The Curry Coastal Pilot

In light of a rash of home burglaries reported in the last few weeks in Curry County, it only make sense to do the obvious: Lock up your homes and vehicles.

If you notice suspicious activity in your neighborhood andndash; unfamiliar people walking on your street or vehicles with people sitting inside parked for hours at a time andndash; notify authorities via the non-emergency line. In south Curry County the number to call is 541-469-3118; In central and north Curry County the number is 541-247-3242.

Better yet, get together with your neighbors and form a Neighborhood Watch group. Call the Curry County Sheriff's Department and your local police department for information on how.

Living in a semi-rural area, it's easy to become complacent when it comes to protecting our possessions, but many of today's burglaries are crimes of opportunity. The success of such crimes often depends simply on whether a door is locked.

Authorities believe that many would-be burglars are people looking for items they an can sell to support their drug habits. So far, most of these crimes happen when the residents are away from home.

Burglars often target second homes that are left unused for lengthy periods of time. Criminals also seek homes where newspapers and mail pile up and lawns go unmowed. One trick used by burglars is to place a business card in the door of a home and check on it later to see it's been removed.

If you own a second home or go on vacation, leave a few lights on (an inexpensive programmable timer works well), ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your paper and mail and periodically check the locks on doors and windows.

Taking a few simple precautions, and keeping an eye on your neighbors' property, should help reduce the number of crimes in our community.