasn't been screaming or flagpole sitting until this stops!

Is this the reason you Democrats want our taxes increased? I know your love for Peter hinges on his last visit that he will start a savings fund for Curry County. I'm so happy for you all. Anyone who continues to vote for false promises andndash; Social Security solid for 75 years, etc. andndash; you're as guilty for our problems as they are.

AARP is spending millions of dollars lately on a TV commercial saying there's danger that older Americans receiving Social Security will lose their benefits. Since they make it clear that Democrats are their chosen party we are to assume that they are referring to Republicans.

Please, would someone, anyone, give us one name of a politician who makes that claim? I do recall hearing that anyone younger than 45 will and must deal with changes in benefits and a new qualifying age! Why would AARP pay huge amounts to claim a lie? Looks like another Democratic scheme to spend more money, to me.

For Americans to survive this Marxist onslaught we must work together for another Republican landslide victory like November 2010.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Men often victims of domestic violence


October slipped by as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Are you aware that, according to Department of Justice and Center for Disease Control, wives/girlfriends represent one-third of all batterers?

Are you aware that in 15 percent of domestic violence homicides, the woman killed the man?

Are you aware that, according to both men's and women's accounts, 50 percent of the violence in their relationships was reciprocal. When the violence was one-sided, both women and men said that women were the perpetrators 70 percent of the time. Furthermore, 67 percent of women in battered-women's shelters reported severe violence toward their partner in the past year. And, the most likely to result in future injury to women is when she initiates violence against him and he responds. Source: American Journal of Public Health

Are you aware that, of the 55 cases in Curry County, less than 2 percent involved a female batterer, well below the 33 percent national figure. I believe this stems from the makeup of our county's male population who grew up in a culture that says, if she hits you, you deserved it andndash; so deal with it. These men aren't even aware that they are in an abusive relationship.

Men: Has she ever used physical violence andndash; scream at, slap, punch, hit, kick, grab, shove, shake, choke, bite or otherwise abuse you, the children or any past partners? Does her conversation ever escalate into threats of separation or divorce? (See a list of 25 other scenarios at

Learn how to protect yourself and your children at Realize that there are hundreds of thousands of other men who are being abused by their wives or girlfriends. You simply don't deserve to be treated like that. And neither do your children!

See the extended version at

Gordon Clay

Don't understand writer's comments


I never quite understand G.G. Thompson's letters.

Just what does he/she mean when he/she refers to "paranoid schizophrenic ramblings of organized religions and philosophies based upon stupid innate selfishness?" (Pilot, Nov. 5), yet he/she states we should all follow his/her philosophy of becoming "consistent with each other in groups as opposed to individual selection" as an "important evolutionary step." He/she writes that America should "get off its knees" and come "together without the complexities of division." Whose divisions should be dropped? Everyone's but Thompson's?

He/she states, at the end of his/her letter to the editor, "Eat the rich." Just what does that mean? Are we to hate "the rich" because somehow all of them have done something evil?

If we all think according to Thompson's ideals /morals/philosophy/religion everything will be right and good? That sounds exactly like what he/she criticizes over and over again. I'll keep my faith, you may keep yours.

L.C. Reynolds


You steal and we get the bill


I do not like you anymore, and I'm going to tell you why.

For years, you've claimed you were a Christian, but your mouth, thoughts and deeds prove you wrong. Sitting in a bar complaining about the Mexicans and blacks taking all the jobs while drinking a beer at three o'clock in the afternoon doesn't cut it, and even worse your language is so foul you drive out customers. You should be proud, your children use all your words wherever they are.

You drive impaired with your cell phone in your ear, putting everyone at risk. You go shopping with a chip on your shoulder and your brains in your pocket. You race through parking lots, fail to signal and have never fully stopped at a stop sign. You fail to vote or vote a party line, having no idea what the consequences will be. The quality of your work matches your values; perhaps this is the reason your jobs don't last long.

Whether you are in the public or private sector your attitude sucks. You want everything for nothing and keep taking until the well runs dry. You are keen on letting the other guy carry the load then get mad when he gets the gravy.

You steal and we get the bill.

I saw you empty the sweetener tray on two tables in the restaurant and put them in your pocket. Then you overload at the salad bar and leave half on your plate.

You make me sick.

Clifton Siemens


And they thought we could help them


In regard to the letter "America becoming a no-kill nation?" (Pilot, Nov. 9), I had a sudden surge of hope that our troop withdrawal from Iraq had been increased or accelerated. And that maybe some great event had taken place within our government that I hadn't heard about andndash; like a decision for no more U.S. invasions?

But no, it didn't refer to not killing millions of people. We will still continue to do that, as usual. And as we slowly withdraw our troops from Iraq, we plan to increase our military presence in the Persian Gulf to protect them from Iran, whose influence there has expanded due to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.(San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 6).

The SFC article stated, "Gulf countries are likely to welcome U.S. plans for its military presence in the region." I believe the Iraqis thought it would help them, too, eight long years ago.

Mim Lagoe