The Curry Coastal Pilot

Friday is Veterans Day, an opportunity for all of us to say thank you to those who served in our nation's armed forces, and continue to serve today, to ensure the freedoms we enjoy.

For some people, Veterans Day is nothing special. They don't seem to comprehend the magnitude of previous wars or the lasting impact they had on the American psyche.

Perhaps it's easy to forget the contributions that American soldiers made decades ago, in far away lands. Local veterans groups try hard to keep that from happening. They work tirelessly all year long to honor veterans by doing presentations in our schools, hosting special events, dinners and auctions, and by flying U.S. flags along Chetco Avenue.

Veterans Day is a day when the rest of the nation can join in that effort.

As you read this, another group of American soliders andndash; many of them your children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and friends andndash; are putting themselves in harm's way in dozens of countries. Whether you support these military efforts or not, these Americans should be honored, not shunned, or worse, as were so many Vietnam veterans upon returning home.

Veterans Day is a time when we can, without glorifying war, be proud of our veterans, past and present.

We must never forget them.