The Curry Coastal Pilot

Nix the loopholes, special privileges


We believe that saving the Social Security and the Medicare system is essential.

The system proposed by Republicans, (investing employee Social Security deductions in the stock market) will not sustain the system. Most people in the $40,000 to $50,000 tax bracket do not know how to invest stocks in the stock market.

In addition to Medicare we have to have supplemental insurance. The cost of that keeps rising and it doesn't pay very much toward the bill. Seems as though they would rather just let the person pay what Medicare doesn't. The doctor's bill has gone up dramatically in the past couple of years. The doctors also do more tests than may be necessary in order that they won't be sued.

You also need to have insurance to cover our prescription costs after you hit the donut hole. Thank goodness some doctors are now telling patients about getting drugs from Canada at a lesser cost and that they may have generics that you may be able to obtain from Canada, that USA doesn't allow.

We gladly pay our share of taxes. We have heard wealthier than us, much wealthier, say proudly that they do not pay taxes. There are too many loopholes for the wealthy to take advantage of to avoid paying their share of taxes.

Loopholes and special privileges should not be given to large corporations, especially when they are not lowering their prices to improve the general good of the country, like the oil companies for one example.

It is immoral for the insurance industry to make a profit off of human illness, and therefore, insurance companies should be removed from the health care system. We believe a single payer system (no insurance companies involved) should replace the excessively expensive system now in existence.

Arthur and Margaret Moore


Do you want a Socialist state?


Occupy Wall Streeters, 99 percenters and their Democrat compatriots are executing grand misdirection. How?

andbull;Occupy financial centers under the guise of stopping bailouts, influence and greed while President Obama and Congress are responsible for the problem and its fixes.

andbull;March on banks receiving bailouts rather than the federal government giving them.

andbull;Vilify Wall Street/corporate influence-pedaling vice targeting influenced politicians, including President Obama and his Wall Street crony staff (e.g., chief of staff, Treasury secretary and Economic/Jobs advisor).

andbull;Demand student loan forgiveness, saying nothing about teacher unions' part in high tuition costs.

andbull;Blame banks/Wall Street for mortgage/housing woes rather than irresponsible government policies and politicians.

andbull;Welcome multimillionaire Democrats who hypocritically tout redistributive wealth but aren't giving up outrageous salaries and paying more taxes.

andbull;Target media mogul who gives Democrats, Republicans and Independents fair coverage, passing by Democrat Wall Street billionaires.

andbull;Tolerate anti-Semitism and crime in demonstrations: "Movement" is more important.

Democrats are now exposed as Socialists. The proof: demanding government policy changes by protesting the policy beneficiaries rather than policy makers. They know their goal won't be met by targeting the real culprits behind the economic troubles, the president and Congress, including Democrats. So they twist focus to Wall Street, and "enemies" to create an environment for Democrat leadership to make the final leap into total Socialism, culminating 90-plus years of "progressing"ˇ rather than "throw the bums out."

For real change, they'd vilify the president and all Congress and occupy Washington D.C.

Time to decide: Do you want America a Constitutional Republic or Socialist state? Remember, history shows the latter never works.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

Let's work together, help each other


I like our newspaper and good coverage of a variety of local news and events. However, I notice there really isn't anything that addresses the heartache and discouragement of the unemployed.

Acknowledgement and thanks go to the services available for job searches, medical needs, and food for the needy. Regardless, I see so many faces that are down, stressed out, and on the verge of giving up.

For those who are unemployed, the days and weeks of searching and applying, often result in days and weeks of no response. This is a recipe for loneliness and feeling of rejection. If that isn't enough, fuel is added to the fire when encountering the occasional poor customer-service employees who don't acknowledge your entry, don't say "thank-you" upon leaving, and are too preoccupied with chitchat while you stand waiting. Seriously?

There are many folks out of work who would love to have that position and do substantially better. What up, employers? If you are looking for quality employees, there are many of us who have more than the "8 and skate" mentality. Please join in with us and let us know what your priorities and expectations are.

Do you agree our community could benefit by helping each other through sharing our time, talents, skills, and knowledge? We have a gold mine of resources in our own neighbors. The purpose would be to teach, motivate, and supply each other with some tools for problem-solving and networking. We need some workshops and support, free. I understand the Chetco Activity Center may be utilized, but most any room with table and chairs would be useful!

How do I get this endeavor going? I wonder if your readers may offer supportive ideas and help me help others?

Sherri King-Barron


Reckless disregard for public safety


Re: City of Brookings Mayor Anderson comments Oct. 19, 2011, on county Mixed Use Master Plan zone (MUMPz).

Us common folk don't have the luxury of summoning Pilot staff to publish articles and present our slant on a particular subject. In 2007, one of your (Pilot) staff was provided a myriad of information emphasizing safety concerns on the MUMPz subject. Staff assured me it would be thoroughly reviewed. One month later you (Pilot editor) responded "Unfortunately, I don't have the time nor manpower at this time to study this material in depth."

Anderson is reported saying "The city has an interest in seeing that development and infrastructure occurring in this area now is appropriate for the delivery of efficient urban services in the future."

Dec. 8, 2008, citizen safety concerns were voiced and ignored during a joint city and county public hearing on storm water infrastructure. Dec. 29, 2008 a 20-foot (approximate) wall of mud roared down and across the roadway at the very location identified at the hearing.

March 8, 2011, Brookings manager Milliman along with city and county attorneys were again sent legal correspondence emphasizing safety concerns and risks to nearby and downstream residents of the Harbor Hills, including storm water runoff, excavation, road building, clearcutting, etc. Two days later a landslide slammed into the back of a home on Pelican Bay Drive.

Regardless of fancy words pasted on paper and called master development plans, there continues to be a repeated and reckless disregard on the part of city and county officials with respect to citizen safety.

Thomas Huxley


Call out to make caps for kids


Due to illness I am a little late this year. I hope the knitters and crocheters of Curry County have been busy making caps for our kids.

I have patterns and yarn that can be delivered. The collection containers will be out by Thanksgiving at the Activity Center in Brookings, the Senior Center in Gold Beach, and Quilter's Corner in Port Orford.

The deadline this year will Friday, Dec. 9; so mark your calendars.

Thank you in advance for all of the kids of Curry County. For more information call me at 541-247-2589.

Lavonne Morrell, coordinator, Caps for Kids

Gold Beach

Make the rules for river bar use clear


The folks up river who live on Social Security Bar really appreciate any decisions that improve conditions that all can enjoy.

It's great to see families having picnics, safe fun in the river playing with their pets and have easy access to enjoyment.

Better instructions on a much larger sign is the answer. Presently, the bar is a racetrack for ATVs and pickups at all hours of the day and night. They cross the river, which stirs up the conditions for the young salmon and steelhead. ATVs create new trails through the underbrush and cause clouds of dust which settle on our homes.

Things go on well past midnight that makes one's nervous hurt and we know that a phone call at that time cannot be responded to, but that's another subject for conversation.

Let's make that sign large and clear. Speed limit is 5 mph. No access after dark. Keep your vehicle out of the river. Clean up your litter. Obey all laws concerning the use of publicly owned land, fire, firearms and alcohol consumption.

Bill Smyth


Infringing on rights of part-time miners


I am dismayed to learn of the latest attempt to curtail the rights of U.S. citizens and in particular the rights enjoyed by the recreational miners who contribute to the habitat of both fish and wildlife on Oregon's rivers.

The Chetco has long been a source of recreation for fishermen, hunters and recreational miners, as well as providing livlihoods for commercial mining interests and those employed in the mining of minerals in Curry County.

I do not support the latest efforts by agents of the BLM who are actively infringing upon these rights under "color of law," and I am disappointed to learn that the local newspaper which is read by the residents of the Brookings area is being mislead by the editorial bias displayed in your headlines in the pages of this newspaper.

I ask you, the editorial staff, to remember first right detailed in the U.S. Constitution, your duty to preserve journalistic ethos and the five Ws of professional journalism.

Fair and balanced reporting best serves the community you serve. Anything less is akin to gossip or worse ... rumor-mongering.

Jim Riggs


Fred Meyer, Galli help local Redshirts


The Brookings-Harbor Redshirts would like to thank Fred Meyer and especially Manager Matt Galli, for the 40 DVD players that were donated to send to our troops in harm's way in Afghanistan for Christmas.

I am sure that all of the non-profits in town feel the same way about Matt. He is an awesome member of our community and we are lucky to have him and Fred Meyer in our generous little town.

Remember to keep all of our military in your hearts. The holiday season is a really hard time of the year for them being away from their families. If you would like to donate any new or used DVDs to go with the DVD players, please contact Sharon or Dave, 541-412-8968.

Sharon Hitzman


Ban on mining? Where does it stop?


Where does it stop? Are you next?

I just cannot believe what I do for exercise and recreation is about to be banned. About once a week or so I take my 1-inch highbanker, sluices, screens and pans up the Chetco River for the day. Now I am going to be banned from my hobby!

If I dig a hole I fill it back in. I do not discharge dirty water into the river. I even have a state-issued permit that allows me to do this and comes with rules and regulations.

A total ban does not take into account the small, recreational miner. I have seen a bunch of kids playing on the river bar move more rocks than I do. How about your fire pit and all of that ash. Driving on the river bar. Lead fishing weights. Mono fishing line.

Where does it stop?

Are you next?

Dean Seavey


Losing faith in our judicial system


Wow! Did I read your "At the Helm" (Pilot, Oct. 29) right?

In Curry County you are no longer judged by the gravity of your offense but by how you schmooze the judge by what you say. No wonder the citizenry of our great country are fast losing faith in our once envied judicial system.

I truly believe that the penalty imposed on Ms. Sierra N. Rigel as opposed to that given to Mr. Bickley was a gross violation of the Eighth Amendment of our Bill of Rights. I was taught that in America we practiced "equal justice for all." Well, silly me! Seems justice now runs from "off with their heads" to "boys will be boys." Perhaps our judges should be required to re-read our Constitution and Bill of Rights occasionally to refresh their thinking.

On second thought, forget it. I think I'll just get rich writing a best seller entitled "How to Say the Right Thing and Influence the Judge for Dummies."

Frankly, I'm embarrassed by the whole mess.

Larry E. Thomas


Parents, check your child's IEP


Just to let special needs/autism parents know that they should check their IEPs (Individualized Education Programs).

Here is my child's list of the classes/services she is missing: She is missing 200 minutes of speech and language per month. She is also missing 60 minutes a day of social skills teaching through ESD (Education Service District), 60 minutes a day of behavioral skills teaching through ESD, 30 minutes a day of math teaching through ESD, access to 20 minutes of reading through ESD and 30 minutes of written language through ESD. Also, she is not getting 60 minutes of her community skills a week (the Thursday community field trips.)

She is supposed to be in a group with an aide at lunch and recess and she is not is not in this group. She has autism and does not know how to play or communicate in social settings without having outbursts or meltdowns.

All these classes were provided for her the last two years at Kalmiopsis. She has been removed from these classes at the beginning of the year without anyone notifying me. All these services have been documented and signed for on her IEP.

Removing a child from services on the IEP without prior written parental notice is illegal and a violation of FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education). The teachers did not make the decision to remove my child from her previous classes. Apparently this decision was made last May before school was out for the year.

My child is now suffering at school and at home with anxiety, outbursts and meltdowns because of this decision. While observing her at lunch, recess and volunteering in her class, I noticed she is regressing in a lot of her skills.

Is your child regressing? Check your IEP!

Kim Champion